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Chapter 2116: World Leaders Conference

Staring at the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness writhing in pain on the ground, a sinister expression appeared on Wan Shis face.

He tossed them over to Wan Yue and said, “There are only eleven months left until the World Leaders Conference.

In these eleven months, feed them Heart Poisoning Bugs and Soul Devouring Worms every day!”

The blood drained from the King of Grandmist and King of Darknesss faces when they heard what Wan Shi said.

The two bugs were the most terrifying creatures since ancient times.

Even Sovereigns wouldnt be able to withstand the torture inflicted on them by the two bugs.

“This… Lord Father, what if Huang Xiaolong…” Wan Yue hesitated for a moment.

He was extremely clear as to the terrors of the two bugs.

Even Sovereigns would go crazy if he went overboard and fed them Heart Poisoning Bugs and Soul Devouring Worms every day.

Wan Shi sneered, “What about Huang Xiaolong Do I need to care about him if I want to punish someone If the two of them really go crazy, then thats their problem.

All of them are going to die anyway.

Who cares if they go crazy”

“Yes, Lord Father!” Wan Yue nodded and brought the two of them away.

Time passed slowly as the day of the World Leaders Conference slowly approached.

The number of world leaders and experts who entered the City of All-Heavens increased by the day.

Before long, the City of All-Heavens became a bustling center of activity.

The World Leaders Conference was the largest event in the myriad of worlds.

As such, experts from all the superpowers gathered in the City of All-Heavens.

Even old monsters, who had been alive for billions of years, left seclusion in order to attend the conference.

It went without saying that Wan Shi didnt forbid anyone from entering the city even though the conference was only meant for world leaders.

When experts of their generation saw the old monsters and ancient freaks who had existed for billions of years, they couldnt help but feel their legs going soft.

“Thats the Half Prison Ghost King! Didnt the King of Hell kill him in the past Who would have thought that he was still alive! Looking at him now, he should be an overlord…”

“Heavenly Spirit Beast Master!” Its him! Didnt he disappear several billion years ago Hes of the same seniority as the Old Crow Ancestor and Old Ancestor Azure Cow! Even someone like him has arrived for the World Leaders Conference! Didnt he hide from the world because of the Old Azure Cow Is he here for revenge”

“Old Ancestor Azure Cow Shouldnt we address her as Lord Demon”

“Ive heard that experts from the Heavenly World will arrive this time!”

“Whats the Heavenly World”

“Havent you heard There is another world above us! Thats the Heavenly World! The Heavenly Master who controls the Heavenly World is one of the most ancient existences.

Even Lord Wan Shi can only be considered a junior before him! According to what Ive heard, the City of All-Heavens has already submitted to the Heavenly World! This time, Huang Xiaolong wont be able to leave alive!”

Very quickly, eleven months passed, and the World Leaders Conference started.

In the All-Heavens Divine Palaces main hall sat Old Monster Lun Zhuan, the Old Crow Ancestor, King of Shadows, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, and many other world leaders.

There were even some old monsters seated in the first row alongside Lun Zhuan.

One of them was covered in ghost qi, and he was the Half Prison Ghost King! One of the other ones emitted a monstrous aura that charged towards the skies.

The aura around him was even stronger than the Old Crow Ancestor!

Finally, there was an old man whose body was covered in white hair.

The hair was as white as snow, and he was the person who was injured by Huang Xiaolong when he had tried to snatch the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus! He was the Heavenly Snow Old Monster!

Snow fluttered in the air around him as frigid qi prickled the bodies of everyone present.

Under the bated breath of everyone present, Wan Shi and Wan Yue made their appearance.

Behind them were Xu Yang and Liu Yunyun, the enforcers from the Heavenly World.

Everyone got to their feet when Wan Shi entered the hall.

“We greet Lord Wan Shi!”

Lun Zhuan and the other old monsters kneeled with one knee on the ground as all the other world leaders kowtowed.

Wan Shi nodded his head and allowed them to rise.

Seeing as Wan Shi and Wan Yue had taken their seats, everyone slowly returned to their places.

“I believe everyone knows the reason behind this conference.” Wan Shi swept his gaze over everyone present and said, “It was peaceful when I first entered seclusion, but someone called Huang Xiaolong appeared a thousand years ago and caused mayhem.

He has waged war throughout the lands, killing many innocent people.”

“Especially a few years ago.

In the Radiance World, he killed tens of billions of experts in an attempt to benefit himself.

He caused rivers of blood to flow in the Radiance Divine World…”

“Im prepared to form an alliance to take down a devilish existence like Huang Xiaolong.

We cant allow him to continue running rampant in the myriad of worlds!”

Wan Shi made it seem as though Huang Xiaolong was the biggest baddie who lived, and after some twists and turns, he looked like the great hero ready to vanquish the trash that threatened mankind.

“Lord Wan Shi is right! We have to kill him before he gets any stronger!” Lun Zhuan was the first to agree, and he continued, “Its not just Huang Xiaolong! We have to get rid of everyone who submitted to him! For example, the King of Grandmist, King of Darkness, the Azure Cow, Cang Mutian, and the other Sovereigns.

They have gone down the path of no return by following that devil!”

The King of Shadows stood up all of a sudden, and he declared, “If Huang Xiaolong shows up, we will take care of him together! We cant let Lord Wan Shi dirty his hands by moving against such a vile creature!”

As the World Leaders Conference went on, Huang Xiaolong was seated in one of the mountain ranges some distance away from the city.

A bead hovered above his head as it emitted terrifying rays of light.

Bolts of lightning surged into his body as they carried with them frightening amounts of energy.

It went without saying that Huang Xiaolong had learned the method of activating the lightning bead he had obtained from the Barbarian Space!

The energy contained in the bead wasnt origin energy.

It was something even more terrifying than that! As it surged into Huang Xiaolongs body, it threatened to destroy him.

Even with his cultivation at the Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, Huang Xiaolong felt like he was a little boat in the middle of the sea surrounded by towering waves ready to swallow him whole.

Due to the frightening amount of energy, Huang Xiaolong could feel his strength rising by a huge amount every time he completed refining a single bolt of lightning.

In the past eleven months, Huang Xiaolongs strength had risen to a terrifying degree!

Under the might of the energy contained in the lightning bead, the energy of the stars in the Complete Heaven Palace was forced to remain in a corner.

Half a day passed in the blink of an eye, and Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes.

Lightning flashed through them, and the lightning bead stopped spinning.

It slowly descended into his palm as the Complete Heaven Palace regained its original calm.

Huang Xiaolong kept the bead as he slowly got to his feet.

Looking in the direction of the City of All-Heavens, Huang Xiaolong thought about how anxious Wan Shi could be feeling.

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