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Chapter 2237: Are You Daydreaming

When the Beast Emperor Sects young lord, Song Shaokang, saw Huang Xiaolong, he was stunned for a moment.

However, he couldnt hide the strong sense of hatred in his heart.

That was right.

He hated Huang Xiaolong to the bones.

For the past year, he had used everything he had to locate Huang Xiaolong, but to no avail.

Who would have thought that he would meet his fated enemy at the branch division of the Holy Gate!

“Huang Xiaolong, I bet you never expected to see me here!” He glared at Huang Xiaolong, and laughed maliciously as he had no intention to hide his killing intent.

He had long since dug out Huang Xiaolongs name from the Prince Qian Manor.

“Hes that brat!” The Beast Emperor Sects Sect Master, Song Fu, said as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

“Yes, father.

Thats Huang Xiaolong!”

The round-faced middle-aged man who wore the robes of a Holy Gate custodian asked, “Is he blind How can he afford to offend Brother Song”

After passing the examination of the Holy Gates branch division and proving that he had a Saint bloodline, Song Shaokang could be said to have already admitted into the Holy Gate.

Moreover, disciples in the Holy Gate were separated into different ranks.

Normally speaking, disciples with a complete dao saint godhead had the highest talent, and those with saint bloodlines were second.

Anyone with a saint physique was accepted, but they were ranked third.

Thus, the status of disciples with a complete dao saint godhead was higher than those with saint bloodline, and the status of those with a saint bloodline was higher than disciples with a saint physique.

Even though the custodian was a Third Order Venerable Realm expert, he only had a saint physique, while Song Shaokang had just shown that he was a talent with a saint bloodline.

Even with the custodians higher cultivation level, he could only lower his status and address Song Shaokang as his brother.

Song Shaokang turned to the middle-aged man and said, “Thats right, Brother Xiao Feng, I have a great hatred for this person! This brat killed two grand elders from my Beast Emperor Sect!”

Xiao Feng was stunned as he sized Huang Xiaolong up.

His face then turned colder as he reproached Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, why did you come to the Holy Gates branch division”

A frown appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face when he noticed that the custodian before him was biased towards Song Shaokang.

“Impudent! Im asking you a question, why arent you on your knees!” When Xiao Feng saw him standing there motionless, the frosty expression on his face turned a tad bit colder.

“This… Custodian Xiao Feng, he said that hes here to sign up to be a disciple of the Holy Gate.” The guard who led Huang Xiaolong into the hall explained.

There were only three reasons for someone to appear in the branch division of the Holy Gate.

The first was to register to take the test to be the Holy Gates disciple, the second was to report tracks of evil activity going about in the dynasty, and the last was to register to become an outer disciple of the Holy Gate.

Anyone with either a complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, or saint physique was qualified to become an inner disciple of the Holy Gate.

Of course, the Holy Gate recruited outer disciples as well, and anyone who passed would be able to become an outer disciple of the Holy Gate.

For example, the guard, who had brought Huang Xiaolong in was someone who had passed the tests to obtain a position as an outer disciple of the Holy Gate.

Of course, compared to the inner sect disciples who possessed either a complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, or saint physique, their status was incomparable.

In fact, only those inner sect disciples were able to call themselves disciples of the Holy Gate.

The outer sect disciples were only recruited to carry out the Holy Gates affairs or to serve as guards in the branch divisions in the various continents and dynasties.

When Song Shaokang heard that Huang Xiaolong was planning to enter the Holy Gate, he sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, are you also here to take the test to become a Holy Gate disciple What a coincidence, I just passed the test.

In fact, I am already a disciple of the Holy Gate! Hahaha!”

Song Shaokang could no longer hide the arrogance in his bones.

Even Song Fu had a face full of pride as he stood by the side

Regardless of dynasties and sects, as long as they produced a Holy Gate disciple, their faction would receive endless glory.

As soon as the news started to spread, it wouldnt take long for the emperor of the Falling Jade Dynasty to personally arrive to offer his congratulations.

That was the emperor of a dynasty they were talking about! The status of a Holy Gate disciple could be easily seen from this.

Nevertheless, Huang Xiaolong was extremely calm.

No wonder he was trying to make life difficult for me.

All because he has a saint bloodline...

“Huang Xiaolong, not everyone has a saint bloodline or physique! Its better if you give up now!”

Every year, there were more than hundreds of participants arriving at the Holy Gate branch division to take the test to enter the Holy Gate.

However, not even be a single disciple would appear from any of the branches even after a thousand years!

Some of the talented disciples, who mistakenly thought that they had awakened saint bloodlines, saint physiques or even a complete dao saint godheads, would undergo the tests of the Holy Gate.

When negative results came out, they would become a laughing stock.

“If a trash like you can possess a saint bloodline, whats to say that I wont be able to possess a complete dao saint godhead”

Song Shaokang glared at Huang Xiaolong and roared with laughter.

Xiao Feng mocked, “Brat, are you daydreaming or what Do you really think that anyone can possess a complete dao saint godhead”

Song Shaokang and Song Fu backed him up as laughter filled the hall.

Huang Xiaolong looked at them indifferently before looking away.

“This… Custodian Xiao Feng, what shall we do about his test” The guard asked carefully.

Xiao Feng was in charge of the tests, and he quickly flicked his sleeves.

“Let him pay ten thousand bills, and send him away.

Ill give him the test when Im free.”

One only needed to pay a thousand holy bills to take the test.

Moreover, if he passed, the registration fee would be returned to him the moment he entered the Holy Gate.

Of course, the refund would only be provided if one passed the test.

There was no need to refund losers.

Xiao Feng forced Huang Xiaolong to take out ten times the amount, purposefully making things difficult for him.

As soon as the words left his lips, Xiao Feng turned to Song Shaokang and smiled, “Brother Shaokang, shall we go drink some tea A few days ago, the Falling Jade Emperor had asked his men to bring over some spiritual maple leaves that were extremely useful for cultivation!”

“Alright!” Song Shaokang nodded his head cheerfully.


Before leaving, Song Shaokang sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, after you fail the test, if you crawl to my feet and kowtow, I may consider not killing you!”

The few of them turned and left the hall, ignoring Huang Xiaolong, who had come to take the test.

Looking at their leaving figures, Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes.

“Brother, why must you offend the young lord of the Beast Emperor Sect! There are so many people in the world and you chose to offend him!” The guard glanced at Huang Xiaolong with a pitiful gaze and continued, “You shouldnt have been so disrespectful to Custodian Xiao Feng either…”

In response, Huang Xiaolong smiled and turned away.

No longer bothering about him, the guard brought Huang Xiaolong to the registration area.

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