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“Two supreme godheads!”

Everyone broke out into fervent discussion.

Even Ao Ping couldnt help but gasp in surprise.

Even though a supreme godhead wasnt anything special in the Reverence Moon Academy, an individual possessing two of them was something that they had never seen in their life.

“Two supreme godheads! Ah, this has never been seen before in the history of the Radiance World! No, it hasnt been seen even in the myriad of worlds! Its no wonder Dun Hao is the number one individual in the younger generation!” One of the experts from the Radiance Divine Church yelled out in shock.

“Thats right! With Dun Haos talent, breaking through into the Sovereign Realm is only a matter of time! He might even break into the high-level Sovereign Realm and become the strongest individual in the myriad of worlds!” One of the disciples, who was Dun Haos follower, screamed.

“I dont think so.

Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong has three supreme godheads and three Archdevil bloodlines!” An expert from another world interrupted.

“Bullsh*t! How can someone have three supreme godheads That is just a baseless rumor circulating outside! Huang Xiaolong cant possess three supreme godheads! Neither is it possible for him to have three Archdevil bloodlines!” One of the pontiffs sneered.

“Dun Hao is the most talented individual in the younger generation, and no one can challenge his place!”

“Thats right! Dun Hao is the number one genius! Hasnt the arena been here for more than nine years! That phony you call Huang Xiaolong doesnt even dare to challenge our Highness! Hes probably hiding in his turtle shell somewhere! Cant you see that he is afraid of the Son of Light! Huang Xiaolong should learn his place!” Several students from the imperial courtyard and pontiffs from the Radiance World sneered.

“Even if Huang Xiaolong comes, he might not be able to take five attacks from Dun Hao!”

The shock of Dun Hao possessing two supreme godheads threw everyone into a frenzy.

It seemed as though they had already forgotten howAo Li had sent him flying away with a single punch.

As Dun Hao rose into the air once again, the two supreme godheads emitted brilliant rays of light above him.

As it shone down on the arena, the aura around Dun Haos body started to rise once again.

The injuries he had suffered healed in an instant.

“Ao Li, are you feeling desperate! Do you know what despair feels like!” Dun Hao crossed his arms and stared at Huang Xiaolong.

“I bet that you never expected for me to possess two supreme godheads! Im the first person since the creation of the universe to possess two supreme godheads! Right now, you have angered me.

I shall crush you like the bug you are, and you shall die a miserable death!”

“Are you ready to die! Are you shaking in your boots right now!”

The light around Dun Haos body increased in intensity all of a sudden, and it poured out of his body unceasingly.

It was as though the holy light from the heavens had blessed him as he hovered in the air above Huang Xiaolong.

“Thats the endless sacred light from the twelfth level of Radiance Divine Tome!” An ancestor yelled.

“In the rumors, the protection of the endless sacred light will allow one to recover quickly no matter the type of injury! It wont be easy for anyone to penetrate his defenses either!”

Everyone stared at Dun Hao in shock.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he remained expressionless when he stared at theglowing Dun Hao.

He had long guessed that there was a possibility of Dun Hao possessing two supreme godheads.

It wasnt breaking news to him.

“Radiance Wind Chasing Divine Fist!”

Dun Hao moved suddenly, and his fists shot towards Huang Xiaolong without warning.

As the fists approached, they looked like massive boulders smashing towards him.

Huang Xiaolong was like a defenseless kid as he stood before the two gigantic fists.

It seemed as though he would be swallowed whole by Dun Haos attack.

The Radiance Wind Chasing Divine Fist was a secret art that combined both radiance energy and wind energy.

As long as there were light and wind, the power of the fist would never diminish.

As Huang Xiaolong stared at the incoming punch, the three supreme godheads in his body started to move.

As energy poured out of them, the three devil steles started to tremble as well.

Huang Xiaolong raised his fists and welcomed the punch with his own.

As boundless godforce emerged from Huang Xiaolongs fist, curse runes, blood-red light, and sharp blades followed closely behind.


The heavens and earth shook when the attacks collided.

The arena that had been refined by high-level Emperor Realm experts started to tremble, and cracks started to appear on the stage.

Dun Hao was sent smashing into the stage.

He vomited mouthfuls of blood, and horrifying curse runes appeared on his body.

That wasnt all.

Eventually, blood burst out of his body, forming bloodied holes.

They resembled the eye of the devil, and the sight of it caused ones heart to palpitate.

With the rapid change in the situation, those screaming about how Dun Hao was the number one talent in the younger generation failed to react.

They stared at the scene before them with their bodies stiff.

Everyone present felt a bomb going off in their minds.

Is the person lying down on the stage really Dun Hao, who had revealed his two supreme godheads!

Wasnt the twelfth level of Radiance Divine Tome supposed to provide endless sacred light Wouldnt he be able to recover from his injuries in an instant! Everyone stared in shock and disbelief at Dun Hao, who was vomiting blood non-stop since crashing into the ground.

His miserable cries were only interrupted by his painful struggles in the arena.

For someone with his willpower to scream in pain, everyone could only imagine the pain he felt.

Fortunately for Dun Hao, mysterious energy emerged from the depths of his body.

With the help of this mysterious energy, the power of the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and the Blood Eye Devil Stele became suppressed.

Dun Hao shakily brought out a five-colored divine pill, and the instant it appeared, medicinal fragrance filled his surroundings.

Even experts standing at the plazas edges felt their bodies loosening up when they caught a whiff of the medicinal fragrance.

“This… This is the Five-Colored Divine Pill!” An ancestor-level expert exclaimed in surprise.

The expressions on everyones faces changed.

“Five-Colored Divine Pill! Legends have it that it has the ability to bring the dead back to life! They were said to be refined by a Pill God in the past! There were only five of them in total, and the pills surpassed the level of a high-level grandmist spiritual pill! It can even compare to a rank one origin pill! Even Sovereigns would be able to recover after taking one of those!”

A fire burned in the spectators eyes as they stared at the Five-Colored Divine Pill in Dun Haos hand.

It was too bad Dun Hao swallowed it before any of them could react.

The power of the two devil steles became suppressed by the divine pills energy the instant he swallowed it.

The injuries on his body started to heal, and unimaginable power surged out from within him.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

The Five-Colored Divine Pill is comparable to a rank one origin treasure! How can there be such a divine pill in the myriad of worlds! Wouldnt that mean that the pill was more precious than the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pill!

Just as Huang Xiaolong was recovering from his shock, Dun Hao raised his head and roared to the skies.

A mighty wave of energy rolled out of his body once again, and a massive phantom formed from light appeared behind him.

As soon as it appeared, everyone felt a suffocating amount of radiance energy fill the world.

“This… Its an archdevil bloodline!”

Chaos broke out in the crowd once again.

The Son of Light Dun Hao not only has two supreme godheads, but he also has an Archdevil bloodline!

Before they could react to the sudden change, another phantom appeared behind Dun Hao.

“Two… Two Archdevil bloodlines!” A pontiff felt his lips trembling as he spoke.

Two supreme godheads and two Archdevil bloodlines! That was the Son of Light Dun Haos true strength!

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