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Chapter 2268: Evolving What

Being one of the thirteen Eminent Elders, it was humiliating being chided in public by Li Wen.

Thus the ugly expressions on Xu Juns and Guo Qirongs faces were not surprising.

But both remained quiet.

Upon seeing that the two of them had kept silent, Li Wen snapped again, “I am asking you both, who gave you the authority to change the Holy Gates rules Didnt you hear me” In the end, an overwhelming aura broke out from Li Wens body in all directions, covering the entire headquarters.

Under Li Wens suffocating aura, even Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, and other Eminent Elders felt as if there were ten thousand great mountains pressing down on them, robbing them of their breaths.

Jiang Tian and other Holy Princes were shocked to the core by what they were seeing.

Li Wen, as the head of the thirteen Eminent Elders, had not shown his strength for a long, long time now, and merely his aura was already world-shaking.

Xu Juns, Guo Qirongs, and the others faces changed again.

No one expected that Li Wens strength would have reached this degree.

Judging from Li Wens overwhelming aura, though he had not stepped into True Saint Realm, it was not far from it.

Li Wens cultivation had surely reached the peak of half-True Saint Realm.

Li Wen could even be a Nine Tribulation half-True Saint!

“Speak! Who gave you two the authority, that you have the guts to change the Holy Gates rules as you please!” Li Wen snapped again, seemingly he wouldn\'t relent until he got an answer.

His momentum increased, and the pressure boring down on Xu Jun and Guo Qirong caused them to stagger.

“Senior Brother Li Wen, please appease your anger.

We wouldnt dare to revise the Holy Gates rules.” Xu Jun quickly pacified in fear, “We were just babbling nonsense just now!”

“Thats right, Senior Brother Li Wen.

Please appease your anger.

Senior Brother Xu Jun and I have got too used to joking together.

We were just making a small joke.” Guo Qirong quickly added.

It had never occurred to neither Xu Jun nor Guo Qirong that Li Wen, who usually wore a gentle smile on his face, would throw a big temper, and that too in such a terrifying manner.

There was a trace of fear in Eminent Elder Gong Chens and Chen Shimings eyes.

The Holy Alliances Jiang Tian and other Holy Princes also looked scared, looking at Li Wen.

“Joking” Li Wen harrumphed coldly, “The Holy Gates rules are for you to joke around with!”

Xu Jun hastened to say, “Senior Brother Li Wen is right.

We wont do that anymore in the future!”

Guo Qirong hurriedly promised as well.

Suddenly, Eminent Elder Chen Shimings eyes widened as he too thought of the same thing as Yang Jingzhi.

His gaze shifted onto Huang Xiaolong, who was on the battle stage, in a split second.

He stammered intelligibly, “C-could… Could it be…!”

Noticing Chen Shimings excitement that mirrored Li Wens, other Eminent Elders were scratching their heads in confusion.

Could it be what

Right at this time, Xu Jun who had felt an intense hatred towards Huang Xiaolong until now, suddenly stiffened as a possibility resounded in his mind like a thunderclap.

His gaze moved, fixing on Huang Xiaolong.

It looked like he was staring at a monster.

Unknowingly, Xu Jun started trembling as his expression changed drastically, colored with fear.

Thats right.

It was fear, fear of Huang Xiaolong!

A half-True Saint actually gave birth to a sense of fear to a mere Ninth Order Sovereign!

“Senior Brother Xu Jun, whats wrong with you!” Seeing Xu Juns pale face as if he had just seen a ghost while staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, it alarmed Guo Qirong; especially the hint of fear in Xu Juns eyes.

Xu Jun pointed at Huang Xiaolong with a trembling finger, and his words came out in stutters, “He, he, h-, could, could he be!”

Listening to Xu Jun stuttering for a long time without making a complete logical sentence, Gong Chen, Song Yi, Sun Shangyi, Li Yuhui, and other Eminent Elders were even more confused and doubtful.

“Its, its, evolving, evolving!” Suddenly, Eminent Elder Chen Shimings excited voice sounded.

But Eminent Elder Li Wen sternly cut off his words, “Eminent Elder Chen Shiming, pay attention to your words!”

Chen Shiming blanked for a second at Li Wens warning, and a chill ran down his spine as he reacted swiftly, “Yes, yes, Senior Brother Li Wen is right.

Look at my loose mouth!” And Chen Shiming actually slapped his own mouth.

Although Chen Shiming did not finish his words, after hearing the wordevolving, Eminent Elder Gong Chen, Song Yi, Sun Shangyi, Li Yuhui, and the others shuddered inexplicably.

Evolving, evolving!

They had already guessed what Chen Shimings unfinished words were.

Gong Chen, Song Yi, Sun Shangyi, Li Yuhui, and the rest of the Eminent Elders attention were all on Huang Xiaolong, and their eyes sparkled with excitement.

On another side, Jiang Tian was contemplating with a heavy frown,Evolving

Evolving what

Although Jiang Tian could not figure out what Li Wen and other Eminent Elders had thought of, Li Wen, Song Yi, and every Eminent Elders excited expressions gave him a bad feeling.

An obscured light glimmered in his eyes, and it seemed as if he had to ask the Jiang Familys old man.

