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Chapter 2252: No One Willing to Accept

Upon seeing that Sun Shangyi had declined to accept him as a student, Huang Xiaolongs second choice was Bai Xuyang.

Although Bai Xuyang was not in the group who opposed the Holy Alliance opposition, he was one of the Eminent Elders who maintained a neutral stance.

Moreover, Bai Xuyang had a saint bloodline and dragon saint physique of dragon nature.

Upon hearing Huang Xiaolongs second choice was himself, Bai Xuyangs reaction was the same as Sun Shangyi.

He said with a troubled face, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, I mainly focuses on alchemy.

Most of my time is spent running outside searching for spiritual herbs and other materials.

I am rarely at the Holy Gate headquarters due to my errands.

I wont have a lot of time to teach you, so I think that it would be better if you choose another Eminent Elder as your teacher!”

These were also all lame excuses to reject Huang Xiaolong.

Even if one focused on alchemy, and spent a lot of time running outside, couldnt he bring Huang Xiaolong by his side

Seeing that Bai Xuyang had also rejected Huang Xiaolong, Li Wen was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would be angered.

So he quickly spoke to Eminent Elder Chen Shiming beside him, “Junior Brother Shiming, the holy martial art that you practice is the Sky Dragon Tactics.

How about you…”

But Li Wen had yet to finish his question when Chen Shiming quickly cut him off, “Senior Brother Li Wen, I have already accepted three Holy Princes as students.

Moreover, I have been researching the ancient holy spiritual array manual that I obtained some time back.

I really do not have the energy to teach another student.”

Of course, this was also an excuse.

Even while researching ancient holy spiritual arrays, he could have Huang Xiaolong watch from the side and guide him from time to time.

If he really did not have the time, his three students could also provide Huang Xiaolong lessons on his behalf.

Sun Shangyi, Bai Xuyang, and Chen Shiming all refused to accept Huang Xiaolong as a student.

Something like this had never happened in the Holy Gate, and this was the first time.

In general, a new Holy Prince asking to worship a teacher was usually successful on the first try as no Eminent Elder would refuse a Holy Prince.

After watching Huang Xiaolong was repeatedly rejected by Sun Shangyi, Bai Xuyang, and Chen Shiming, even Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi, who accompanied Huang Xiaolong looked awkward and embarrassed.

After Chen Shimings refusal, Li Wen shifted his gaze towards Song Yi.

Although Song Yi was of the fairer gender, and her cultivation method was not suitable for Huang Xiaolong, it was better than having no Eminent Elder accepting Huang Xiaolong as a student.

However, before Li Wen could open his mouth, Song Yi was already shaking her head, “Senior Brother Li Wen, you know very well, I do not accept male disciples.”

Li Wens expression stiffened.

“Forget it, Eminent Elder Li Wen.” Huang Xiaolong spoke up at this time, “There is no need.

I wont worship any teacher.”

After hearing Huang Xiaolongs words, other Eminent Elders secretly sighed in relief.

All of them had been holding their breaths, afraid that Huang Xiaolong would choose them next to be his teacher.

If that were to happen, they could only refuse using some lame excuses.

Thankfully, they need not think of any excuses to refuse him anymore.

Huang Xiaolong did not linger in the main palaces hall.

He saluted Li Wen and the others with cupped fists, turning to leave the hall.

Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi was caught off guard for a second, but reacted quickly and hurriedly saluted Li Wen and other Eminent Elders before following after Huang Xiaolong.

Watching Huang Xiaolong being refused time and again, thenrunning away in embarrassment from the hall, Xu Jun and other Eminent Elders, who supported the Holy Alliance, gloated happily inside.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the main palace, Jiang Tian and the others learned that Huang Xiaolong had failed to worship a teacher.

“Haha, that Huang Xiaolong really created a record as a new Holy Prince.

No Eminent Elder was willing to accept him as a student!” The crimson-eyed Holy Prince Zheng Yongjia couldnt stop laughing.

His laughter echoed loudly through the hall.

It had been a long time since he had laughed so happily.

“It would be strange if an Eminent Elder accepted a rubbish Holy Prince like him as a student.” Holy Prince Wu Shi who was enshrouded in a purple glow chimed in.

