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Chapter 2278: Jiang Wujis Conjecture

“My thanks to Brother Tan, and several brothers for coming over to participate in my forefathers birthday banquet.

Your presence brings light to our Jiang Family!” Jiang Tian cupped his fists at Tan Hongyis group as he spoke with a beaming smile.

Being able to invite Tan Hongyi and these several Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Princes to the banquet was indeed a kind of honor.

The Jiang Familys forefather Jiang Wuji was beaming from ear to ear, and his face was glowing.

Even though Tan Hongyi and the others from the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground had come to participate in his birthday banquet because of Jiang Tian, in Jiang Wujis opinion, there was no difference either way.

This was his Jiang Familys honor.

Tan Hongyi cupped his fists at Jiang Tian in return and said, “Based on the good relationship between us and Brother Jiang Tian, it is only right we come to celebrate forefather Jiangs birthday.

Its too bad we couldnt prepare a better gift.

We hope that forefather Jiang would accept this exceptional Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill.”

Other Evolving Dragon Holy Princes smiled in agreement to Tan Hongyis words.

“Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill!!”

The Revered River Divine Sect Chief was greatly surprised.

So were the other present sect chiefs and family patriarchs.

The Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill was a high-grade, level-six origin pill from the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground.

Only the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Patriarch, Evolving Dragon True Saint, knew how to refine it.

Even for the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Princes, the Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill was precious.

Thus no one had expected that Tan Hongyis group would use it as a birthday gift.

The Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds liberality was truly extraordinary!

Although the Treasure Dragon Longevity Divine Pill brought by the Revered River Divine Sect Chief as the birthday gift was also a level-six origin pill, it was considered as a more common level-six origin pill.

The high-grade, level-six Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill was on the other end of the scale.

Jiang Wujis sonorous laughter filled the hall as he accepted the Evolving Dragon Single Aura Pill from Tan Hongyi and said, “Holy Prince Tang Hongyi and several Holy Princes are too courteous.

I am honored that several Holy Princes could make the time to come.

Our Jiang Family is honored.”

Tan Hongyi and the others exchanged some polite words with Jiang Wuji.

Moving on with the banquet, Jiang Tian, Jiang Wuji, Tan Hongyi, the Revered River Divine Sect Chief, and others talked and laughed in merrymaking.

However, the majority of family patriarchs and sect chiefs dared not speak carelessly.

Most of the time, they listened with smiles on their faces and nodded in agreement from time to time.

The Chen Familys Patriarch Chen Kebim sat there with his lips pursed tightly.

Probably, he was the only person that wasnt smiling at the banquet.

In truth, his expression was a little bad because he had already gotten a message about what had happened at the Chen Familys main residence.

Someone had actually broken into the Chen Familys main residence!

More importantly, several thousand of Chen Familys experts had all suffered heavy injuries! Including the Chen Family residences guardians, Eminent Elder Chen Wanyi and Eminent Elder Chen Yan, both had suffered grave injuries!

And the Chen Family residences main entrance doors were sent flying with one punch!

This was the biggest humiliation their Chen Family had ever suffered.

Not to mention, all of these things had happened because of a mere slave!

Sitting where he was, looking at the Jiang Familys forefather Jiang Wujis red beaming face, and Jiang Tian who was smiling brightly, Chen Kebins lips moved, feeling an impulse to request assistance from them.

After all, the enemys subordinate had easily injured the Chen Familys two Eminent Elders.

At the very least, that subordinate was a late-Tenth Order Venerable…!

Only with the Jiang Familys help, and sending Jiang Familys experts could the enemy be suppressed.

However, they were currently at Jiang Wujis birthday banquet, and if he were to abruptly make such a request, Chen Kebin was afraid he would ruin the Jiang Familys mood, causing Jiang Tians and Jiang Wujis displeasure.

Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji were at the peak of their interest conversing with the group of Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Princes, Revered River Divine Sect Chief, and others, when a Jiang Familys Grand Elder entered the hall.

He walked up to Jiang Tian and Jiang Wujis side and reported something to them in a low whisper.

After hearing what the grand elder reported, both Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji were startled, and it showed on their faces.

When the grand elder finished reporting, Jiang Tian waved the grand elder away.

“Patriarch Chen,” Jiang Tian called out and said, “I have just received a report that the Chen Familys residence was attacked a while ago.

Even the two Eminent Elders suffered heavy injuries.”

The moment Jiang Tian finished speaking, the vibrant atmosphere in the hall quieted as the faces of present sect chiefs and patriarchs showed shock.

The Chen Familys main residence was actually attacked!

