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Chapter 2078: Shi Mings Dead!

“Huang Xiaolong, when your body is exhausted in a while, Ill capture you and let you taste whats called better dead than alive!” Wan Zhuoyuan sneered as he watched Huang Xiaolong dodge several chaos runes light pillars attacks in the distance.

“The outcome has yet to be determined.

Youre speaking too early.” Huang Xiaolong retorted sarcastically.

With the Great Killing Formation laid out by the City of All-Heavens, how could Huang Xiaolong, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the others not guess there was something on

Wan Zhuoyuan cackled smugly, “Whether Im speaking too early or not, you will know soon.

I dont think there will be any high-level Sovereign thats going to save you.”

Just as Wan Zhuoyuan finished, Huang Xiaolong blurred into a flicker and appeared in front of him and Tian Yu.

The Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand struck down swiftly.

The sharpness of the Radiance Divine Scepter was aimed at Wan Zhuoyuan and Tian Yus foreheads.

However, before Huang Xiaolong could succeed, a dozen chaos runes light pillars descended from the void, smashing towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs attack was parried.

Wan Zhuoyuan laughed heartily, “Huang Xiaolong, you want to kill me inside this Great Killing Formation Arent you a little naive If you want to kill me, you will need to break this Great Killing Formation first.

Then again, even if you did, you still wont be able to kill me!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong retorted coldly as he dodged another chaos runes light pillar.

The heart of hell in his chest suddenly emitted an illuminating black light.

This black light completely eclipsed the darkness and light in the inception space.

At this moment, blasts thundered in the entire inception space.

The City of All-Heavens and Heavenly Worlds experts felt their hearts palpitated uncontrollably.

Even Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others froze for a moment.

When Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others froze in shock, the Great Killing Formations energy stagnated for a split second.

Numerous chaos runes light pillars dimmed.

Then, the Ancient Heavenly Court appeared right above Wan Yues group of twelve overlords.

Empowered by the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, the little cow, and the others origin energy, the Ancient Heavenly Court slammed down on them like a massive planet.

The powerful energy fluctuations directed at them jarred Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others to their senses.

Their faces ashened seeing the Ancient Heavenly Court falling on them from above.

“Kill!” An ear-splitting bellow came from the distance.

More than a dozen giant palms appeared on the horizon, striking at the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Bo--oom! The Ancient Heavenly Courts movement halted abruptly.

The party attacking the Ancient Heavenly Court was none other than the Heavenly Worlds enforcement team hidden in the distant void.

It included the two senior captains, Xu Yang, and Liu Yunyun.

The City of All-Heavens and Heavenly World had reached an earlier agreement, the City of All-Heavens Wan Yue and the others would be on the surface, while Xu Yang and Liu Yunyuns enforcement teams would aid from the dark to prevent their plans from straying.

The Ancient Heavenly Court merely stagnated for a split second then continued to bombard Wan Yues group.

However, Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the rest had regained their senses, and they promptly counter-attacked.

Numerous chaos runes light pillars accelerated and knocked the Ancient Heavenly Court away.

Although the Ancient Heavenly Court had the firepower to destroy the heavens under the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the others control, still, it was forced to retreat against Wan Yue and other eleven overlords counterattack.

Inside the Complete Heaven Palace, the Reverence Moon Old Man, little cow, and the rest were shocked when they saw Xu Yang and Liu Yunyuns group, “The City of All-Heavens still has two Sixth Order Sovereign Realm experts!”

This was beyond what they had imagined.

Xu Yang and Liu Yunyuns enforcement team was a surprise to Huang Xiaolong as well.

However, a cold sneer soon curved up the corner of his mouth.

He arrived in front of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming in a flicker.

The Radiance Divine Scepter struck out with great momentum.

Since the twelve overlords were the hearts of this Great Killing Formation, Huang Xiaolong would kill off one.

As long as he killed off one of them, the Great Killing Formations power would be weakened by a certain degree.

