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Chapter 2102: Found it!

In the blink of an eye, they arrived before the city.

“Borderless City!” Cang Mutian muttered under his breath.

He quickly introduced the city to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

“Borderless City lies between the Cloud Sea Region and the Frigid Water Region.

Its a city that connects them!”

“Because of this, both regions have stationed their troops over in Borderless City.”

With Cang Mutians introduction, Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the city.

As soon as they entered, Huang Xiaolong didnt waste time as he quickly headed towards the location of the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele.

As the Borderless City was located between both regions, it was an important connection between the two.

There were tons of experts and chambers of commerce operating in the city, and Huang Xiaolong saw the busy streets bustling with activities.

Making their way towards the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele, the streets started to empty out.

Before long, there wasnt a single soul left on the street they were on.

Even though the city was extremely lively, there were bound to be some remote corners lying around.

When they finally arrived at one of the northernmost courtyards, Huang Xiaolong stopped.

The courtyard was extremely rundown,, and the grass growing around it had already reached a humans height.

Despite its forsaken appearance, the courtyard was massive, and the majestic aura surrounding it had yet to fade.

There were two stone lion carvings beside the entrance, but a layer of thick dust was enough to prove that it hadnt been cleaned in years.

“Is this where the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele is!” A trace of suspicion flashed through the little cows eyes, and she asked in confusion.

Since their arrival, she had failed to notice any devil qi in the air.

She even opened her heavenly eye in order to look for traces of devil qi in the air but failed to find any! It was impossible for a devil stele to not emit devil qi!

There was a trace of disbelief on both Cang Mutian and the Flying Devil Pythons faces as they turned to look at Huang Xiaolong in unison.

A smile slowly appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Its here!”

The five devil steles couldnt be wrong!

“Lets head on in…” Huang Xiaolong stepped into the entrance with the little cow and the others behind him.

Since there were no guards around, they arrived in the main hall without anyone to stop them.

“I wonder who fellow cultivators are…” An old man walked out from the side hall, and he looked like the steward of the forsaken residence.

His face was bony in, but his eyes were full of spirit.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and said, “Peak of the late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm… Half a step into the Emperor Realm.”

The face of the old man changed, and his expression sank, “Are you someone sent by the Cloud Sea City Lord!”

The Borderless City was a unique city, and there were two city lords.

One of them came from the Cloud Sea Region, and the other came from the Frigid Water Region.

“Go back and tell your young master that were not planning to sell the residence!”

Huang Xiaolong and the others stared at him in shock.

“Were not from the Cloud Sea City Lord Mansion…” Huang Xiaolong shook his head slowly.

The expression on the old mans face froze, and he stared at the four newcomers with a newfound curiosity.

It was clear he didnt believe anything Huang Xiaolong said.

“Old Man Peng, Sui Wenhui, have you considered it through!” A haughty voice resounded through the air.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others turned around, they saw a young man leading a bunch of people into the residence.

From their lineup, it was clear that the young man was the young master of the Cloud Sea City Lord Mansion.

There was no doubt the others were the experts he had brought with him.

When the old man saw the group of people, an ugly expression appeared on his face.

Before anyone could react, a young man rushed out from the inner courtyard as he raged at the young master of the Cloud Sea City Lord Mansion, “Young City Lord Xing, we already gave you an answer three days ago! This is the residence my grandfather left behind! I wont sell it!”

“Are you very sure!” A sneer left the young city lords lips, “Since you rather die than sell me your manor, Ill send you all to hell!” One of the middle-aged men stood out as soon as the words left his lips, “This is our Fourth Steward.

I believe all of you have heard of him…”

Old Man Peng and the young man felt a sense of fear in their hearts.

Every single one of the stewards in the city lords mansion was in the Emperor Realm.

Even the weakest one of them all, the Fourth Steward, was a late-First Order Emperor Realm expert.

The young city lord waved his hand and instructed, “Go.

Kill the old man and Sui Wenhui.

Do whatever you want as long as you leave them with a complete corpse.” His gaze casually swept past Huang Xiaolong and the others as he spoke, “Oh right, kill them all while youre at it!”

Even though he had no idea who Huang Xiaolong and the others were, he felt that there was nothing inappropriate for someone of his status to kill several strangers in the city.

“Yes, Young City Lord!” The steward replied respectfully, and he charged towards Huang Xiaolong and the rest.

“Brat, go to hell!” A cold snort left his lips as he sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

According to him, a single punch was enough to take care of everyone!

When Sui Wenhui and the old man noticed the tyrannical wave of energy surging towards them, a look of fear and despair filled their faces.

It was too bad a tongue appeared to stop the fist.

With a flick of the tongue, the Fourth Steward disappeared.

Under the shocked gaze of everyone present, they stared at the Flying Devil Python, who had half a body dangling out of its mouth.

A slurping sound soon resounded through the courtyard as it swallowed the late-First Order Emperor Realm cultivator.

All the Cloud Sea City Lord Manors experts stared at the scene before them with a look of disbelief.

Only after a long time did the young city lord reveal a terrified expression as his body turned stiff.

“Who are you!”

“Youre not qualified to know about our identities.

Ill give you one breath of time to disappear from my sight!” The little cow snorted.

Even though the expression on the young city lords face changed, he didnt dare to utter a word as he left with all the cultivators he had brought with him.

Seeing that the young city lord was leaving with his tail tucked between his legs, Steward Peng and Sui Wenhui snapped back to reality.

“Many thanks to seniors for making a move!” They rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and bowed.

There was a cautious look on their faces, especially Steward Peng.

He had no idea what they were there for, and he felt a little jumpy in his heart.

“Its nothing.

I need something from your manor, and Im here to take it away.” Huang Xiaolong got straight to the point.

“Do you have any objections”

“Of course not!” Sui Wenhui replied hastily.

He was clear that Huang Xiaolong wasnt actually asking a question.

Even if he wasnt willing to let Huang Xiaolong do as he pleased, he didnt have a choice! With the strength, the other party possessed, there was no way of stopping them!

Huang Xiaolong nodded before bringing the little cow and the others to the inner courtyard.

They only stopped when they arrived at a courtyard named theConcealed Scripture Pavilion.

When Sui Wenhui saw that Huang Xiaolong and the others had stopped outside the Concealed Scripture Pavilion, he couldnt help but feel a little suspicious.

His manor had long since been emptied, and everything of worth was already taken away.

The only things left in the pavilion were several old books.

No matter how he thought about it, he failed to think of a reason for Huang Xiaolong and the others to be there.

Walking towards one of the stone tablets outside the entrance, Huang Xiaolong noticed that only half of it was poking out of the ground.

He couldnt see the entire tablet, but from the dust and mud on it, it looked like an ordinary stone tablet found anywhere else.

The little cow stared at Cang Mutian, and he stared back at her.

Dont tell me thats the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele… Theres no way…

No matter how they looked at it, it didnt resemble one of the six great devil steles.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and pulled the stone tablet out from the ground as everyone else watched curiously.

The instant the other half was revealed, rays of resplendent light filled the skies as waves of devil qi surged out from under the ground.

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