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Chapter 2112: Chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool

“There should be someone other than Wan Shi and Wan Yue who can access the forbidden area!” The little cow surmised.

A name appeared in both Huang Xiaolong and Cang Mutians heads at the same time.

“Yang Gang!”

A smile appeared on their face as they looked at each other.

The four of them quickly started their operation.

With the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the Flying Devil Python going out to search for clues, they gathered everything they could about Yang Gang.

The moment he appeared, Huang Xiaolong would make his move!

Even though Yang Gang was a late-First Order Sovereign, he wasnt weak at all! The only person who could ensure that Wan Shi and Wan Yue wouldnt detect any abnormality when he made a move was Huang Xiaolong!

When the three of them left to gather intelligence, Huang Xiaolong strolled along the streets of the City of All-Heavens.

When he passed by a tea house, the fragrance drew Huang Xiaolong in, and he decided to wait for their news while enjoying a cup of tea.

“Do you think Huang Xiaolong will dare to show up to the World Leaders Conference”

“Haha! I bet Huang Xiaolong will be hiding in a corner in Hell! He wouldnt dare come…”

“Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele.

After gathering all six great devil steles, he is now the new Archdevil Lord.

Even the Heavenless Devil Legion submitted to him… I wonder if that is true… There are also rumors going around that Huang Xiaolong has broke through to the Fourth Order Sovereign Realm!”

“So what if he gathered all six great devil steles Even if he becomes the next Archdevil Lord and enters the Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, none of that matters! Lord Wan Shi has already been standing on top of the world for several billion years! Right now, he has comprehended his Great Purity Secret Art! Hell pinch Huang Xiaolong to death with the wave of his hand!”

“Do you know what it means to be pinched to death Imagine squeezing a fly to death! When its organs explode in your hands, youll understand the meaning of pinching something to death! Thats what Lord Wan Shi will do to Huang Xiaolong once he gets here!”

Huang Xiaolong heard the discussions around him the moment he sat down.

Almost everyone was talking about whether he would show up and how easily Lord Wan Shi would kill him.

They seemed extremely excited to see how Lord Wan Shi would crush Huang Xiaolong.

It was as though they were the ones personally doing it.

No one thought that Huang Xiaolong would be able to win.

It was especially so after Wan Shi had shown off his strength by killing Du Hai while capturing the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness.

Only the Reverence Moon Old Man was able to escape from him.

“Ive heard that Du Hais sh*t was squeezed out of his body when Lord Wan Shi slapped him.” One of the ancestor-level figures in the tea house mocked, “Actually, I pity Du Hai.

His Six Winged Mosquito Race was forced into hiding by the Radiance Ancestor in the past.

Now, he chose the wrong side to stand on and died a miserable death.”

“Ive also heard that even though the Reverence Moon Old Man managed to escape, his lower body was wasted by Lord Wan Shis Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

Even his third leg is gone!” Another ancestor laughed, “Its nearly impossible to recover after taking a strike from the Myriad World Bamboo! How do you think the Reverence Moon Old Man will feel after losing his third leg”

The tea house broke into laughter.

When Huang Xiaolong heard how they mocked Du Hai and the Reverence Moon Old Man, chilly killing intent shot out from his eyes.

He waved his hand as a strand of destructive force entered the bodies of everyone who laughed.

When Huang Xiaolong left a while later, the miserable shrieks of those people filled the air.

They clutched their heads as they rolled about on the ground.

It was clear that they were suffering unspeakable pain.

Soon after, their bodies started to rupture, and they turned into pools of blood on the ground.

Everyone who saw the scene before them felt their hearts clenching in fear.

All the hair on their bodies stood on end as their bodies trembled.

Huang Xiaolong ignored all of them as he continued to stroll along the streets.

It seemed as though everyone in the city was talking about Wan Shi and himself.

Of course, everyone was praising Wan Shi to the high heavens as they described him to be nothing better than a mutt on the street.

There were even some who described Huang Xiaolong as one of the evil practitioners.

According to them, Lord Wan Shi had left seclusion in order to deal with Huang Xiaolong, who had besmirched the name of proper cultivators.

There were even some who painted Huang Xiaolong out to be a depraved villain.

In their eyes, Huang Xiaolong had ravaged countless female disciples from the countless sects he had ruined.

They spoke about how Huang Xiaolong practiced some evil art that required him to suck dry the yin essence of billions of females in order to increase his strength quickly.

Of course, there were many who knew that everything they said about Huang Xiaolong was utterly rubbish.

However, those who didnt know quickly took that to be true.

The news quickly spread, and everyone in the City of All-Heavens started slandering Huang Xiaolong.

As Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes, a trace of anger flashed through them.

He was extremely clear that there was only one person who would spread sh*t about him…

Wan Shi!

Without Wan Shi and Wan Yue fanning the flames, no rumor could spread through the city in the span of a few months.

It also went without saying that Huang Xiaolong knew the reason behind Wan Shis actions.

He wanted to make Huang Xiaolong look like the villain to boost his reputation in the future! He would be able to move against Huang Xiaolong using a legitimate reason of upholding the peace of the world, and everyone would praise him for it!

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolongs transmission symbol shook.

When he took it out, a smirk quickly formed on his face.

It seemed as though the little cow had already gathered news about Yang Gang!

As of that moment, Yang Gang was located in one of the manors in the southern part of the city!

The manor belonged to him, but it was a secret, and not many people around the city knew about it!

Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred as he disappeared from the spot he was in.

Several minutes later, he appeared before the very manor the little cow spoke about.

When he looked at the ordinary appearance of the manor before him, Huang Xiaolong realized the reason behind its mystery.

With its ordinary appearance, no one would guess that it was Lord Yang Gangs personal residence!

Past the ordinary appearance of the manor was one of opulence and luxury.

There were plenty of expensive displays, and Yang Gang showed off priceless treasures he had obtained from the myriad of worlds in the main hall as his trophies.

As he sat in the middle of the hall, there was a map in his hands.

The map was something he had obtained by chance.

He hadnt cared too much about it when he had first obtained it.

To him, it was just an ordinary map that showed the location of a regular treasury.

Only after scrutinizing it did he realize that the map contained the location of one of the nine great lightning pools—the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool!

Joy filled his heart initially, but the more he researched, the deeper his frown became.

The location of the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool was in the depths of the Heavens Path!

The deeper one went into the Heavens Path, the more dangerous it became.

Even with his strength at the First Order Sovereign Realm, the likelihood of him falling was extremely high!

Despite that, he found it too wasteful to ignore the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool!

“Tomorrow, I should hand this map, leading to the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, over to Lord Wan Shi…” A weird light flashed in Yang Gangs eyes as he muttered to himself, “He will definitely reward me when I hand this over!”

“Fifth Earth Lightning Pool!” A voice rang in his mind all of a sudden.

Snapping back to attention, Yang Gang leaped up from his seat.


As the space before him trembled, a figure slowly appeared.

“Huang Xiaolong!” The instant Yang Gang saw Huang Xiaolongs face, his expression changed.

Circulating all the energy in his body, he made a desperate attempt to flee.

It was too bad that Huang Xiaolong stretched out his right arm and solidified the space around him.

Discovering that he could no longer move, Yang Gang turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong in shock as Huang Xiaolong slowly pulled him back.

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