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Chapter 2165: The Heavenly Master Exits Seclusion

Although Huang Xiaolong had shown battle strength above everyones estimation, Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys generals had an opinion that Huang Xiaolong had the battle strength equivalent to an early Eighth Order Sovereign at most.

He believed that they could kill Huang Xiaolong without much difficulty if all of them joined hands.

Even though their Young Lord, Giant Kun Prince, was only a mid-Seventh Order Sovereign, he had a record of killing early Eighth Order Sovereign Realm experts.

The Giant Kun Prince shook his head, “That kid is not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

He is arrogant because he has the strength to back himself.” He went on seriously, “Its better to find out his identity first.

It wont be too late to make our move then.

Moreover, his connection with the Heavenly Saint Country also doesnt look simple.”

“So what if his connection with the Heavenly Saint Country is not simple” The Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys general insisted, “Would the Heavenly Saint Country dare to stop us if we want to kill him If the Heavenly Saint Ruler really doesnt know whats good for him, well uproot the Heavenly Saint Country altogether!”

“Thats right.

Its not like we havent destroyed any heavenly countries in the past!” Another Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys general supported.

Several hundred million years ago, they had razed a heavenly country to the ground.

That heavenly country was called Vajra Heavenly Country.

They had offended the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

Due to which the Giant Kun Heavenly Country had destroyed them.

The Vajra Heavenly Country was comparable to the current Heavenly Saint Country in terms of force.

In truth, the Vajra Heavenly Country was slightly stronger than the Heavenly Saint Country.

This was the strongest deterrence.

In the Heavens Path, no heavenly countries descendants wanted to offend the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, as they did not want to end up like the Vajra Heavenly Country.

The Giant Kun Prince spoke, “In a few years, the 33 Heavenly Gates restrictions would weaken.

We must get that Lightning Origin Divine Tree at that time!”

The Lightning Origin Divine Tree was born from the accumulation of lightning energy from the 33 Heavenly Gates restrictions in billions of years.

It was hailed as the number one divine tree under the heavens.

The Lightning Origin Divine Tree bore the Lightning Divine Fruit lightning qi that was useful even to high-level Sovereign experts, strengthening their bodies including the foundation, the godhead, the Sovereign physique, and even archdevil bloodline.

All these aspects would improve exponentially.

To a certain extent, it might even trigger transformation.

“Young Lord is mighty and possesses heaven-defying fortune.

With the restrictions around the 33 Heavenly Gates weakening, the Lightning Origin Divine Tree will belong to Young Lord and our Giant Kun Heavenly Country!” The general lauded.

The Giant Kun Prince nodded his head as the generals words pleased himself.

This time, he was rushing to the Heaven Valley because he had heard that someone wanted to sell the Lightning Manipulating Bead.

The Lightning Origin Divine Tree was enshrouded by terrifying lightning that could easily injure any Tenth Order Sovereign Realm expert approaching it.

But with the Lightning Manipulating Bead, it could shield off a large portion of the Lightning Origin Divine Trees lightning qi.

While the Giant Kun Princes group headed to the Heaven Valley, the news of Huang Xiaolong defeating the Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys General Zhou He, and forcing the Giant Kun Prince to withdraw spread through the Heavens Path somehow.

“What! That kid actually defeated the Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys General Zhou He in one strike! Even the Giant Kun Prince was forced to retreat You are not bluffing, are you!”

“What is that kids strength But hes really seeking death by offending the Giant Kun Prince.

Thats like indirectly offending the whole Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

The Heavenly Saint Country cant protect him this time.

Hes dead for sure!”


Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong was back in the Heavenly Saint Country.

He entered seclusion the moment he reached the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

This time around, he planned to advance all the way to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm in one go.

As long as he broke through to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm while he was at the Heavenly Saint Country, he could borrow the Heavenly Saint Countrys origin energy.

At that time, he wouldnt need to fear even a late-Eighth Order Sovereign expert.

Huang Xiaolong took out one Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill.

The Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill hovered in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Rich dragon qi permeated the air, interlaced with fragrant pill qi that seemed to gather into the shape of a dragon.

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth and swallowed the pill into his mouth.

The pill instantly melted in his mouth, turning into an ocean of vigorous origin energy.

Waves of dragon qi within the origin energy rushed to every corner of Huang Xiaolongs body.

The pores on Huang Xiaolongs body relaxed, spewing out wisps of resplendent lights.

Three months later...

Huang Xiaolong finished absorbing the Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill and took out the second pill.

While Huang Xiaolong was absorbing his second Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill at the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, Giant Kun Prince was shocked after listening to his subordinates report at the Heaven Valley, “What did you say That kid is Huang Xiaolong who defeated the Heavenly Master!!”

“Yes, it is so, Young Lord.

According to our investigation, hes very likely that Huang Xiaolong!” The subordinate nodded his head in affirmation and went on, “On top of that, his connection with the Heavenly Saint Country is indeed not simple.

It is said that the Heavenly Saint Ruler yielded his palace to Huang Xiaolong, so Huang Xiaolong could use it during seclusion.”

“He yielded his palace to Huang Xiaolong for his seclusion” The Giant Kun Prince was astonished.

Other Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys experts also exchanged shocked glances amongst themselves.

“Previously at the marketplace, Zhu Xinyi had said that he is their Heavenly Saint Countrys esteemed guest.

It looks like he wasnt lying.” The subordinate went on, “He must be related to the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

As for what kind of relationship they have, we still have not found out at the moment!”

If there was no deep relationship, the Heavenly Saint Ruler wouldnt yield his palace to Huang Xiaolong to enter seclusion.

The Giant Kun Princes eyes gleamed.

A moment later, he said, “It looks like I was right to think that that kid is really not simple.”

“I think that people are overestimating that kid.

Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong comes from outside of the Heavens Path.

Moreover, the outside world doesnt even have one high-level Sovereign Realm expert.

How could he defeat the Heavenly Master” A Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys general stated.

The Giant Kun Prince shook his head, “It doesnt matter whether he really defeated the Heavenly Master or not.

It is a fact that the Heavenly Master fled the Heavenly World.” He then looked at his subordinate and said, “It is said that the Heavenly Master is at the Heavenly Terror Country, trying to complete his Great Purity Secret Art.

Once he completes it, he is going to look for Huang Xiaolong to settle the grudge between them”

“Yes, Young Lord.” The subordinate went on, “Moreover, the Heavenly Master would be able to achieve success.

Young Lord wants to…”

A ray of light glinted in Giant Kun Princes eyes as he spoke, “Leak out that Huang Xiaolong is in the Heavenly Saint Country and make sure the Heavenly Master hears about it.”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The subordinate complied as immediately understood the Giant Kun Princes intention.

He laughed and said, “Rest assured, Young Lord.

This subordinate will make sure this news spreads out!”

“En, go now!”

On the next day...

A piece of news was spreading through the Heavens Path, stirring the various heavenly countries.

“Huang Xiaolong is the person who killed the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, broke the Falling Star Formation with one palm strike, defeated Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys General Zhou He, and forced Giant Kun Prince to retreat! The same Huang Xiaolong who defeated the Heavenly Master!”

“Its actually him! No wonder! But I remember hearing that Huang Xiaolong hasn\'t advanced to the Seventh Order Sovereign! In that case, his strength is too terrifying!”

“The Seventh Order Sovereign He could already defeat the Heavenly Master! Impossible, right Absolutely impossible!”

Everyone in the Heavens Path was talking about Huang Xiaolong.

Half a year later...

From a certain palace within the Heavenly Terror Country, resplendent lights glimmered.

Gray light soared to the sky as a terrifying death aura swept the land, exuding despair.

The sudden change alerted the Heavenly Terror Countrys experts.

“Thats… Senior Heavenly Master It looks like Senior Heavenly Masters Great Purity Secret Art has reached major completion!” The Heavenly Terror Countrys General Sun Po was thrilled.

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