With the old mans experience and knowledge, he might know what was theevolving that Eminent Elder Chen Shiming spoke of.

Zheng Yongjia, Wu Shi, and other Holy Princes of the Holy Alliance were filled with doubt.

At this time, another piercing scream cut the air from the battle stage, drawing everyones attention once more.

Huang Zhouping was already unrecognizable under Huang Xiaolongs consecutive punches, and he was bloodied to a pulp.

But it didnt look like Huang Xiaolong was done torturing Huang Zhouping yet.

After using various methods to abuse Huang Zhouping, Huang Xiaolong pointed at several acupoints on Huang Zhoupings body, rendering him to scream and shriek nonstop.

It made goosebumps run down the crowds neck listening to Huang Zhoupings screams.

Jiang Tians face sank.

Huang Zhouping was a member of the Holy Alliance, but at this moment, he was tortured and abused so ruthlessly by Huang Xiaolong.

This battle today would greatly diminish the Holy Alliances image and prestige within the Holy Gate.

‘Huang Xiaolong, I dont care what secrets you have.

Those who offend me, offend the Holy Alliance, I will make sure they taste hell on earth! A cruel light bursts out from Jiang Tians eyes as he vowed inwardly.

On the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong tortured Huang Zhouping for a full hour, making Huang Zhouping go through seemingly endless inhumane pain.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong pull Huang Zhouping up to him, and spurred his devouring power and begin swallowing Huang Zhoupings essence energy.

Before Jiang Tian, Zheng Yongjia, Wu Shi, and others\' furious and shocked gazes, Huang Zhouping dried up bit by bit.

“Huang Xiaolong, stop right now!”

Watching Huang Zhoupings vitality flowing away rapidly with his rapidly thinning body, Zheng Yongjia shouted anxiously, Quickly release Junior Brother Huang Zhouping, or you and I are nemesis!”

Before Li Wei could say a word, Xu Jun reprimanded, “Your Highness Holy Prince Zheng Yongjia pay attention to your words!”

Jiang Tian and Holy Alliances members were flabbergasted.

Didnt Xu Jun stand on their Holy Alliances side all along Now, he was turning the tables and reprimanding Zheng Yongjia instead.

This made Jiang Tians troubled heart sink.

Even Xu Jun, who had always supported the Holy Alliance, had defected.

Was he protecting Huang Xiaolong now

There was no need to ask as this had to do something with Huang Xiaolongs secret!

What was it exactly It was so crucial that even Xu Jun denounced the Holy Alliance and supported Huang Xiaolong instead!

D*mn it! Thinking of this, his killing intent towards Huang Xiaolong exploded.

In this split second, Huang Zhoupings essence energy was already devoured by Huang Xiaolong.

With one punch, Huang Xiaolong reduced Huang Zhoupings corpse to dust, making it disappear between heaven and earth.

The protective barriers over the holy stage deactivated and Huang Xiaolong stepped out.

With Li Wen leading, Chen Shiming, and other Eminent Elders hurried forward to meet him.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, are you alright” Li Wens smile was warm and gentle, full of concern as he asked Huang Xiaolong.

The Holy Gates disciples werent sure if they were hallucinating as there was a hint of fawning in Eminent Elder Li Wens smile….

At the same time, these disciples were depressed.

Even a blind person could see that not a hair on Huang Xiaolong was harmed during the battle, but Eminent Elder Li Wen was still asking if Huang Xiaolong was alright

Wasnt that bullsh*t

Then, these disciples saw Eminent Elder Chen Shiming taking out a shiny golden pill and offering it to Huang Xiaolong with a blinding smile, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, your energy must be exhausted from that intense battle just now.

My Yang Nourishing Dragon Sea Pill can replenish your exhausted energy, so please accept it!”

The Yang Nourishing Dragon Sea Pill is a level-six origin spiritual pill!

Forget exhausted Sovereign godforce.

Even someone hanging by a thread, as long as there was one breath left, a person could fully recover after swallowing the Yang Nourishing Dragon Sea Pill, including regaining ones genitals.

Sun Shangyi and other Eminent Elders also took out their precious origin spiritual pills and offered them to Huang Xiaolong.

Xu Jun, Gong Chen, Li Yuhui, and Guo Qirong were doing the same.

Watching the Eminent Elders gathered around Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Tians, Zheng Yongjias, and Wu Shis faces were as ugly as they could be.

Jiang Tian was deeply vexed because some days ago, he had spoken to Xu Jun, wanting toborrow a level-six Dragon-snake Void Divine Pill, but Xu Jun had refused directly.

Xu Jun had claimed that he didnt have it.

But now, Xu Jun was trying to push the very pill towards Huang Xiaolong.

Wasnt it the Dragon-snake Void Divine Pill

After a round of showing concern for Huang Xiaolong, Li Wen smiled amiably as he asked, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, I wonder if you are free in a day or two so that we can do another test for you”

I wonder if you are free

In a day or two

The Holy Alliance members were close to fainting on the spot from anger after listening to Li Wens question.

“There is no need to wait for another two days.

Well do it now.” Huang Xiaolong said calmly as he looked at Li Wen and the rest of the Eminent Elders.

Based on these Eminent Elders great change in attitude towards him, Huang Xiaolong understood they must have guessed something.

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