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It was an ordinary-looking, thin arm that did not exude any power, nor did it emit ten-thousand zhang resplendent lights.

It looked like the arm of any ordinary mortal, yet it traversed a great distance from the horizon over billions of miles.

However, the great distance didnt seem to exist for the arm.

The palm stretched open and took on Bin Ges lethal palm strike.

No, more accurately, the destructive force of Bin Ges attack was absorbed into the palm.

Bin Ges attack weakened and dimmed immediately the moment it landed on the palm.

The entire sequence was like watching a flower bloom and wither in a split second.

Bin Ge blanked for a second and was dumbfounded as he watched the destructive power of his attack disappear into the palm.

Bai Hui, Bai Luo, and Ban Ke, too, were stunned.

Although Bin Ges strength was second to Bai Hui, he was still a late-First Order Sovereign Realm expert who possessed battle strength stronger than the average Sovereign Realm expert.

Since his lethal palm attack was dispersed easily, then this persons strength...!

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping, too, were astounded by the unexpected result.

When Bin Ge had launched his attack, Huang Xiaolong had planned to summon the fourteen-winged angels soul, Heavenly Hall, City of Eternity, and the one hundred Undead Netherguards to fight it all out.

While everyone was still in shock, the thin arm shrunk back, attracting everyones attention to a slender figure that had appeared on the horizon.

As the figure approached, the sun in the sky elongated his shadow on the ground.

This thin old man held a wooden cane in one hand, and he had a slightly hunched back.

He looked as if a gust of wind could easily blow him away.

The old man approached them, walking slowly.

The billions of miles between them seemed nonexistent, and it felt as if the old man was standing in front of them instead of at the other end of the horizon.

One, two, three steps, and before anyone realized, he was already standing with them at the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

When the old man stood in front of them, Bai Hui, Bin Ge, and others shuddered upon seeing his face.

Apprehension spread through their hearts as the four of them quickly saluted, “Dean!”

Dean! Reverence Moon Old Man!

Not only Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping, but even Dun Hao was shocked by Reverence Moon Old Mans appearance.

This was the first time Dun Hao came face to face with Reverence Moon Old Man.

Ao Ping and Dun Hao hastened to kneel in salute, “Greetings, Dean Reverence Moon!”

Whereas Huang Xiaolong slightly bowed as he saluted the old man.

It was similar to how he had greeted Bai Hui and the other three deputy deans.


Reverence Moon Old Man smiled warmly at Huang Xiaolong, and it even looked a little bit doting as he spoke, “Child, youre finally here.


Finally here Huang Xiaolong was baffled.

Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Dun Hao, and the others were about to get up and straighten their bodies, but Reverence Moon Old Mans face darkened as he snapped, “I didnt tell you all to rise!”

Bai Hui, Bin Ge, and everyones actions stiffened, and embarrassment flashed across their faces.

However, none of them dared to defy Reverence Moon Old Mans words.

Thus, all of them returned to their saluting postures.

Reverence Moon Old Man subsequently permitted Ao Ping to rise and continued to neglect the rest.

“Do you know why I didnt permit you all to rise” Reverence Moon Old Man spoke flatly.

Bin Ge braced himself and answered, “We do not.”

“Dont know” Reverence Moon Old Man harrumphed coldly.

The wooden cane in his hand swung out, striking Bin Ge in the face.

Bin Ge was startled, but just as he wanted to dodge, the wooden cane had already hit him.

The force knocked him backward and sent him rolling over the ground.

He rammed into a boulder in the distance.

To Dun Haos horror, he saw that several of Bin Ges teeth were knocked out of his mouth and scattered on the ground.

Bin Ge was a late-First Order Sovereign Realm expert, but his teeth were knocked out with one strike from Reverence Moon Old Mans cane!

The outside world would be in a furor if they knew this.

Reverence Moon Old Man looked at Bin Ge, who was now missing some teeth, and asked, “Do you know now”

Bin Ge lowered his head in a fluster, “Disciple knows!”

Although the four of them were the Reverence Moon Academys deputy deans, they were also the academys first batch of students.

They had received guidance from both Reverence Moon Old Man and Radiance Ancestor.

Thus, all four of them could be considered as Reverence Moon Old Mans semi-disciple.

Hearing Bin Ges confession, Reverence Moon Old Man nodded his head, but his words were not merciful, “Here, I think that you dont put this old man in your eyes anymore.

Your subpar fighting powers arrogance so blinds you.”

“Disciple dares not!” Bin Ge hurriedly pleaded as his head lowered even further.

He couldnt even dare to resent Reverence Moon Old Man.

However, his determination to kill Huang Xiaolong escalated.

In his opinion, if it werent for Ao Li causing ruckus everywhere, he wouldnt have ended up in such a sorry state, having his teeth knocked off by Reverence Moon Old Mans cane.

Then, Reverence Moon Old Mans cane swung out again, hitting Bai Hui, Bai Lui, and Ban Ke.

All three were knocked into the air, and their teeth flew out from their mouths.

Bai Hui was considerably stronger than Bin Ge, and even Elan was no match against Bai Hui, yet Bai Hui didnt even have the power to dodge a beating from Reverence Moon Old Man.

“I had exhorted the four of you to take care of the Reverence Moon Academy, but look at what you have done to it for all these years!” Reverence Moon Old Man went on coldly, “Do you think that your wings had grown hard enough that you can disregard this old man Do you think Im going to die soon, so the four of you can do as you please Do you think you can ignore the words and rules the Radiance Ancestor set back then Ignoring the rules I set!”

Cold sweat dampened Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Ban Ke, and Bai Luos back, as every word Reverence Moon Old Man uttered was like a hammer to their hearts.

“These disciples have no such intentions!” All four proclaimed innocence, shaking their heads vehemently.

“Have no such intention” Reverence Moon Old Man snorted, “Thats what it looks like to me!” He thumped his wooden cane heavily against the ground, and the entire Reverence Moon Academy, no, it was the entire Reverence Moon Divine City that quaked violently.

The imperial courtyard was located within an independent space.

Still, Reverence Moon Old Mans power passed through the barrier of space as he merely thumped his cane on the ground, traveling outward and affecting the entire Reverence Moon Divine City.

This had completely exceeded everyones threshold of knowledge.

Reverence Moon Old Man then turned his attention to Dun Hao, speaking in the same cold and indifferent tone, “I wont bother punishing you, in case others accuse me of bullying juniors.

Someone else will teach you a lesson in a few days.

Leave now!”

Dun Hao thanked Reverence Moon Old Man in apprehension and left cautiously.

His face was deathly pale, and he looked more than a little out of sort.

“Alright, the same with you all!” Reverence Moon Old Man said to Bai Hui, Bin Ge, and the other two, “However, I hope you remember that as long as this old man is still alive, my words are final in the Reverence Moon Academy!”

Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Bai Luo, and Ban Ke quickly thanked Reverence Moon Old Man and sped away.

Reverence Moon Old Man turned to Huang Xiaolong and said smilingly, “My age is catching up.

I am old and useless now.

My shoulders are sore from swinging the cane a few times.”

Huang Xiaolong was utterly speechless, old, and uselessSo old and useless that you can knock off the four deputy deans teeth…

“Youre old but vigorous.” Huang Xiaolong complimented.

Reverence Moon Old Man smiled amiably, flashing two rows of sparkling white teeth, “Is it still you, who is pleasing to my eyes, and also speaks well!” He glanced over at Ao Ping and said, “Kid, wait a while here, Im going inside to speak with this kid.”

Ao Ping was beside himself, feeling flattered as he hurried to agree.

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