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“You… youre welcome.” Mu Junyue tried his best, and he finally forced three words out of his mouth.

It was the first time he found talking to be so hard.

Huang Xiaolong broke into a chuckle, “Wait till I kill Wangu Wudi.

Ill let you have the first pick of his treasures.”

Mu Junyue stared at Huang Xiaolong with his jaws nearly touched the ground.

Kill Wangu Wudi!

When he finally registered what Huang Xiaolong had said, his body started to convulse, and he nearly fell to the ground.

Even the Huang Family disciples around Huang Kebin felt their minds going blank.

Huang Xiaoling turned around and spoke to Huang Kebin and the others.

“Lets go.

We shall return to the Abundant Deities Manor.”

They finally snapped back to attention and stood up in haste.

All of them couldnt say anything to rebut Huang Xiaolong, and they could only agree obediently, “Yes, senior.”

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to move, he noticed the injuries on the Huang Familys disciples bodies.

With a wave of his arm, radiance energy enveloped them.

By the time the light faded, all of them realized that their injuries had already healed.”

As for the torn arm on Huang Kebins body, a new arm had already grown out in its place.

Huang Kebin stared at his new arm, and a look of disbelief was etched on his face.

Even Mu Junyue stared at Huang Xiaolongs miraculous feat with his eyes as wide as saucers.

By the time they realized what was happening, Huang Xiaolong had already started walking towards the Abundant Deities Manor.

They hastily rushed to catch up with him.

“Senior, senior…” Huang Kebin couldnt help but stop Huang Xiaolong.

No matter how incredible Huang Xiaolongs strength was, he felt that he had the responsibility to remind Huang Xiaolong of the severe consequences of killing the Wangu Clan members.

“Are you Huang Xiaohais grandson” Huang Xiaolong didnt bother to wait for his question, and he asked one of his own.

“Yes, Senior, I am.” Huang Kebin replied in a hurry.

Is this mysterious senior familiar with my grandfather

“Does senior know my grandfather” Huang Kebin couldnt hold back his curiosity, and he asked.

Huang Xiaolong stopped walking all of a sudden and turned around.

All the disciples from the Huang Family jumped in shock.

Just as their thoughts were running wild, Huang Xiaolong gave them an answer.

“Of course, I know him.” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but think of the times he had spent with his brother in the past.

In the past, Huang Wei had always bullied Huang Xiaolongs younger siblings, Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai.

Only when he had personally killed Huang Wei, had their torment ended.

Seemingly no longer wanting to bother with the Huang Family disciples, Huang Xiaolong continued on his way to the manor.

“Senior, Wangu Rui is the nephew of Wangu Wudi!” Huang Kebin cautiously reminded the absentminded Huang Xiaolong.

“So what”

Everyone stared at the indifferent Huang Xiaolong in shock.

‘So what A simple question contained boundless might and confidence.

With Wangu Wudis status in the world right now, there was probably only one person in the world who dared to say something like that…

A bitter smile formed on Huang Kebins face.

As Huang Xiaolong made his way to the Abundant Deities Manor, the news of his killing started to spread.

Divine Dan City started to shake.

“What! Wangu Wudis nephew was killed!”

“It seems like that person had some connections to Mu Junyue and the Mu Family.

He also said that after killing Wangu Wudi, he would allow Mu Junyue to pick an item of his liking.”

“Is he crazy! That man is insane! He dared to kill Wangu Wudis nephew, and he even threatened to kill Wangu Wudi!”

“Insane Im afraid that this guy is mentally handicapped.

Hes dead for sure! However, no one knows how he will die…”

All the experts who came from all parts of the world started to clamor and discuss among themselves.

In the inner hall of the Wangu Clans headquarters in Divine Dan City, all the experts belonging to the Wangu Clan sat around a table.

After the thousands of years that passed, the elders and ancestors who were about to ascend in the past had already done so.

Many of the present experts were new faces.

“How dare he kill a disciple of my Wangu Clan in public! Who gave him the guts to do so! This has never happened before!” The Grand Elder of the Wangu Clan, Wangu Changlong, harrumphed.

As the Grand Elder, Wangu Changlong had extraordinary power.

He was at the late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm, and he was definitely one of the five strongest individuals in the Wangu Clan.

“Grand Elder, could he be an expert the Huang Family invited He seems to be headed to the Abundant Deities Manor.” Wangu Hanyan, an elder of the Wangu Clan, spoke up.

Wangu Changlong sneered, “The Huang Family cant even protect themselves now.

Even if this kid is a peak late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm expert, it wont be enough.

Unless he is able to stand up against our entire Wangu Clan, he cant protect the Huang Family.

What a joke!”

“What should we do now” Wangu Mingwen, an elder of the Wangu Clan, asked.

“Right now, you and I shall head over to the Huang Family.

We will demand that brat to be handed over to us! I dont believe that the Huang Family will risk extermination for a stranger!” Wangu Changlong stood up, and the aura around his body expanded to cover the hall.

“We cant fail to recognize an expert at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm.

Since there are many things Grand Elder has to do to prepare for the competition tomorrow, we shall handle it in your stead.” Wangu Di, another elder of the Wangu Clan, spoke up.

Even though he wasnt as strong as Wangu Changlong, he was still one of the ten strongest experts of the Wangu Clan.

He was at the mid-Tenth Order Highgod Realm.

Wangu Changlong shook his head in response.


We shall go together so that I can have peace of mind.”

“Do we need to inform Wudi about this matter” Wangu Di asked all of a sudden.

“There is no need.

Wudi is currently discussing some matters with the doyens of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union.

There is no need to alarm him for such small matters.

Moreover, he has to concentrate on the competition tomorrow.” Wangu Changlong thought about it and shot down Wangu Dis idea.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

In a few minutes, under the lead of Wangu Changlong, nearly a hundred experts from the Wangu Clan charged towards the Abundant Deities Manor.

When the experts of the Wangu Clan had left for the manor, Huang Xiaohai, Fei Hou, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the Violet Spirit Devouring Monkey had just learned of the death of the disciples of the Wangu Clan.

“Who is he! He not only saved Kebin, but he also killed Wangu Rui…” Fei Hou frowned.

“Some people said that he was someone invited by our Huang Family.” Huang Xiaohai was curious as he didnt recall hiring any experts.

“Since he dares to kill Wangu Rui in public, he shouldnt be weak.

He should be an enemy of our enemy.

Ive heard that hes making his way here now with Kebin.

They should be here soon.

Do we go out to welcome them Zhao Shu asked in a low voice.

“Fei Hou, you go! Try to find out his intentions.” Huang Xiaohai turned to Fei Hou and said.

Fei Hou nodded his head before leaving the main hall.

He walked all the way to the main entrance to wait for the mysterious expert.

Huang Xiaohai turned to look at the others before sighing.

“Right now, the Wangu Clan is pushing us against the wall.

Wangu Wudi will probably obtain the position as the new director.

Do we have any ideas”

The hall sank into silence.

“Wangu Wudi is going too far!” The Violet Spirit Devouring Monkey raged.

“Why should we submit to him! At worst, well go all the way and fight to the death!”

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