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At that moment, every single of Hells three worlds disciples and experts had a fleeting, surreal feeling that Hells sky, earth, and everything within it was throbbing.

It felt as if something was being extracted from Hell, yet at the same time, Hell seemed to have merged with something.

All cultivators of Hell distinctively felt that theirHell was different somehow, but they could not pinpoint nor explain what this difference was.

On the Mohe Plane, Desolate Giant Tai Yue and those with him were looking into the void.

They were contemplating but also excited and overjoyed at the same time.

Moments later, all of them turned their gazes away from the sky.

They looked at each other and erupted into heartfelt laughter.

This sight confounded the Netherworld Kings Organisations Junior Commanders and Senior Commanders present.

At this time, in the depths of Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield, the barren land was completely distorted from cracks and fissures, revealing the massive pit before the Three Skull Ancestors.

The Glaze Devil Stele remained above the spinning egg over Huang Xiaolong.

Rays of brilliant lights fell over the spinning egg like a waterfall and entered it.

The vibrating noises they had heard had actually come from the giant shiny egg.

Liu Ziwei of the Three Skull Ancestors gulped loudly and squeezed out, “...

His Majesty would probably succeed, right”

“I wonder how many chaos laws can His Majesty form” Liu Zisen wondered out loud.

“It is said, whenever a supreme godhead genius breaks through to Emperor Realm, they can form more than a hundred thousand chaos law threads.” Liu Zifan paused slightly and went on in a shaky voice, “His Majesty has three king of supreme godheads.

At the very least, he would be able to form more than three hundred thousand threads!”

Three hundred thousand threads!

A shiver ran down his spine, thinking of this number.

When he himself was advancing to Emperor Realm, he had merely managed to form a little over twenty thousand threads of chaos law!

The more chaos law threads a godhead contained, the more powerful was the cultivators attack.

Just imagine, in one punch, his force was twenty thousand chaos law threads while Huang Xiaolongs single punch contained the strength of over three hundred chaos law threads.

This gap was insurmountable.

The light from the giant egg suddenly intensified, spewing outbursts of chaos qi like great waves that spread out endlessly in the four directions.

Days turned into months.

These waves of chaos qi reached every corner of the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield in the blink of an eye.

The Three Skull Ancestors had to put up a godforce barrier to protect themselves.

Another month went by.

The heart of hells pulses had grown stronger and louder.

The Three Skull Ancestors felt an even greater pressure as time passed.

On this day...

The heart of hells drumming pulses suddenly stopped.

While the Three Skull Ancestors were in a daze, the giant shiny egg in the massive pit exploded.

Glaring rays of light shone from the pit akin to thousand zhang sharp blades.

The Three Skull Ancestors came to their senses and lifted their arms hurriedly to block the light.

As the shiny egg exploded, Huang Xiaolongs figure once again appeared in front of them.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stood up from the pit.

Visible bright light flowed on the surface of Huang Xiaolongs skin; chaos qi took the form of a giant dragon.

At the same time, a massive chaos tower appeared in the sky.

The Devil Tower!

In Huang Xiaolongs chest, the heart of hell swirled with vivid black light while another source of black light was falling from the void above, embracing Huang Xiaolong.

At this moment, three great shadows of archdevils appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

Rich chaos qi floated around these three archdevils.

Huang Xiaolong was still standing in the pit.

He exuded an aura unique to Emperor Realm experts.

Standing there, Huang Xiaolong was the king of hell, akin to the emperor of myriad dragons, as an indomitable archdevil.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, and the chaos qi around him formed a hurricane, spinning happily as it flattened everything in its path.

It looked like a layer of hard earth of the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield had been scrapped off.

The ecstasy bubbling in Huang Xiaolongs heart made him laugh loudly.

The sound of his laughter reached the nine heavens, scattering away the devil qi and death qi that were about to gather again.

The Three Skull Ancestors nearly jumped in fright.

Even though Huang Xiaolongs laughter was seemingly ordinary without the execution of any sound technique, the soundwaves were more lethal than the average Emperor Realm experts soundwave-attack.

The sounds of laughter reverberated for a long time before it dissipated.

“Congratulations on Your Majestys breakthrough to Emperor Realm!”

The Three Skull Ancestors hurried forward towards Huang Xiaolong and knelt in salute.

So did the four odd beasts and the rest.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded as he had them stand up.

Finally, he had broken through to Emperor Realm!

He had waited for this day for far too long!

If the Three Skulls Ancestors knew Huang Xiaolongs thoughts, they would probably swear a few curse words in their hearts.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had barely cultivated for a thousand years.

Could this duration be described as far too long If this was considered as far too long, what should those disciples who have been cultivating a million to a hundred million years without breaking through to the Emperor Realm say!

After Huang Xiaolong had them stand up, he began checking his bodys internal condition.

Threads of giant chaos law wrapped the surface of his three supreme godheads in his consciousness.

Each one of his three supreme godheads had 499,999 threads!

Each of these chaos laws were thick as an adults arm and were imprinted on the surface of his godheads as if they were engraved on them.

Whereas inside his three supreme godheads, chaos qi had filled every inch of space, seeping out from his ocean of godforce.

The blood flowing through his veins was also brimming with chaos qi, and his veins were also wrapped by threads of chaos laws, neat and orderly, with distinct chaos law runes.

His bones, flesh, skin, and even his gaze, contained chaos laws.

Suddenly, something in his consciousness caught his attention.

A golden light flickered above his three supreme godheads as rich chaos qi condensed into a small chaos ax.

This little chaos ax was only as big as an infants arm.

However, it contained a palpitating power that would even make an early Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert wary.

This was the form Huang Xiaolongs will had taken after he had broken through to Emperor Realm.

With a single thought, this little chaos ax disappeared from Huang Xiaolongs consciousness in a flicker and appeared right in front of Huang Xiaolong in the next second.

Looking at the little chaos ax that had suddenly appeared, all Three Skull Ancestors involuntarily retreated a step.

“This, this is Your Majestys Emperors will!” Liu Zisen blurted out in shock.

Liu Ziwei, Liu Zifan, and the four odd beasts wore similar expressions as Liu Zisen, indescribable shock.

Because, ever since the universe had come into being, they had never heard of anyones Emperor will take solid form!

An Emperors will was a hundred times, a thousand times stronger than a Heavenly Monarch Realms soul force.

It was still something intangible.

But Huang Xiaolongs Emperors will actually has a solid form.

It was a little chaos ax!

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

He, too, was surprised and baffled towards his own Emperors will.

‘I wonder how is its power Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Then he directed the little chaos ax to hack onto the land.


Sand and rocks flew out in various directions, forming several million li long abyss.

The chasm opened up until Huang Xiaolongs feet, and the other end was further than the eye could see!

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