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Chen Qin was a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert.

He had an extremely high position in the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire, and he was a close confidant of the Two-headed Devil Dragon Great Emperor himself.

Even someone at Huo Liuchengs level had to pay respects to Chen Qin.

Zhao Rou and Chen Qin merely nodded towards him.

In fact, Zhao Rou and Huo Liucheng werent too familiar with each other.

They had only met several times in the past, and she had merely decided to register for the opening of the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range because it had piqued her interest.

She had met him on the way there, and he had shamelessly stuck to her like glue since then.

When she saw how enthusiastic Huo Liucheng was, she couldnt bring herself to reject his goodwill.

Huo Liucheng smiled at Zhao Rou, “Princess Zhao Rous scarlet battle robe really enhances the heroic aura around you.

Your beauty is really astounding.

If I were to say it, you would be the most beautiful lady in the Kingdom of Devil Beast.”

Zhao Rou could only smile weakly in response to Huo Liuchengs overly enthusiastic praises.

“Prince Huo Liucheng exaggerates…”

As for Chen Qin, he smiled at Huo Liucheng.

“Prince Huo Liucheng, did you bring so many experts over to the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range in order to protect our princess”

When he saw that Chen Qin was joking around with him, Huo Liucheng played along.

“Senior Chen Qin must be joking.

This junior has something to take care of, and I mobilized my men to deal with that matter.

I hope I didnt scare Princess Zhao Rou.”

Zhao Rou shook her head.

Chen Qin chuckled.

“That youngster isnt as simple as you think.

Prince Huo Liucheng might not find it simple to deal with him.”

“Thanks for the reminder.

However, as a mere Heavenly Monarch, this junior believes that I will be able to take care of him without any mishap.”

He didnt place Chen Qins reminder to his heart.

When he was done speaking, Huo Liucheng turned around, and he walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at the group of people walking towards him, an indifferent expression hung on his face.

Lu Xiaoqing took a step closer towards him.

As for the disciples around him, they took several steps back.

They didnt wish to be dragged into the mess.

When Huo Liucheng arrived before Huang Xiaolong, he sneered.

“Brat, you sure have guts.

You dare to appear at the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range even though you know that I wont let you off.”

The corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth slowly tilted upwards.

“You look too highly upon yourself.

Ill come to the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range if I feel like it, and Ill leave when I want to.

If you take everyone behind you and disappear from my sights, you might survive.”

Everyone felt their jaws dropping to the ground.

Everyone had thought that Huang Xiaolong would fall to his knees and beg for mercy after seeing so many experts from the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire approaching.

Never in their wildest imaginations would they have thought that Huang Xiaolong would ask them to scram!

Even Zhao Rou and the experts from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire were stunned.

A frown slowly formed on Chen Qins face.

“That little kid is pretty arrogant…”

Even though he could see that Huang Xiaolong was no simple character, he still felt that Huang Xiaolong was bragging a little too much.

He really didnt like arrogant juniors.

As for the disciples and ancestor-level figures around them, all of them shook their heads.

When the Violet Python Empires experts heard what Huang Xiaolong said, a ball of rage burned in their hearts.

“Brat, its too late even if you beg for death now!” Huo Yiyang, an ancestor from the Violet Python Empire, roared with laughter, and he sounded so creepy that everyone around him got goosebumps.

Huo Yiyangs reputation as a ruthless and savage murderer had already found its way into the hearts of everyone in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

“Are you sure” An indifferent voice drifted out from Huang Xiaolongs lips.

“There are many people who want to kill me.

However, with your abilities, you wont even come close to succeeding.

You really lack in manpower if you think that everyone here will be enough to kill me.”

Even though Huo Liucheng had brought fifteen Emperors with him, there were only three high-level Emperors.

They couldnt even compare to the past Fiend God Emperor Palace with the current lineup! They were far too weak.

Fifteen Emperors werent enough to fill the gaps around Huang Xiaolongs teeth!

Zhao Rou couldnt help but shake her head.

She had initially thought that Huang Xiaolong was merely acting a little over the top.

However, she really felt that he was acting too arrogantly when facing Huo Liucheng when those words came out of his mouth.

The rage in the hearts of the experts from the Violet Python Empire could no longer be contained.

Huo Yiyangs white teeth formed a huge contrast to his dark expression.

“Brat, have you brought along all your men!” Huo Yiyang paused for a moment before continuing, “Im going to break your fingers one by one and see if the experts around you can protect you!”

These days, Huo Yiyang and the others had done their investigation.

They knew that all Huang Xiaolong had to rely on were Gao Changran and Wang Fanning.

Even so, Gao Changran was merely an Eighth Order Emperor! As for Huo Yiyang, he was a Ninth Order Emperor!

He was extremely confident in killing Huang Xiaolong.

He could do as he wished! If he wanted to cripple Huang Xiaolong, no one would be able to stop him!

Since Huang Xiaolong didnt wish to attract too much attention to himself, he hadnt brought the four odd beasts with him into the Thousand Constellation Country.

The four odd beasts hid in the dark.

Hence, all Huo Yiyangs men could dig out about Huang Xiaolong was Gao Changran and Wang Fanning.

As soon as the words left Huo Yiyangs lips, he moved.

He reached towards Huang Xiaolong, and he was so quick that most of the people around them failed to see his move.

A bloodthirsty light flashed through his eyes, and he wanted to do as he had said previously.

He wanted to break Huang Xiaolongs fingers one by one before killing him.

When Huo Yiyangs arm was about to grab Huang Xiaolongs right hand, an icy light flashed and collided with Huo Yiyangs arm.

It was as though Huo Yiyang had touched something extremely terrifying as a shrill cry escaped his lips.

He retracted his arm with a terrified look in his eyes, and he jerked his body backward.

It was too bad.

He was too late.

Huo Yiyangs body was sent flying, and he smashed into the peak of a mountain several miles away.

When he collided with the mountain peak, a deafening crash could be heard as his figure was imprinted into the rocks.

Everyone watched as Huo Yiyangs body turned into an ice statue before slamming into the mountain.

Even the rocks started to freeze after Huo Yiyangs body came into contact with them.

Thick layers of ice formed around the peak of the mountain.

All the spectators around them were so frightened that they took several steps back.

Everyone couldnt help but suck in a cold breath.

When Zhao Rou and the others turned their gazes towards Huang Xiaolong, they were greeted with the sight of an icy creature several meters long.

It coiled around him, causing the space around him to freeze.

Flurries of snow emerged from its body and fluttered all around.

When Chen Qin looked at the icy creature around Huang Xiaolong, his expression changed.

“Could that be an Ice Dragon!”

“Ice Dragon!” Those from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire turned to look at Chen Qin curiously.

They had never heard of an Ice Dragon before.

“The Ice Dragon is a race that existed in the history of our Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Its a descendant of a Heavenly Dragon and an Icy Beast.

They possess the bloodline of a Heavenly Dragon and the ability of an Icy Beast.

The frigid qi in its body can freeze nearly every object in the world, and its a terrifying existence!”

Everyones jaws dropped in shock.

It possessed the bloodline of a Heavenly Dragon, and the frigid qi it emits can freeze nearly everything under the heavens!

How could something so small be so terrifying!

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