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Chapter 2249: Holy Prince Huang Xiaolongs Talent

According to the Holy Gates rules, all new disciples were required to undergo a one-time training within a year.

Even a Holy Prince like Huang Xiaolong was not exempted from this rule.

“Senior Brother Jiang Tian means…” The crimson-eyed Holy Prince Zheng Yongjias eyes lit up brightly.

“First, send people to find out where the training location is.” Jiang Tians eyes darkened as he spoke.

Wun Shi, the Holy Prince enshrouded in purple luminance, hesitated, “But if something happens to Huang Xiaolong during the training, we might be punished if things were found out!”

Though the Holy Gate allowed competition between Holy Princes, killing each other was prohibited.

If it was found out, the punishment was severe.

Despite Jiang Tian and the Holy Alliances deep influence within the Holy Gate, it was hard for them to withstand the crime of killing a Holy Prince.

Jiang Tian spoke solemnly, “Thats why this matter must be handled cleanly.

Even if the Eminent Elders investigate the matter, they wont find anything on us.”

“Understood, Senior Brother Jiang Tian!”

“However, since that kid could suppress an early First Order Venerable at only mid-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm, it seems his talent is within our previous estimation.” Holy Prince Wu Shi said, “Roughly around the ranks of four thousand five hundred!”

Jiang Tian nodded his head in agreement, and there was casualness in his voice, “A mid-Ninth Order Sovereign being able to suppress an early First Order Venerable is nothing great at all.

Among our Holy Gates many Holy Princes, nine out of ten of them can do the same.”

He then looked at Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, “Huang Xiaolong will be tested for the second round after three days.

Report to me immediately once the results are out!”

“As soon as his complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physiques results come out, we can better estimate his battle strength.”

“Please rest assured, Senior Brother Jiang Tian.” Huang Zhouping responded respectfully.

“Oh right, Senior Brother Jiang Tian, there is someone named Song Shaokang that came from the same place as Huang Xiaolong.

This Song Shaokang came to look for me and requested to join our Holy Alliance.

He said, as long as the Holy Alliance kills Huang Xiaolong for him, he is willing to do anything for our Holy Alliance!”

Huang Zhouping remembered a matter and reported accordingly to Jiang Tian.

“However, this Song Shaokang merely has a saint bloodline talent.”

“Oh,” An idea came to Jiang Tian, and he smiled as he looked at Huang Zhouping, “Since Song Shaokang begs to join our Holy Alliance, and he is willing to do carry out any tasks for us, its not nice for our Holy Alliance to turn down such a sincere disciple.

Dont you all think so”

Everyone laughed knowingly.


Three days later...

The Holy Gates Chief Hall Masters Yang Jingzhi arrived at Huang Xiaolongs temporary palace to invite him for the second test as promised.

Other than Yang Jingzhi, the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continents Branch Master Du Gen and several enforcers were present.

The second tests venue was not far from where Huang Xiaolong was currently residing.

Everyone arrived after a short ten minutes flight.

Upon arriving at the test venue and walking through the solemn looking gates, a grand holy spiritual array appeared before Huang Xiaolongs and the others eyes.

When comparing the Falling Jade Divisions testing ancient array with the large ancient array in front of him, it was literally like comparing a pebble to a rock.

The ancient array before them was at least ten times bigger than the Falling Jade Divisions ancient array.

Not to mention, the materials used to build the array were of higher grade, like rare spiritual jades and stones of the Holy Grounds.

Each piece of material contained holy spiritual aura.

The runes inscribed on these materials were more complex and intricate, and profound.

There was a most prominent difference between the two venues ancient arrays.

The Falling Jade Divisions array only had oneHoly character, while the Holy Gate headquarters array had as much as three.

Not to mention, these threeHoly characters exuded an inviolable sacredness, emitting resplendent holy haloes.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, if you are ready, please step in the array.” Yang Jingzhi said respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, then stepped in the array before Yang Jingzhi, Du Gen, and the others undivided attention.

