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Huang Xiaolong watched Huo Liuyun pounce on him with his fist swinging out.

His three supreme godheads spun, sending vigorous godforce through his True Dragon Physique and Ascending Devil Physique as his hand slammed forward to meet Huo Liuyuns fist.

Hu Qianmei was stunned when she saw that Huang Xiaolong had actually chosen to fight Huo Liuyun.

Huo Liuyun had already advanced to the peak early Second-Order Emperor Realm, whereas Huang Xiaolong was just a mid-Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch.

A mid-Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch actually dared to battle head-on against a peak early Second-Emperor Was this black-haired young man crazy Or, as Huo Liuyun said, the black-haired young man was just a hillbilly! A ridiculous hillbilly that didn\'t know how high the sky was!

“Watch out!” Imagining Huang Xiaolong would be reduced to a puddle of blood and meat in the next second, and without knowing why, Hu Qianmei shouted at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong flashed Hu Qianmei a smile, hearing her warning.

Hu Qianmei felt speechless and powerless upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong still could be distracted at this point and even have the mood to smile.

She had an impulse to crack open this hillbillys skull and see whats inside.

In this split second, Huang Xiaolong and Huo Liuyuns fists collided in midair.


Huo Liuyuns rage distorted, and his condescending expression suddenly changed.

Every last shred of murderous aura from his body vanished completely, and it was replaced by fear.

Breaking noises sounded, followed by Huo Liuyun\'s miserable cry as his body shot backward and smashed through the wall behind him.

Huo Liuyun smashed a hole through several courtyards walls before losing momentum and falling to the ground, covered under a pile of rubbles.

Other experts listening to music in these courtyards were startled when someone suddenly crashed into their courtyard.

The light domes around every courtyard, and pavilions shattered like fragile eggshells, startling the guests within.

“Whos that”

These Kingdom of Devil Beasts experts exchanged bewildered glances with their companions as they approached Huo Liuyun.

Despite being buried under rubbles and covered in dust, some of the guests managed to recognise Huo Liuyun.

When they saw it was Huo Liuyun, these devil beasts experts sucked in a breath of cold air and nearly jumped out of their skin in fright.

“Its the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Crown Prince Huo Liuyun!”

“This, who, who injured Crown Prince Huo Liuyun!”

While bewildered, they turned to look through the several human-shaped holes in the walls and saw the figure of a black-haired young man.

Knocked flying back at the same time was Huo Yanxi and other Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors.

The only difference was the corner they fell.

Hu Qianmei and Guo Mengmeng were dumbfounded on the spot.

The two women minds went blank, looking at the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors lying in various postures and corners of the courtyards and the several holed-walls.

Guo Mengmeng was quivering from head to toe, where Hu Qianmei was agape with shock.

Huang Xiaolong ignored these reactions and walked through the holes in the wall until he reached Huo Liuyun.

The devil beasts experts around Huo Liuyun quickly retreated, giving Huang Xiaolong a wide berth.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of Huo Liuyun.

At this point, Huo Liuyun was climbing out from under the rubbles.

There was apprehension in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, yet underneath his apprehension was surging hatred and killing intent.

His words hissed through gritted teeth.

“You-will-die-miserably! Extremely miserable!”

“All those that have any connection with you will die miserably!”

“They will be skinned, have their tendons cut, their flesh flayed piece by piece, their blood let out, and souls refined!”

But just as Huo Liuyun finished, he was greeted by Huang Xiaolongs fist.

A heavy punch hit his chest, breaking his ribs, causing his entire rib cage to collapse.

Huo Liuyuns eyeballs were protruded.

His face was distorted in pain, and whatever he wanted to say next was never voiced.

Blood and saliva flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

With a turn of his wrist, Huang Xiaolong ruthlessly dragged Huo Liuyun back to the initial courtyard.

Huo Liuyuns tongue was hanging out as Huang Xiaolong dragged him by his neck.

He was completely powerless to resist.

Others were frightened by this sight, filled with disbelief.

Was that really the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Crown Prince Huo Liuyun

Really one of their Kingdom of Devil Beasts top four geniuses, Huo Liuyun!

Huang Xiaolong dragged Huo Liuyun back to the original courtyard, and simply flung him to Gao Changrans side right before Hu Qianmei and Guo Mengmengs eyes with the order, “Seal his godforce.”

Then he looked at the rest of Huo Liuyuns group and gave another order, “As for them, kill all of them!”

Kill all of them!

Huang Xiaolongs words sounded like thunderbolts in Hu Qianmei, Guo Mengmeng, and the surrounding experts ears.

A chill spread throughout their bodies.

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestor Huo Yanxi and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

“You, what did you say” Huo Yanxi was baffled.

He still couldnt believe Huang Xiaolong would dare to kill all of them right in the Violet Python Capital City.

Huo Yanxi had just voiced his question when a giant palm slammed down on him, burying him into the ground.

Violent tremors ran across the ground.

Someone exclaimed in fright, while the remaining Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors scattered and fled.

These Ancestors feet barely left the ground when a giant palm appeared from the void, slapping them back to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the several Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors from the corner of his eye, and his expression was cold and indifferent.

The Yin Crow Sects group was besieged by the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire, so this was merely a small compensation.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong said to Gao Changran and the rest.

“Yes, Lord!”

Huo Liuyun was left to Gao Changran to carry.

When they were walking out, Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered something.

He turned and said to Hu Qianmei, “Miss Qianmei plays the zither very well.”

Hu Qianmeis mind went blank.

By the time Hu Qianmei came to her senses, Huang Xiaolong, Gao Changran, and the rest were already gone.

Guo Mengmengs face had turned deathly pale looking at Huo Yanxi and several others reduced to corpses in the courtyard.

Unprecedented fear filled her eyes.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the Female Emperor Pavilion, the news of Huo Yanxi and several other Ancestors\' deaths, as well as Huo Liuyun\'s injury, exploded through the Fire Lightning Violet Python Emperors capital.

“What did you say!” Fire Lightning Violet Pythons Great Emperor Huo Ye shouted at the top of his lungs.

His hand grabbed and lifted the capital citys Mayor off the ground, and he threatened, “Repeat that again!”

Fire Lightning Violet Python Great Emperor Huo Yes furious voice reduced the present Ancestors into trembling leaves.

“Great Emperor, please appease your anger.” Ancestor Huo Yuqian bravely took a step forward and emphasized, “Great Emperor, it is imperative we rescue the Young Lord as soon as possible.”

Huo Ye roughly threw the City Mayor to the side, but the coldness on his face did not diminish, “Have you found out who they are”


This, not yet.

However, it is certain they have a purpose in taking away the Young Lord.”

Half an hour later, another news spread through the capital claiming that if the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire wanted to save their Crown Prince, they needed to bring the Yin Crow Sects Chief and Ancestors to the Blood Orchid Mountain for exchange at night.

The Great Emperor was to come alone.

“The Yin Crow Sects Chief!” Huo Ye and the others were surprised.

Who couldve known that this was actually connected to the Yin Crow Sects group they had besieged not long ago.

“Hell and damnation!” The killing intent in Huo Yes eyes was piercing.

“Great Emperor, what should we do now” Ancestor Huo Yuqian asked.

“The other side requested the Great Emperor to go alone.

This is too dangerous.

Im afraid…”

Huo Ye raised his hand, cutting off Huo Yuqians words, “Bring up the Yin Crow Sects four people to me.”

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