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Chapter 216: Saint Realm Expert

“Come, let us go welcome Ancestor’s exit!” Guo Shiwen beamed!

Taking the lead, Guo Shiwen brought a group of people to the Guo Family Mansion’s secret chamber and just as they stopped, the huge sturdy door of the secret chamber shattered into pieces.

A figure flew out, piercing through space, then floated down to the ground close to where Guo Shiwen stood.


Guo Shiwen lit up when he saw the individual, quickly converging his emotions and showing utmost respect as he spoke, “Congratulations Father for successfully breaking into Saint realm!”

“Congratulations Grandfather for successfully breaking into the Saint realm!” Guo Zhi and Guo Fei took a step forward and said their greetings as well.

Only after they finished did the Guo Family experts, such as Chief Steward Zhang Yue and the rest come forward and lauded the Guo Ancestor’s success.

The person who exited the secret chamber was a silver-haired man who had a face that looked like he was a young man in his late-twenties.

The young man wore a delicate silver robe, exuding a palpable majestic might.

This silver-haired young man was none other than the Guo family’s Ancestor, Guo Chen!

Guo Chen scanned the faces of the people congratulating him, a faint smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he nodded, “Stand, all of you.” He was indeed in a jubilant mood at that moment, after succeeding in breaking into the Saint realm.

The Guo Family had wealth and power.

The Million Treasure Firm under their control was one of the three biggest trading houses in Duanren Empire.

If comparing the wealth and forces at their disposal, the Guo Family didn’t lose to the Xie and Yao Family.

Yet the reason the Guo Family had never been able to enter the hegemony clique of families was all because they did not have a Saint realm expert!

But now, there was him!

He finally succeeded in crossing that boundary!

Thinking that he himself would finally be elevated to a status known as one of the top experts in Duanren Empire after this, Guo Chen couldn’t hold himself back from laughing happily with his fists shooting towards the sky.

His unrestrained laughs reverberated throughout the expansive Guo Mansion.

The people present dared not interrupt.

When his laughter subsided, his eyes scanned the crowd once again, and this time, it stopped on his two grandsons, Guo Zhi and Guo Fei’s bodies.

His eyes narrowed, shifting onto Guo Shiwen, “What happened!” There was iciness in his voice.

With Guo Chen’s keen sight, he could tell at a glance that Guo Zhi and Guo Fei’s Qi Sea had been broken by someone!

Guo Shiwen hastened to explain in a voice that carried utmost respect, “Father, it was a little brat called Huang Xiaolong that broke the Qi Sea of Zhi’er and Fei’er!”

“Huang Xiaolong” There was doubt and confusion in Guo Chen’s eyes.

“This Huang Xiaolong obtained first place in this year’s Imperial City Battle.

He originates from a small, backwater place called Huang Clan Manor in Luo Tong Kingdom.

But we’re unsure why there are two high-level Xiantian warriors following him at his side.

One of them is called Zhao Shu, someone who is close to breaking into the Saint realm!”

Guo Chen scoffed at those last words, “Close to a Saint realm warrior’s existence In the end, he is nothing but just a small peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert! Tell me, where is Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu right now”

Guo Shiwen replied, “We found out not too long ago that Heartless Young Noble, Yao Fei, abducted Huang Xiaolong’s parents and siblings.

Huang Xiaolong brought Zhao Shu and others along with him.

He headed straight to Heartless Hall in Duanren Institute, they have probably arrived.”

“Oh~ He already entered Heartless Hall” Guo Chen questioned.



Huang Xiaolong possesses twin superb talent martial spirits thus Duan Wuhen placed great importance on him, even lending the Golden Token on his body to this Huang Xiaolong brat.

Using the Golden Token, Huang Xiaolong managed to get Zhao Shu and his other people inside Duanren Institute’s inner division grounds!” Guo Shiwen added.

“So it’s like that.” Guo Chen sneered: “By relying on Duan Wuhen’s favor and backing, he dared to hurt my, Guo Chen’s grandsons Even if he has Duan Wuhen backing him, today he must die! Let’s go, we’re hurrying to Heartless Hall.

If we’re late and that little brat dies in Yao Fei’s hands, then it would be meaningless!”

“Yes, Father!” Guo Shiwen answered quickly with respect.

