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Chapter 2258: Killing the Three Red Devils

Huang Xiaolong made the journey to the Blue Sea alone.

Despite the given ten months deadline, Huang Xiaolong did not rush to the Blue Sea.

He cultivated as he journeyed.

In the last half a year, as he frequently consumed level-five origin spiritual pills during seclusion, Huang Xiaolongs strength had drawn closer to the peak mid-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm.

Even a Holy Prince of Jiang Tians status, the chief disciple of Holy Gate, didnt have the good fortune of having a large amount of level-five origin spiritual pills at his disposal when he was still a Sovereign.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong, a Ninth Order Sovereign, consumed level-five origin spiritual pills every day without breaking in between.

This was the pinnacle of prodigal luxury.

Moreover, as a True Saint in his previous lifetime, how could the quality of origin pills Wan Zhuoyuan had left behind be subpar The lowest grade of level-five origin pills Huang Xiaolong consumed were mid-grade, and most of them were high-grade, level-five origin pills.

In preparation for the life and death arena battle, Huang Xiaolong selectively swallowed high-grade, level-five origin pills.

Hence, his strength rose at a shocking speed.

Despite Huang Xiaolongs current complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques low rankings, do not forget that he had three complete dao saint godheads, and three saint bloodlines!

The amplified power of three complete dao saint godheads and three saint bloodlines was combined with frequent consumption of high-grade, level-five origin pill when he cultivated.

Although Huang Xiaolongs current cultivation speed couldnt be compared to Jiang Tian, his progress was much faster than most Holy Princes.

At the very least, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation speed was much faster than Huang Zhouping.

Even though Huang Xiaolong cultivated as he sat on the golden pig as he traveled to the Blue Sea, the Golden Pig Treasures speed ensured his arrival to the Blue Sea wasnt delayed too much.

According to Guo Qirongs initial estimation, it would take Huang Xiaolong four months to reach the Blue Sea, and another four months when returning.

However, it merely took Huang Xiaolong two months to arrive at the destination.

The Blue Sea was one of the four biggest seas of the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground, and it was also the most chaotic area of the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

People of all kinds came to this place, especially criminals and murderers wanted by various dynasties to seek refuge.

The Blue Sea was also a hiding place for pirates and bandits alike.

Through the years, many different dynasties had sent armies over to clean up this nefarious nest, but all attempts had failed so far.

Even the holy grounds most powerful Central Holy Dynasty had once sent an army of one billion, together with several thousand Venerable Realm experts to clear up these negative elements but failed.

By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the destination, it was already dusk.

Brilliant red and orange hues colored the sky, falling softly on the rippling sea surface, reflecting another facet of natures beauty.

Huang Xiaolong stopped a while in midair to appreciate the beautiful scenery before signaling the golden pig under him to continue onwards to an archipelago called Flood Cave Islands.

The Flood Cave Islands was one of the bigger archipelagos on the Blue Sea, consisting of several hundred islands.

The Three Red Devils were hiding in this Flood Cave Islands archipelago, which was the Blue Seas most chaotic and extensive land surface.

Considering that Holy Princes robe would be too eye-catching, Huang Xiaolong had changed out of his Holy Prince brocade robe early on before reaching the Blue Sea.

The robe Huang Xiaolong was currently wearing was weaved out of ancient golden silkworms silk, one-hundred-million-year-old bamboos silk, and other valuable materials.

These materials were decent and bespoke nobility.

The robe was actually a mid-grade supreme spiritual treasure which was given to him by the Falling Jade Dynastys Emperor Bi Liang.

Eight days later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Flood Cave Islands archipelago without much trouble.

Though Huang Xiaolong met with several groups of robbers along the way, none of them posed a problem for Huang Xiaolong.

These robbers were merely small shrimps with low strengths.

Even if there were one or two Venerables amongst them, Huang Xiaolongs current strength was sufficient to deal with them without resorting to the lightning bead.

Upon arriving at the Flood Caves Islands archipelago, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the central island called Spirit Fire Island.

According to the information stated on the mission scroll, one of the Three Red Devils hiding spots was located on this Spirit Fire Island.

Though the Spirit Fire Island was an island, it had a massive land surface that was almost the size of the entire Jinyuan Kingdom.

It looked like a mainland, floating on the sea.

Huang Xiaolong put away the Golden Pig Treasure, and converged the aura of his mid-grade supreme spiritual robe, and entered the Spirit Fire Island.

Just as Huang Xiaolong appeared in the vicinity of Spirit Fire Island, the Three Red Devils, who had gotten news, were having a jolly time on a certain mountain peak on the Spirit Fire Island.

The Three Red Devils were celebrating because they had obtained an amazing item a few days ago.

This was an item that would cause many holy grounds experts to turn green in envy.

“Elder Brother, I have gotten in touch with the Sacred Dao Pavilion.

We can entrust that item to the Sacred Dao Pavilion for auction!” Ranking second amongst the Three Red Devils, He Longde chuckled in delight, “Once that item is auctioned off, we would get an endless supply of holy bills, spiritual pills and spirit stones.

We can find a good place and concentrate on raising our strengths, and live comfortably!”

The eldest of the three brothers, He Longjie chuckled in a good mood, “Thats right, with our talents we can change our identities and move to another holy ground.

We can join a Holy Gate, and maybe, we will also get to become Holy Princes!”

The three brothers laughed loudly.

“Then again, if Zhuoyuan Holy Gates Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong really shows up at Spirit Fire Island, how should we deal with him” The third brother He Longzhi asked others opinion, “If we killed that kid, Im afraid the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate would not let the matter slide!”

The eldest brother He Longjie nodded his head, “This Huang Xiaolong, although it is said that hes merely a rubbish Holy Prince, no matter what, he is still a Holy Prince.

If he dies at our hands, the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate will pursue us until the end of the world.”

“How about we capture that kid, then seal his cultivation temporarily, strip him naked and just throw him into the Blue Sea.”

The second brother He Longde suggested offhandedly, “This is considered as giving the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate a warning and letting them know that theres a price to pay in provoking us!”

“Thats a good idea!” The eldest brother He Longjie laughed sonorously in agreement.

“Seal my cultivation, strip me naked, and throw me into the Blue Sea Not a bad idea, but I wonder if you all have the ability to do so.” An indifferent voice sounded.

The abrupt voice startled the Three Red Devils.

A second later, a figure was seen walking in from the entrance of their hideout.

“Huang Xiaolong!” All three exclaimed with uncertainty.

“It is I.” Huang Xiaolong walked to the middle of the hall under the three brothers vigilant gazes.

The eldest brother He Longjie sneered coldly, “Your speed is quite fast.

We thought it would take you another month to arrive, but this situation is not bad.

The faster you come, the faster we finish you off!”

“On your mission scroll, there should be detailed information about us,” The second brother He Longde spoke, furrows between his brows, “You are no match against the three of us, yet you dared to appear in front of us in broad daylight!”

“Looks like youve already learned about my arrival.” Huang Xiaolong stated in a certain tone, “You got word from the Holy Gates Holy Alliance I am sure they even told you about my strength in detail.

So, you three have the guts to wait for me here without fear”

He paused briefly then went on, “But, did it ever cross your mind that Jiang Tian might deliberately dig a pit for you to fall The information he sent to you is inaccurate”

“Youre saying!” He Longjies expression changed.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads and three saint bloodlines roared to life, exuding a boundless pressure, and suffocating the Three Red Devils.

Huang Xiaolong moved in a flicker, and his palm struck towards the three brothers faster than lightning.

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