Among the twelve overlords in Wan Yues group, Shi Ming was actually the weakest link.

At the same time, Shi Ming was also the person Huang Xiaolong wanted to kill the most.

Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the others\' faces darkened.

They naturally saw through Huang Xiaolongs intention.

However, just as Wan Yue and the others wanted to assist Shi Ming, Huang Xiaolongs heart of hell beat loudly.

Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and everyone else froze again.

Huang Xiaolongs Radiance Divine Scepter was a hundred meters from Shi Mings forehead.

A hundred meters! To someone like Huang Xiaolong, that distance could be crossed in a nanosecond.

Even if the Heavenly Worlds Xu Yang and Liu Yunyun wanted to save Shi Ming, they would not make it in time.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolongs Radiance Divine Scepter was close to piercing through his forehead, a terrifying frigid qi that could freeze the world, suddenly exploded from Shi Mings body.

It even froze time and space.

This was Shi Mings innate nine yin qi.

This nine yin qi sat at the top of the most frigid and yin energy.

It was triggered at the time Shi Ming was in peril, protecting him.

Looking at the billowing nine yin qi surging out from Shi Mings body, Huang Xiaolong let out a cold harrumph.

Vigorous waves of radiance energy surged from the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand, cutting through the layer of nine yin qi and piercing a hole through Shi Mings forehead, all the way to the back of his head.

Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads and three saint bloodlines were spurred simultaneously.

Energy surged through the Radiance Divine Scepter, shattering Shi Mings godhead.

The Radiance Divine Scepters power was obliterating Shi Mings vitality.

The moment Huang Xiaolong shattered Shi Mings godhead, Shi Mings souls will turned into grey fog and floated out from his body to escape, but the Ancient Heavenly Courts glimmering starlight shone through Shi Mings escaping soul will.

Shi Mings souls will shrieked sharply in pain, and then it exploded.

The notorious Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming, a generation of the overlord, who sent waves of shock through the myriad worlds at the mention of his name, was dead!

Seeing that Shi Ming had fallen, the old ancestors, who had come to spectate from various forces, felt like their hearts were about to jump out from their chests.

A surreal feeling enveloped them.

It was too ridiculous to believe.

Shi Ming, the terrifying existence, who had nearly conquered the Divine Worlds Heavenly Court, had died just like that!

When the Ancient Heavenly Court annihilated Shi Mings souls will, Huang Xiaolongs Radiance Divine Scepter had already found its next target, the Scorpio Clans Old Ancestor Chen Fushan.

Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others expressions turned gloomy.

If Huang Xiaolong successfully killed Chen Fushan and the Divine Worlds three old monsters, then the twelve-sided Great Killing Formation would only have sevencores left.

With just the seven of them and the limited power, it would be difficult to trap the Reverence Moon Old Mans group within the Great Killing Formation, and they could break through and escape with the Ancient Heavenly Court.

In the many scenarios they had thought of, none of them could have predicted that Huang Xiaolong had actually broken through to mid-First Order Sovereign Realm, and his physique had evolved to the saint physique.

It surely had not occurred to them that the power of Huang Xiaolongs heart of hell would be so terrifying after he stepped into Sovereign Realm.

Although Huang Xiaolong was merely a mid-First Order Sovereign Realm, they had not expected that the heart of hells devilish sounds would even affect early Sixth Order Sovereigns like the Old Monster Lun Zhuan.

“Quick, everyone join hands and kill Huang Xiaolong! Kill Huang Xiaolong this instant!” Wan Yue bellowed anxiously.

Judging from Huang Xiaolongs current strength, it was already difficult for them to capture him.

Since they couldnt capture Huang Xiaolong, they could only kill him.

They had to kill him regardless of the price.

Otherwise, if they let Huang Xiaolong escape this time, it would lead to a great disaster for the City of All-Heavens.

Moreover, if Huang Xiaolong didnt die this time, the experts sent out by the City of All-Heavens would get annihilated.

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