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Chapter 2170: Impossible!

Watching the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly Worlds experts coming at them, the faces of Heavenly Saint Countrys experts inevitably paled.

“Into positions, the Grand Heavenly Venerable Array!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler roared at the top of his lungs.

Batches of Heavenly Saint Countrys disciples and guards scurried into positions, forming rows after rows of Grand Heavenly Venerable Array!

But the Heavenly Terror Countrys experts simply outnumbered them.

Not to mention, their strength was slightly higher than the disciples and experts of Heavenly Saint Country.

On top of that, there were the Heavenly Worlds experts joining the fray.

Despite the Grand Heavenly Venerable Arrays arranged by the Heavenly Saint Countrys disciples and guards, they were unable to stand against all of the two forces experts.

The Grand Heavenly Venerable Arrays formed by the Heavenly Saint Countrys disciples and guards were crushed in a short moment.

Bloody bodies plummeted to the ground; some of their heads were cut off or exploded with a punch.

On the other hand, some of the disciples were incinerated entirely.

After the Heavenly Terror Countrys and Heavenly Worlds experts broke past the line of the Heavenly Saint Countrys defenses, they began slaughtering the women and children hiding in the mountain ranges.

Soon, heart-wrenching screams came from various corners of the Heavenly Saint Country.

The thick scent of blood permeated choked air.

The Heavenly Saint Rulers eyes were red with fury.

He wanted to stop the massacre, but the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng entangled him.

“Dong Cheng, one of these days, I will kill you!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler spat angrily.

But his words drew hearty laughter from the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

The devilish runes on his face wriggled in excitement.

“Those who want to kill me are too many to count, but each of them died at my hands, and youre no exception today! Well see if you can survive!” A black light flashed from his palm as he said so, and a thick black bone spur appeared in his hand.

As soon as the black bone spur appeared, rolling black fog emerged out of nowhere, spreading to the four corners of the land.

Massive white bone archdevils flickered in and out in the roiling black fog.

“Bone Spur of the Crow!” Seeing the black bone spur in the Heavenly Terror Rulers hands, the Heavenly Saint Ruler turned deathly pale.

The Bone Spur of the Crow was an extremely nefarious item the Heavenly Terror Ruler had obtained from the 33 Heavens space.

Its power was comparable to a supreme spiritual artifact.

Ever since the Heavenly Terror Ruler had obtained the Bone Spur of the Crow, a countless number of Heavens Path experts had died under it.

Once the Bone Spur of the Crow pierced into the opponents soul, killing the opponent, the soul would become another white bone archdevils.

There were at least a billion white bone archdevils within the roiling black fog at a rough glance.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler smiled, revealing two rows of his teeth, “Thats right, the Bone Spur of the Crow.

Heavenly Saint Ruler, you should know that once I take out my Bone Spur of the Crow, I wont put it away if it doesnt taste blood.

The power of my Bone Spur of the Crow would grow significantly stronger when I suck away your soul after killing you!”

“Go die!” He thrust the black bone spur in his hand straight at the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

Even before the Bone Spur of the Crow arrived, howls of evil spirits echoed in everyones ears.

Black fog roiled, and the white bone archdevils within stretched their bony claws at the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

The Heavenly Saint Rulers godhead spun at its fastest, filling his entire body with vigorous Sovereign godforce.

A golden scarlet glow shone from his body, akin to an ancient scarlet God of War, gripping a golden scarlet blade in his hand as he met the Heavenly Terror Rulers black bone spur and white bone archdevils.

In the meantime, the Heavenly Master, Tian Chen, Wan Shi, and Wan Xiaorong, each had their own opponents.

Tian Chen found the King of Grandmist, the little cow, Cang Mutian, and Flying Devil Python, while the opponent Wan Xiaorong locked on the King of Darkness.

The King of Darkness looked at the woman in front of him.

She was just as alluring as she was in the past, and his heart fell to the bottom with bitterness.

He had given up a lot for this woman in the past.