Following that, Guo Chen flew up and sent out a strand of Vigor Qi that wrapped around Guo Shiwen, Guo Zhi, Guo Fei, and even the experts on a similar level to Zhang Yue, flying off in Duanren Institute’s direction.

With Guo Chen’s speed, they arrived swiftly in Duanren Institute and went straight to Heartless Hall.

On the way, they rarely came across any Insitute teachers or students.

A short moment later, Guo Chen’s group could see Heartless Hall’s structure and the vast sea of bobbing black heads of students and teachers gathered around the perimeter.

At this point in time on the square, Yao Fei’s mouth was stuffed with various shades of feces… and there was only about half of the original amount remaining in the big wooden barrel.

Yao Fei’s stomach held the other half.

Yao Fei’s expression looked like a dead person.

There were no words that could describe how he felt at this moment.

Hate and wrath filled his eyes.

Ferocious killing intent exploded in every part of his body.

Wanting, no… desiring to shred Huang Xiaolong into thousands, or even millions of pieces.

Yet at the same time, a part of him wanted to plead, to beg Huang Xiaolong to stop.

His stomach had overturned, he could smell the putrid smell emanating from his own body.

“Huang-Xiao-Long, I vow I will kill you!” Yao Fei raged furiously, killing intent burst out but the moment he opened his mouth to speak, it was stuffed with something that flew out from the big wooden barrel.

As Guo Chen brought his group along, flying towards Heartless Hall, they came upon the most unforgettable scene they would ever encounter in their entire lives on the square.

Heartless Young Noble Yao Fei was eating **!

Guo Chen arrived, exuding a towering pressure that attracted the attention of the people below.

“It’s the Guo Family Ancestor!” Someone exclaimed in recognition.

“Guo Family’s Ancestor! I heard Guo Family’s Ancestor was in closed-door practice in order to break through to the Saint realm.

Now that he’s out, does that mean he succeeded!”

“The pressure coming from the Guo Family Ancestor is so strong, he must’ve succeeded!”

Loud noises formed an uproar.

While the crowd was busy making assumptions, Guo Chen flickered and appeared on the square in front of Heartless Hall with the rest in tow.

Guo Chen’s eyes were filled with shock as he stared at Yao Fei, whose mouth was stuffed with feces.

Shock was even more obvious on Guo Shiwen, Guo Zhi, and Guo Fei’s faces.

Although Yao Fei wasn’t the Yao Family’s Patriarch, it was something bound to happen sooner or later.

Judging from Yao Fei’s current status and identity, he held even more prestige than Guo Shiwen, who was the current Guo Family Patriarch.

Now, such a person was being fed ** in front of them!

Guo Chen’s gaze inevitably fell on Huang Xiaolong.

“Father, he’s Huang Xiaolong!” At this time, Guo Shiwen stepped forward to explain to Guo Chen.

Huang Xiaolong! Guo Chen was shocked within and his pupils shrunk.

Had he previously underestimated Huang Xiaolong’s background!

Huang Xiaolong also turned to look over almost at the same time, their eyes meeting in midair.

“You’re Guo Chen, Guo Family’s Ancestor” Huang Xiaolong inquired coldly.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong refer him by name, Guo Chen’s brows wrinkled.

This Huang Xiaolong might not be as simple as he thought at first, but he was after all a Saint realm warrior whereas Huang Xiaolong was a meager Xiantian Second Order expert.

Seeing him arrive, not only did he not kneel down in salute, he even dared to call out his full name! Guo Chen was extremely unhappy.

Before Guo Chen even spoke a word, Guo Zhi was already unable to resist jumping out, “Huang Xiaolong, your dog guts must be swollen to call my Grandfather’s name! Let me tell you, my Grandfather has successfully stepped into the Saint realm, he is a Saint realm expert! It’s better you get down on your knees and beg him to spare your life!”

Guo Zhi’s words echoed in the air, stirring the crowd.

“Guo Family’s Ancestor really broke into Saint realm!”

“A Saint realm expert! Our Duanren Empire has another Saint realm expert in its midst and Guo Family will become one of the hegemony families in Duanren Empire!”

There were many that uttered similar phrases.

“A Saint realm expert” Zhao Shu spoke and he too turned around.

A snicker appeared on his lips.

Then, everyone watched and became stupefied as Zhao Shu reached out with both of his hands and struck a palm across the void at Guo Chen.

A giant palm appeared, casting a shadow over the sky and blocking it from view.


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