“Moreover, it wont be long before that Huang Xiaolong dies in the arena.

Who would want such a rubbish and short-lived student!”

Huang Zhouping chuckled as he joined in, “I heard that before leaving the main palace, Huang Xiaolongs face was ugly to the extreme.

It really makes it hard for me to kill him in the arena!”

Jiang Tian laughed happily, “Thats right, dont kill him then.

Just crippling his complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline and saint physique is fine.

Think about it as if you are pitying a useless waste.”

If they abolished Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique, that was much crueler than directly killing Huang Xiaolong.

The Holy Alliances Holy Princes let out another wave of laughter.

The mirth in Huang Zhoupings eyes deepened, “As per Senior Brother Jiang Tians sacred order, I wont kill him then!”

“In this case, the plan for the new disciples training stops here.” Jiang Tian said, and went on, “After all, Huang Xiaolong can be dealt with in the arena.

No need to take risks and create any mishaps during the new disciples training.”

“Yes, we listen to Senior Brother Jiang Tian!”


It didnt take long for the news that no Eminent Elders were willing to accept the new Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong as student, and that Huang Xiaolong had a life and death battle agreement with Holy Prince Huang Zhouping in the arena to spread through the Holy Gate headquarters.

This news caused furor among the million of Holy Gate disciples.

“Did you hear, the new Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, he was refused by all the Eminent Elders, and no Eminent Elder was willing to accept him as student!”

“That Huang Xiaolong is literally seeking death.

He actually agreed to battle a senior Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, and even signed a life or death agreement!”

“This Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong has broken several records.

Not only is he the first Holy Prince no Eminent Elders are willing to accept as student, but he is also the first Holy Prince who will die within two years of entering the Holy Gate.

To top it all off, hes absolutely the first Holy Prince who would die having yet to break through to the Venerable Realm!”

Everywhere in the Holy Gate headquarters disciples gossiped about Huang Xiaolong.

Although Huang Xiaolong was the only Holy Prince who had appeared in the Falling Jade Dynasty in several billion years, there were over ten continents and seven hundred dynasties, through billions of years of heritage, and the entire Holy Gate had over a million disciples.

These disciples were gloating, seeing no Eminent Elders were willing to accept a Holy Prince like Huang Xiaolong as student.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to his temporary residence from the main palace, the trio Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian had already learned about Huang Xiaolong being rejected by the Eminent Elders.

Zhang Wenyue wanted to say something to comfort Huang Xiaolong, but didnt know what to say.

Noticing Zhang Wenyues troubled expression, he blinked playfully at her and laughed, “Just say what you want to say, but your Young Master doesnt get beaten down so easily.

There is no need to say comforting words.”

Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi was arranging for Huang Xiaolongs permanent cultivation palace, and inquired about Huang Xiaolongs opinion.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was the one going to stay there.

“Ill choose the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range.” Huang Xiaolong answered.

Yang Jingzhi was dumbfounded by his answer.

The Wilderness Deity Mountain Range

The Wilderness Deity Mountain Range had little to no spiritual energy.

Among the entire Holy Gate headquarters mountain ranges, it was best described as lacking everything but barren hills and rivers.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, this Wilderness Deity Mountain Range has poor spiritual energy, and it has never been developed.

It would take a lot of effort to build your cultivation palace there.”

Yang Jingzhi was afraid Huang Xiaolong wasnt aware of the Wilderness Deity Mountain Ranges situation and took the trouble to explain it in detail to Huang Xiaolong.

He stressed, “There are still a few unoccupied peaks on the Precious Root Mountain Range.

Why dont I arrange for a place for you in the Precious Root Mountain Range”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “There is no need.

I have decided on the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range.”

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong had his own reasons for choosing the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range, it was because the treasures Wan Zhuoyuan had left behind were hidden within one of the peaks of Wilderness Deity Mountain Range!

Although there was nothing in the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range but barren hills and winding rivers, he had many chaos spirit stones.

As long as there were sufficient top-grade chaos spirit stones, he could turn a barren mountain into a fairyland.

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