Although this woman had not reciprocated his feelings in the end, it was undeniable that there was some kind of feeling between them.

Yet, this woman was actually choosing to kill him!

“Xiaorong.” The King of Darkness called out.

Wan Xiaorongs gazes got frostier in an instant, “The current you are not qualified to call me Xiaorong.

King of Darkness, your biggest mistake is choosing to follow Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong will not only die today, but you will follow him to hell as well.

All of you will die here today!” The butterfly swords in her hand hummed at her words.

The King of Darkness laughed exaggeratedly for a while.

When he stopped, his tone had hardened, “Fine, Wan Xiaorong.

Even if Im no match against you, Ill have you die with me if nothing else!”

Darkness energy spread out rapidly around him.

The King of Darkness knew very well that his current strength was not enough to fight Wan Xiaorong.

So he did not hesitate and used a taboo method to temporarily increase his strength.

Wan Xiaorong saw through his actions and sneered coldly, “Even if you resort to increasing your strength with a taboo method, do you think you can pull me down with you”

The butterfly swords in her hand slashed forward without waiting for any reply.

Sword qi flew out with the momentum of obliterating everything in its path, heading straight at the King of Darkness.

In a split second, blasts and explosions came from various corners of the Heavenly Saint Country.

Roars shook the heavens.

Terrifying destructive power shattered the surroundings as the mountains crumbled and palaces razed to the ground.

As seconds and minutes passed, the Heavenly Saint Countrys casualties increased.

Even though the King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, the little cow, and Flying Devil Python were fighting against Tian Chen, the gap between them was simply devastating.

It didnt take long before the Flying Devil Python was reduced to blood mist, killed instantly by Tian Chen.

If it wasnt for the timely assistance from several Heavenly Saint Countrys generals and Xumi Old Man, the King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, and the little cow would have also died at Tian Chens hands.

Even so, Xumi Old Man and the several generals were soon laden with injuries.

Although the Xumi Old Man was also a Seventh Order Sovereign, he could barely block the lethal attacks from Tian Chens blade.

After all, Tian Chens blade was a supreme spiritual artifact.

Tian Chens smug laughter rang in their ears, “Little old guy Grandmist, I advise you to stop your futile resistance and kneel to beg me for mercy.

Perhaps, I might feel soft-hearted and let you die a quick, comfortable death!”

The King of Grandmist harrumphed coldly in response, “Wait till Xiaolong comes out.

You will die when that happens!”

Tian Chen laughed even harder, “At this point, youre still betting on Huang Xiaolong saving you With the Lord Heavenly Terror Ruler here, who is Huang Xiaolong Ive heard that hes cultivating inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

Just wait and see, after the Lord Heavenly Terror Ruler kills the Heavenly Saint Ruler, he will pinch Huang Xiaolong to death!”

The blade in his hand slashed at the King of Grandmist.

Suddenly, a streak of light shot out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace and hit onto Tian Chens blade with a loud zheng! Tian Chen was startled, and a scream escaped his lips as he was knocked flying back, smashing through several mountains.

The blade in his hand was long knocked out of his grip.

Wan Xiaorongs butterfly swords were inches from piercing through the King of Darknesss flesh when they were knocked out of her hands, leaving her dazed in surprise.

Another streak of light shot out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace and pierced through Wan Xiaorongs forehead before anyone reacted.

Her body stiffened in midair, and her spirited eyes slowly lost focus as she fell to the ground.

“Younger Sister!” Wan Shi turned and yelled loudly as he saw this.

Wan Shi slashed out angrily at the Heavenly Saint Countrys general entangling him, then leaped towards Wan Xiaorong to catch her.

Another sharp streak of sword qi arrived.

Upon sensing the incredible energy behind him, Wan Shi turned around in shock.

The Myriad Worlds Bamboo in his hand swung out in an attempt to parry the streak of light.

But in the next second, Wan Shi saw the streak of light shake off his Myriad Worlds Bamboo before piercing through his head, similar to Wan Xiaorong.

This is impossible! This was Wan Shis last thought.

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