Chen Kebin swiftly got up from his seat, and spoke with utmost respect, “Replying to Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian, I myself received word of it not long ago.

I didnt expect Chen Familys matter to disturb Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian and forefather Jiangs celebrations.

I blame myself.

Jiang Wuji waved his hand casually as he comforted Chen Kebin, “Chen Family has always been an ally to us.

Moreover, the Chen Family and we are in-laws.

Therefore, your matter is our matter, and there is no such thing as disturbing us and what not.” A sharp light glinted in his eyes as he went on, “Who in the holy ground is ignorant that our two families are in-laws.

Since this person dares to attack the Chen Familys main residence, he is also not putting our Jiang Family in his eyes!”

One of the family patriarchs stood up at this time, and volunteered righteously, “I am willing to be of service to forefather Jiang.

I will capture this person, and avenge Brother Chen Kebin.”

He was the Gao Familys patriarch.

The Gao Family was one of the top families in the Central Holy Dynasty.

Although far from comparable to the Jiang Family, the Gao Familys influence was still higher than the Chen Family.

Following the Gao Familys Patriarch, other families patriarchs and sect chiefs all stood up and volunteered, all claiming that they were willing to take part.

At this time, the grand elder who had left earlier, returned once again, and made another report to Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuyi.

Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji once again showed a shocked expression.

“This Jiang Family Grand Elder has just reported to me that person and his subordinates are coming here.” Jiang Tian raised his head and announced to everyone present.

Everyone was stunned by the news, and saw other guests faces mirroring their shock.

After attacking the Chen Familys main residence, that person has the guts to target the Jiang Family

What was going on

That person really dares to come and make trouble at the Jiang Family!

Jiang Tians gaze swept over the guests in the hall and he spoke in an unhurried tone, “According to the description, if my guess is not wrong, this person should be our Holy Gates new Holy Prince, Huang Xiaolong!”

At the mention ofHuang Xiaolong, an overwhelming killing intent surged from Jiang Tians body.

“What, its that Huang Xiaolong!” The many patriarchs and sect chiefs exclaimed with a pale face.

Despite the Holy Gates efforts to contain news related to Huang Xiaolong and Huang Zhoupings battle in the holy arena, something of this magnitude could never be hidden completely.

Therefore, many top families and sects had already heard about it, especially the shocking result where Huang Xiaolong had killed Huang Zhouping!

Of course, some of them were aware that Huang Xiaolong was the one who had killed Jiang Tians nephew, Jiang Heyu.

When it broke out that the person who had attacked the Chen Family was Huang Xiaolong, those who had righteously volunteered their service to Jiang Wuji earlier fell into an awkward silence.

They were courageous, andloyal to the Jiang Family, but none of them had the guts to attack a Holy Prince in the public eye.

“New Holy Prince, Huang Xiaolong”

While the present patriarchs and sect chiefs fell silent, the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Prince Tan Hongyi showed an expression showing interest.

“Brother Jiang Tian, you have a grudge with that Huang Xiaolong”

This was the first time Tan Hongyi had come to the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

Thus this was the first time he heard Huang Xiaolongs name.

Jiang Tian nodded, “This Huang Xiaolong is brazen and arrogant, and relying on his identity as a Holy Prince, he killed my nephew Jiang Heyu.

Later on, he and Junior Brother Huang Zhouping battled in the arena.

Both had signed a life and death agreement, he killed Junior Brother Huang Zhouping on the battle stage!”

“Oh, he killed Huang Zhouping” Tang Hongyi and other Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Princes were slightly shocked inwardly.

Jiang Tian went on to describe the events of the stage battle to Tan Hongyi and the others without being asked.

“Right, forefather, there is one thing I almost forgot to mention to you.” Jiang Tian said as he suddenly remembered something.

Then he recounted Huang Xiaolongs result after taking the second test for the first time to Jiang Wuji.

“Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godhead was the Mysterious Dragon Saint Godhead, but during the battle with Huang Zhouping, the power of Huang Xiaolongs saint godhead had actually suppressed Huang Zhoupings higher ranked Mammoth Force Saint Godhead.”

Jiang Tian went on by voicing his doubt, “Forefather, with your experience, could there have been an error with the Holy Spirit Array at that time”

All the patriarchs and sect chiefs ears perked up.

“The Holy Gate headquarters Holy Spirit Array was personally laid out by True Saint Zhuoyuan.

There will not be any mistake.”

Jiang Wuji shook his head, and his eyes suddenly widened.

His expression changed as he said, “During the battle on the stage, his saint godheads performance was different from the test result! Could it be! Would it be! But, this matter, its impossible, right”

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