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Hearing Huo Liuyun wanted to see Huang Xiaolong, the brothel hostess, Guo Mengmeng, became anxious and looked even more troubled.

“Crown Prince Liuyun, this, Im afraid…” its not appropriate.

Since Huang Xiaolong had taken out one million low-grade chaos spirit stones without blinking an eye, his background was not simple.

Whereas Huo Liuyun was the Fire Lightning Fire Python Empires Crown Prince.

It was no exaggeration to say that Huo Liuyun stood above trillions, only under one person.

Whether it was Huang Xiaolong or Huo Liuyun, neither was someone Guo Mengmeng could afford to offend.

Furthermore, the murderous aura surging around Huo Liuyun increased her apprehension.

When these two would meet, there would definitely be a fight.

If something happened to either one of them, she wouldnt be able to bear the consequences.

Seeing Guo Mengmengs resistance, Huo Liuyun harrumphed coldly, “Guo Mengmeng, you have one chance, take me there now.”

A chill ran down Guo Mengmengs spine at the coldness in Huo Liuyuns voice.

In the end, she nodded helplessly, “Alright then, but I hope Crown Prince Liuyun can give some face to Miss Qianmei.

Please dont fight inside our Female Emperor Pavilion.”

Huo Liuyuns face darkened at her words.

He retorted, “Do I need you to teach me how to act”

Guo Mengmeng smiled apologetically and hastened to deny, “No, of course not, Crown Prince Liuyun, dont misunderstand.

What I mean is Miss Qianmei doesnt like the sight of blood, so…”

Upon hearing that Hu Qianmei didnt like seeing blood, Huo Liuyuns expression eased slightly, and he reassured Guo Mengmeng, “I know, lead the way.”

Guo Mengmeng dared not delay any longer.

She quickly walked to the front, leading Huo Liuyuns group to the yard where Huang Xiaolong and Hu Qianmei were.

The entire Female Emperor Pavilion was spacious and big, consisting of several thousand independent gardens, courtyards, and small pavilions.

Array formations separated each location.

The people on the outside couldnt know what went on inside once the array formation was activated.

Thus, Hu Qianmeis zither did not attract others attention.

As Huo Liuyuns group was approaching, Hu Qianmeis ten fingers continued plucking at the zithers strings.

Her melodies turned into mesmerizing ancient birds that soared to the nine heavens.

It was as pleasurable as watching a group of celestial maidens dancing.

Huang Xiaolong and the others inwardly nodded with appreciation.

They could not detect anydevilish aspects in Hu Qianmeis songs, but this was the scary thing.

This showed that her songs had been cleansed of all devil qi, which was only possible when ones skills had reached a certain threshold.

“Lord, Huo Liuyun has arrived.” Gao Changran suddenly reported to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze shifted, and he saw the brothel hostess approach from some distance away, leading several people.

Right in front of the group was a handsome young man clad in a brocade purple dragon robe.

Although Huang Xiaolong had never seen Huo Liuyun, he could tell that this young man was the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Crown Prince, Huo Liuyun.

The courtyards formation was still activated.

There was merely a thin film of the light dome.

When the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires group stopped on the other side of the barrier, Huo Liuyun raised his fist and shattered the dome barrier with a punch.

This punchs real target seemed to be Huang Xiaolong instead of the light dome.

It was filled with a murderous aura, which was decisive and ruthless.

Hu Qianmeis melodious zither came to an abrupt end, and her willow brows creased into a frown.

She stood up and walked to the center of the courtyard in small lotus steps.

Huo Liuyun and the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires experts directly strode into the courtyard.

Huo Liuyun walked straight up to Hu Qianmei, completely ignoring Huang Xiaolongs presence.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolongs worth was less than a hair on Hu Qianmei.

“Miss Qianmei,” Huo Liuyun smiled brightly as he greeted Hu Qianmei like a close friend as he usually did, “I heard that Miss Qianmei is here, so I came.

I hope that my arrival did not disturb you.”

One wouldnt be able to tell that Huo Liuyun had exuded intense killing intent on the way over by his current lackadaisical demeanor and bright sunny smile.

Hu Qianmei glanced in Huang Xiaolongs direction, then back at Huo Liuyun and said, “Were within the Violet Python Capital City.

Crown Prince Liuyun can go wherever he wants.

Qianmei does not dare to disrespect Crown Prince Liuyun.”

Huo Liuyun laughed heartily as if he could not detect the snide in her words, “Thats good then.

Was Miss Qianmei playing the ancient devil song just now Please continue, so I, Hantao, and the others can listen as well.”

Though Huo Liuyuns words sounded courteous, his attitude was domineering and gave others no room to refuse.

But Hu Qianmei smiled softly as she pointed out the elephant in the room.

“However, that Young Master has given one million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Qianmei cannot spoil the rules.”

Following Hu Qianmeis line of sight, Huo Liuyun finallynoticed Huang Xiaolong and the others presence.

Huo Liuyun made an obvious act of scrutinizing Huang Xiaolong up and down with a clear mocking expression, “Kid, youre that rich hillbilly You can take out one million low-grade chaos spirit stones just to listen to music.

It seems youre wealthy; however, being rich doesnt mean you can be arrogant in this world.

Showing off everywhere when you have a little bit of money can get you killed without knowing it.”

Huang Xiaolong responded lazily, “Cannot show off when you have money Then, a poor miser like you can show off”

...Poor miser

Everyone was too stunned to react.

Then, Hu Qianmei giggled, and her eyes sparkled, unable to hold in her laughter.

This was the first time Hu Qianmei had heard anyone calling Huo Liuyun a poor miser.

Huo Liuyun ah, the Crown Prince of Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire.

In the entire Kingdom of Devil Beasts, who dares to say hes poor

Then again, Hu Qianmei was even more curious about Huang Xiaolongs reliance.

What gave him the confidence to disregard Huo Liuyun and the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire in this manner

Huo Liuyun reacted when he heard Hu Qianmeis laughter, and his face darkened like an overcast sky.

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestor Huo Hantao stepped forward and took a look at Huang Xiaolong.

He shook his head as he said, “Kid, ignorance is bliss.

Originally, this matter could have ended with just your life.

But now, you wont die alone.

All of these people by your side will die as well! That includes your family and your eight generations of ancestors; all must die!”

Huang Xiaolong raised a finger and made an attack sign, “Kill him!”

Huo Liuyuns group had yet to understand what Huang Xiaolongs words meant when suddenly, a shadow flickered.

In the next second, Huo Hantao exploded to his death.

Huo Hantaos blood splattered on Huo Liuyun and other Ancestors.

There was a big red puddle on the ground.

Huo Liuyun looked dazedly at the blood drops on his brocade robe, and his head jerked up in anger and shock.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong and the four odd beasts behind him.

“You dared to kill my Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestor”

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “Is there a universal rule that forbids others from killing your Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestor”

Killing intent erupted in Huo Liuyuns eyes.

Violent godforce surged out from his body as he shouted to the other Ancestors, “Kill all of them!”

Huo Hantao was a Fifth Order Emperor Realm expert.

The monster who had killed Huo Hantao with one punch did deter Huo Liuyun, and he wasnt afraid.

After all, Huo Hanxi by his side was a mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert.

At Huo Liuyuns order, Huo Yanxi and the others Fire Lightning Violet Python Empires Ancestors attacked the four odd beasts, Gao Changran, and the others.

Huo Liuyun himself pounced on Huang Xiaolong with his fist ready to attack.

Purple colored godforce from his fist stirred the air akin to a giant purple dragon.

He reached Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

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