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Chapter 2185: Surround and Kill Huang Xiaolong!

Other than the members of the 33 Heavens Race and the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, the members of the Heavenly Terror Country, Massacring God Heavenly Country, the Sword Race, and several other superpowers were present.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng, the Massacring God Ruler and even the Patriarch of the Sword Race, Jian Qintian, were present! Huang Xiaolong also noticed Jian Xiaofu, standing behind her father.

The moment he appeared, everyones gaze landed on him.

A stunned expression filled their faces, including the experts of the 33 Heavens Race.

The faces of the members of the 33 Heavens Race changed as a look of fear took over the stunned expression they initially had.

It was especially so for Hao Wei.

It was true fear he was feeling.

After all, he was the only person who had experienced how terrifying Huang Xiaolong was after he had entered the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm.

Everyone who was exchanging blows stopped.

“Huang Xiaolong!” The ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country glared at him.

Huang Xiaolong ignored him altogether as his gaze landed on the massive divine tree standing at the peak of a mountain peak near them.

Lightning qi rolled off the humongous tree and covered the entire mountain peak.

Even Tenth Order Sovereigns wouldnt be able to approach the tree with the lightning qi protecting it.

When looking at the tree branches, three fruits were growing on it, glowing with mesmerizing radiance.

The fruits were dark blue in color, and their fragrance filled the air.

The terrifying barrier formed from lightning qi was unable to prevent the scent of the fruits from leaking out.

“Lightning Origin Divine Tree!” A look of pleasant surprise appeared in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The divine tree actually bore three Lightning Origin Divine Fruits!

When the Giant Kun Ruler saw Huang Xiaolong ignoring him to look at the Lightning Origin Divine Tree, he couldnt help but feel a trace of rage bubbling in his heart.

He glanced at the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race, Yang Tianchen, from the corner of his eye.

When he had joined hands with the Heavenly Terror Country, they had nearly destroyed the barrier of lightning qi shrouding the Lightning Origin Divine Tree.

Right before they had succeeded, Yang Tianchen of the 33 Heavens Race had brought his men over to carry out a sneak attack, wasting everyones efforts.

When the members of both heavenly countries turned around to battle against the experts of the 33 Heavens Race, more and more people were attracted over.

“Youre Huang Xiaolong!” A frosty voice rang through the air, and it contained no small amounts of killing intent.

The person who spoke was precisely the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race, Yang Tianchen.

When Huang Xiaolong heard what he said, he finally retracted his gaze from the Lightning Origin Divine Tree.

He shifted his gaze to look at Yang Tianchen and the others.

Hao Wei quickly flew over to Yang Tianchen and reported, “Deputy Patriarch, that is indeed Huang Xiaolong!”

The killing intent in Yang Tianchens eyes grew even stronger as he glared at the young man who had just arrived.

In the Heavens Path, the 33 Heavens Race was the peak of all superpowers.

No one had ever dared to challenge their authority, and even the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country wouldnt dare to kill their members indiscriminately.

Huang Xiaolong not only had decided to kill the members of the 33 Heavens Race, but he had killed a bunch of elite experts from their race!

Out of the forty-four experts he had sent to look for the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, only Hao Wei had managed to escape!

Lightning flashed about Yang Tianchens body as murderous intent raged in his heart.

In the distance, the ruler of the Massacring God Heavenly Country couldnt help but feel a trace of joy blossoming in his heart when he saw what was happening.

“Your Majesty, Huang Xiaolong is basically seeking to die.

No one would have thought that he would barge in here on his own! Now that the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race are present, there will be no way for Huang Xiaolong to escape!” One of the generals beside the ruler of the Massacring God Heavenly Country laughed.

The ruler nodded his head in response, “When the members of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and 33 Heavens Race surround Huang Xiaolong, we shall lend them a hand from the side and f*ck Huang Xiaolong up!”

Even though he couldnt do a thing to Huang Xiaolong alone after he had killed a ton of experts from his Massacring God Heavenly Country, he could still work with the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and 33 Heavens Race to inconvenience Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong, its time for you to pay! Hehehe, I bet you never thought that your retribution would come so early…

Looking at the tense situation before her, Jian Xiaofu sneered, “B*stard! Now youre dead for sure!”

Yang Tianchen turned to the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and said, “Brother Giant Kun, lets deal with the matter of the Lightning Origin Divine Tree after we deal with this.

I believe Brother Giant Kun, and Brother Dong Cheng would like to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Why dont we work together We\'ll discuss the matter with the Lightning Origin Divine Tree after we kill him.

What do you think”

The two rulers looked at each other and reached a conclusion quickly.

“Sure!” The Giant Kun Ruler replied for the both of them.

He was already planning to kill Huang Xiaolong after obtaining the Lightning Origin Divine Tree.

Now that Yang Tianchen was here with the experts of the 33 Heavens Race, it was their best shot at killing the annoying little brat!

The hatred Dong Cheng had for Huang Xiaolong had already reached a state where there was no going back.

There was no way he would refuse to work with them to get rid of him!

In an instant, the Giant Kun Ruler, Dong Cheng, and Yang Tianchen shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

As they formed a triangular formation, they surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

The moment their leaders moved, the various experts of the three factions moved out to surround Huang Xiaolongs party.

Seeing the encirclement, the faces of everyone in Huang Xiaolongs group changed.

They were only twenty strong men and they were about to face the combined might of the strongest experts the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, Heavenly Terror Country, and 33 Heavens Race had to offer! There were more than a hundred of them on the opposing side!

How were they going to fight! It was a one-sided beatdown no matter how they looked at it.

The rulers of the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country felt their hearts sinking and so did the experts on their side.

After looking at the bleak situation Huang Xiaolong was in, Dong Cheng sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, Ive said it before.

The moment you step out of the 33 heavens, there will no longer be a need for you to return! You shall be buried here today!” A divine armor appeared on his body the moment he spoke.

The divine armor was silvery white in color, and there were traces of icy light flashing on it.

It was none other than the Ice Earth Divine Armor, a part of the six divine artifacts in the Ice Earth series.

The Ice Earth Divine Spear appeared in Dong Chengs arm as the Snow Earth Cape appeared behind him.

The Oce Earth Helmet and Boots made their appearance, and as the final item, the Ice Earth Shield appeared in his other hand.

The instant all Ice Earth Six Diivine Artifacts appeared, terrifying amounts of frigid qi emerged from Dong Chengs body.

In contrast to Dong Cheng, a jade green light flashed behind the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

A massive divine beast started to congeal and it was none other than the divine beast, the Giant Kun! The Giant Kun that appeared behind the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country was thousands of times larger than the one created by the prince of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country in the past.

The moment it appeared, it was as though a genuine Giant Kun had transcended time and space to take over the phantom.

The instant it was fully formed, it covered the sky with its massive wings and the earth turned dark.

As for the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race, a lightning whip appeared in his hand.

The instant it appeared, the lightning qi in the space outside the 33 heavens stopped moving altogether.

Everyone stared at the whip in shock.

“All Extinguishing Lightning Whip!”

All Extinguishing Lightning Whip!

The faces of everyone changed to one of endless shock mixed with traces of fear.

“Thats right! This is the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip!” A smile appeared on Yang Tianchens face as he confirmed their guesses.

The All Extinguishing Lightning Whip was one of the greatest treasures of the 33 Heavens Race.

In order to obtain the Lightning Origin Divine Tree, the leader of the race had allowed him to bring the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip over to the space outside the 33 heavens.


Dong Chengs yell broke the stunned atmosphere as his spear pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

Frosty light filled the space in front of him in an instant.

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