Generally, when a Holy Prince took his second test, other than the Chief Hall Masters Yang Jingzhi overseeing the process, no other people were allowed to be present.

But Huang Xiaolong didnt mind having few others witness his test.

Hence Du Gen, Zhang Wenyue, and the others also enter the hall.

After the second test, everyone would learn what kind of complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique he had anyways.

When Huang Xiaolong stopped and stood still at the center of the array, he nodded at Yang Jingzhi again, indicating that Yang Jingzhi could activate the array.

Only then did Yang Jingzhi form seals with his fingers and activated the grand holy spiritual array.

As the array came to life, the arrays runes lit up, exuding robust waves of sacred light.

When every single rune was shining, crepuscular rays of resplendent light shot to the sky, drawing all eyes.

The resplendent lights continued to soar higher and expanded, as if it was going to fill the entire sky.

Looking at the boundless sea of sacred light above them and feeling the majestic holy aura flooding out from the ancient array, even Du Gen was astonished.

Although Du Gen was the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continents branch master, this was his first time witnessing a Holy Princes second test.

That was how Du Gen felt, but Hu Gengyi and the others also felt the same way.

Zhang Wenyues cherry lips were slightly agape in awe, her chest heaving slightly as her breath quickened while staring unblinkingly at the array.

Seemingly, she was more nervous than Huang Xiaolong, who was being tested.

Huang Xiaolong was bathed in dense sacred light in the array.

He took this opportunity to feel the origin energy and laws of dao within.

Soon, Huang Xiaolongs body began to emit rings of sacred light of his own.

Everyone outside the array watched everything with intense gazes, as if they were afraid to miss some important details.

Half an hour passed, and the sacred light from Huang Xiaolongs body grew brighter and stronger, when all of a sudden, the rays of sacred light around Huang Xiaolong condensed into an enormous dragon.

The enormous dragon exuded a heart palpitating might of a divine dragon.

Resounding dragon roars shook the hall.

“True Dragon Saint Physique!”

Yang Jingzhi gazed at the enormous dragon for a long time before spewing the words slowly.

The True Dragon Saint Physique among the four thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine kinds of saint physiques ranked at 4,243rd place!

Learning Huang Xiaolongs saint physique was the True Dragon Saint Physique ranking in the four thousand two hundreds range, Yang Jingzhis brows wrinkled unnoticeably.

Although this ranking was not considered at the bottom rung, this level of saint physique was considered as one of the worst amongst the Zhuoyuan Holy Gates Holy Princes.

The Zhuoyuan Holy Gate currently had thirty-four Holy Princes, and according to Yang Jingzhis knowledge, only two of them had saint physique potential that was lower than Huang Xiaolong.

Half a day later...

The result of Huang Xiaolongs saint bloodline was also out.

His saint bloodline was determined to be the Mad Dragon Saint Bloodline ranked at 4,361st place.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs saint bloodline actually ranked lower than his saint physique, Yang Jingzhi inwardly shook his head in disappointment.

By the end of the day, the result for Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godhead also came out, which was the Mysterious Dragon Saint Godhead ranked at 4,382nd place.

Only a wry smile remained on Yang Jingzhis face, seeing that Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godheads ranking was even lower than his saint bloodline.

Not one of Huang Xiaolongs complete saint dao godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique ranked within the top four thousand.

With this level of talent amongst the Zhuoyuan Holy Gates thirty-four Holy Princes, Huang Xiaolong was in the top two, counting from the bottom!

Still, better than the first place if counting backwards.

Yang Jingzhi thought to himself.

As the Holy Gates Chief Hall Masters, Yang Jingzhi naturally hoped for all their Holy Princes to have excellent talent and potential.

Whether a Holy Gate was strong or weak depended on these Holy Princes.

However, with this level of talent, it would be difficult to compete for the Saint Fate! Yang Jingzhi shook his head.

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