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Chapter 229: Refining the Godly Mt.


Getting confirmation to something he had been searching for, Huang Xiaolong trembled!

The Godly Mt.

Xumi was really here, within the Buddha Cavern!

After so long, Huang Xiaolong had basically given up hope on the search, entering the cavern for more than two months without any reaction from the three Heavenly Treasures in his body.

Huang Xiaolong believed this old man’s words, for there wasn’t any need for him to deceive Xiaolong.

“Also, I know the exact location of Godly Mt.

Xumi!” The old man added with a sly smile.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Vast was an understatement of the Buddha Cavern.

Huang Xiaolong flew for two months and had yet to see the edge, in fact, Huang Xiaolong had the feeling that he hadn’t even seen a tenth of the Buddha Cavern.

To search for the Godly Mt.

Xumi in this boundless expanse of the Buddha Cavern was akin to searching for a needle in a barn full of haystacks.

Yet, this old man in front of him actually said he knew the exact location of the Godly Mt.


Godly Mt.

Xumi, Heavenly Treasures List number one!

Even Huang Xiaolong could not suppress the quickening of his breath.

The old man grinned watching Huang Xiaolong’s reaction, stating: “I will ask you three questions, as long as your answers satisfy me, I’ll let you know where the Godly Mt.

Xumi is.”

“Three questions” Huang Xiaolong was flabbergasted.

“Correct.” The old man revealed another sheepish smile.

The old man on the small boat was somewhat chubby, when he smiled sheepishly, he looked a little like Maitreya Buddha.


“Go ahead, ask.” Huang Xiaolong pondered silently for a moment before agreeing.

“First question, why are you looking for the Godly Mt.

Xumi” The old man asked.

Huang Xiaolong hesitated, “I want the Godly Mt.

Xumi to advance my cultivation to the Saint realm, perhaps even God Realm, and then I want to annihilate Deities Templar!”

The old man was startled, “Advance to God Realm, annihilate the Deities Templar No small ambitions you’ve got there, but the Deities Templar’s strength isn’t as weak as you think it is.” The old man paused before asking the question second question.

“My second question is, what is your martial spirit”

Martial spirit Without a second thought, a coruscating light shrouded Huang Xiaolong as he summoned out both black and blue twin dragon martial spirits.

The might of dragons swept out like a feisty tornado.

“Blue dragon” Looking at the blue dragon hovering behind Huang Xiaolong, the old man was dumbfounded.

Moments after, he recovered from his gaffe, asking the third question, “Third question, if, in the future, I’m talking about if one day, you become the Asura World’s Hell Sovereign, commanding one billion evil spirits and Asuras, when the Asura World and Buddha World are in conflict, what would you do”

Asura World’s Hell Sovereign! Huang Xiaolong frowned.

If there came a day when he could reach such heights, how many thousands of years would have passed.

Stewing over the question, Huang Xiaolong answered, “If there is a day that I really become Asura World’s Hell Sovereign, commanding one billion evil spirits and Asuras, if there was a conflict between the Asura World and Buddha World, I will not take the initiative to declare war on the Buddha World unless the Buddha World was the first to launch an attack towards the Asura World!”

The old man nodded, again that sheepish smile, “Good, I hope if there is such a day, you would still remember the words you’ve said today.” When the words ended, the old man’s silhouette dimmed out, vanishing into thin air.

Watching the spot where the old man disappeared, Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment.

The most important point struck him then, “You haven’t told me where the Godly Mt.

Xumi is! Also, what is Senior’s name!”

“The Godly Mt.

Xumi is right in front of you.

As for who I am, it is not important, we will meet again.” A voice floated from the void, ethereal as if it was separated by layers of dimension in between.

The voice soon dissipated.

Huang Xiaolong was confused; the Godly Mt.

Xumi is in front of his eyes That old man meant…! Huang Xiaolong’s eyes zoomed towards the golden mountain sitting in the center of the golden waters.

Godly Mt.


That old man meant this golden mountain was the Godly Mt.


Huang Xiaolong’s heart leaped with joy.

Godly Mt.

Xumi, he finally found it!

He found it!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm himself, then leaped up, aiming to land on the small boat the old man left behind.

But, when his foot came close to the small boat, it shone with a brilliant light and projected a mysterious rune from its body.

An abundant spiritual power soared to the sky.

“This is…!” Huang Xiaolong was alarmed.

Previously, when the old man was sitting in the boat, it looked bland and ordinary, just like any other common small boat.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong didn’t pay any attention to it, but it seems, this little boat was a treasure!

As if it sensed Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, the small boat’s light glimmered in answer.

In the blink of an eye, it shrunk in size until it was the length of an adult’s palm and hovered in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing that the small boat had such spiritual awareness, Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Little one, you have stayed here in the Sea of Suffering for several thousands of years, right Do you want to leave here with me”

The small boat floated up and down, humming.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, extending his palm out.

The small boat flew forward, landing on Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

Huang Xiaolong was very keen on the small boat; with a flick, a drop of blood floated out from his finger and fell atop the small boat’s body.

Instantly, a blood bond was formed between them, allowing Huang Xiaolong to keep it in his body with merely a simple thought.

Although he was sure that this small boat was a wonderful treasure, his most urgent task at the moment was to rein in the Godly Mt.


He could only wait until later to study the small boat.

After dealing with the small boat, Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, and with a flap of his wings, he flew straight to the golden mountain situated in the middle of the golden sea.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart raced, feeling the Godly Mt.

Xumi underneath his feet before leaping up again in search of the sacred ancient formation at the heart of it.

According to the information provided by Zhao Shu, there was the sacred ancient formation at its core.

Only by locating this sacred ancient formation at the core could Huang Xiaolong refine and truly control, as well as rein in this Heavenly Treasure called Godly Mt.


The Godly Mt.

Xumi didn’t seem big, land wise, yet it took Huang Xiaolong half an hour of flying to circle the perimeter entirely.

On the surface, other than the brilliant glow around it, the Godly Mt.

Xumi looked no different than any other ordinary small mountain.

Other than that, it looked more like a barren hill, no trees, no rivers or lakes, only stones and rocks everywhere.

After making a full circle around, Huang Xiaolong chose to stop on the highest peak, where he guessed the core should be, right below this peak!

Running his battle qi and releasing his spiritual sense, Huang Xiaolong tried to get a sense of the situation below, when a sudden surge of suction power came from deep underground.

His vision blurred, appearing in a huge temple hall.

A large ancient formation was carved in the center of the huge temple hall, with a tall Buddhist painting as its coreㅡthe painting depicted ten Buddhas emanating constant fluctuations of powerful spiritual pressure.

This must the Godly Mt.

Xumi’s core sacred ancient formation! Huang Xiaolong’s heart stirred with excitement staring at the formation in the center of the hall.

The first step of locating the formation was accomplished, next was refining it.

Huang Xiaolong jumped towards the throne seat at the front of the temple hall and sat in a meditative pose, running his battle qi and starting to refine the formation.

As Huang Xiaolong started to refine it, the formation glimmered endlessly.

One day passed.

The glimmering light became increasingly stronger, soaring skyward like a beam and expanding in diameter, covering the entire Godly Mt.

Xumi on the outside.

At that moment, the Buddhas inside the painting shot out, filling the atmosphere with Buddhism energy.

As he refined the core formation, bathing within the purifying energy of Buddhism made Huang Xiaolong feel extremely comfortable.

A long time later, the aureate halo originating from the formation slowly dimmed.


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