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Chapter 2024: Meeting the Experts of the Kingdom of Devil Beasts Again

The deeper they got, they met more and more weird creatures.

It was a hair raising experience.

Of course, with Huang Xiaolongs Emperors will, he wasnt afraid of those random creatures roaming about.

But he had a weird feeling that he couldnt quite put his finger on.

It felt like someone was watching him.

Whats going on

Huang Xiaolong expanded his divine sense but failed to find any anomalies in his surroundings.

Despite not finding anything, he quickly reported the weird feeling to the little cow and the King of Darkness.

When they learned about Huang Xiaolongs weird feeling, the both of them chuckled.

“Its normal to feel something like that.

Everyone feels the same way when they enter the Devil Abyss.

Even people like us cant shake the feeling.” The little cow snickered, “Things would only be weird if you didnt get that feeling…”

Huang Xiaolong stared at them with a dazed expression plastered on his face.

The King of Darkness continued, “Rumour has it that the Devil Abyss is a part of a massive Devil that existed in the past.

Everyone who enters the Devil Abyss will be entering its stomach.

That might be the reason all of us feel as though someone is watching us…”

Huang Xiaolong jumped in fright, “Massive devil! Is that even possible”

No one knew the size of the Devil Abyss.

All they knew was that the Devil Abyss was a terrifying existence.

If the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield was large enough to contain several world surfaces and countless planets, the Devil Abyss was a presence countless times larger than that.

If the Devil Abyss was really a part of a massive devil, no one could even begin to picture the size of the devil! Even with Huang Xiaolongs imaginative mind, he couldnt think of a creature of that size.

The little cow shook her head and laughed, “Of course its impossible! How can there be a creature large enough to do so If it really exists, even sending ten Lord Wan Shi wouldnt be enough to take it on!”

The King of Darkness nodded and laughed, “Those are mere rumors…” He naturally refused to believe in any of them.

The three of them advanced with caution, and they passed world surface after world surface.

Along the way, they met nothing but devils and dense clouds of devil qi.

The devil qi had tainted tons of devils and creatures around the Devil Abyss.

The devils there were different from the devils in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

The devils around the Devil Abyss emitted a sinister and nefarious aura, and they were extremely formidable.

If those devils bit any ordinary expert, there was a possibility of them turning into a devil themself.

Of course, the more likely outcome would be that they would turn into nutrients for the devils.

Along the way, the three of them barely met other cultivators.

The terrors of the Devil Abyss were known throughout the lands.

If anyone could avoid heading over to the Devil Abyss, they would definitely do so.

None of the Emperor Palaces in the Divine World were stupid enough to send their disciples over to the Devil Abyss to temper them, which led to the lack of people.

Occasionally, the three of them would meet some experts from an Emperor Palace in the Divine World who had come to explore the place.

It was too bad theexperts were mostly in the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

There were several Emperor Realm ancestor-level figures, but they hardly met anyone weaker than a God King.

Even in the outskirts of the Devil Abyss, the devil qi in the air was extremely terrifying.

It wasnt a place God King Realm cultivators could enter.

When cultivators from the various Emperor Palaces came to the Devil Abyss, they usually moved in groups.

The dangers of the Devil Abyss were well known throughout the lands, and they would only feel safe if there were other people to watch their backs.

Even Emperors didnt dare to explore the place alone.

When they saw Huang Xiaolongs group of three, a weird expression would appear on their faces.

Huang Xiaolong rode on a massive azure cow, and there was a lone King of Darkness following them around.

They had never seen anyone who dared to enter the Devil Abyss in a team of three.

It was too bad no matter how curious they felt, none of them bothered asking him about it.

In the Devil Abyss, everyone was busy watching their backs.

They had no desire to mess about with other people.

Since the space around the Devil Abyss wasnt stable, they couldnt punch a space tunnel into the core of the abyss.

The three of them could only make their way over by flying.

Even though that was the case, they were extremely quick.

The people who could catch up to the little cow flying at full speed were all super experts.

Along the way, they suffered from the attacks from various devil beasts.

The devil beasts around the Devil Abyss liked to move around in groups, and they numbered in the tens of thousands.

It was too bad the beasts were mostly comparable to Tenth Order Heavenly Monarchs.

Even if several hundred thousand of them charged at Huang Xiaolong, it wouldnt be enough to fill the gaps of his teeth.

The instant his Emperors will filled the space before him, a cloud of blood mist would form.

It was even more effortless for the little cow and the King of Darkness.

A light flashed through their eyes, and countless beasts had their bodies separated into a million pieces.

As the three of them continued on their journey, the sky gradually became dark.

“Devil qi will emerge from the ground at night.

Even Sovereign Realm experts cant probe the situation around them.” The little cow stared at the darkening sky and said, “Xiaolong, we should rest on the world surface up ahead and continue our journey tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

It was just a single night.

A single day was nothing compared to the time he would take to travel to the depths of the Devil Abyss.

With their speed, they needed six to seven days before arriving at the core.

After choosing one of the mountain peaks, they decided to settle down on one of them.

Landing on a flat surface, they took a break.

Huang Xiaolong summoned the four odd beasts to guard the surroundings as the three of them swallowed the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills to ensure that they were at the peak of their strength for whatever came next.

A night passed, and dawn eventually broke.

The three of them broke through the skies as they continued their journey.

After entering the Devil Abysss middle regions, the number of Emperor Realm devil beasts they met increased.

Huang Xiaolong didnt make a move as the four odd beasts opened a path in front of them.

After breaking through the beasts encirclement, Huang Xiaolong became a little suspicious when he ran into four groups of experts from the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Out of the four groups, two of them were from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire.

The other two came from the Heaven Devouring Empire.

The Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire were old acquaintances with Huang Xiaolong.

When he was in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, Huang Xiaolong had slain the young master of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, Lan Bowei.

The Devil-eyed Blue Lion Great Emperor Lan Chong, had joined hands with Chiyou and Shi Ming in order to hunt him down.

“Is it possible that they came for the Ancient Heavenly Court” The little cow asked.

It was clear that she felt a little suspicious about their presence.

How could it be so coincidental for them to run into so many teams from the Kingdom of Devil Beasts

“Just grab them and ask them whats going on.” The King of Darkness snorted, and he reached out to grab at a team of experts from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire.

Before they could react, the King of Darkness had already dragged them to Huang Xiaolong.

The team sent by the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire had no lack of Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts.

However, they were like powerless kids before the King of Darkness.

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