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Chapter 182: Imperial City Battle (14)

A second martial spirit!

Huang Xiaolong actually possessed a second martial spirit!

And it was a martial spirit that had never appeared in Martial Spirit World before—Blue Dragon!

Duan Wuhen had managed to maintain his calm up to that point but he suddenly jumped to his feet in astonishment as he stared fixedly at the Blue Dragon! Blue Dragon, a martial spirit that had never appeared before! This dragon was definitely a variation of a dragon clan martial spirit, and it had to be one at top grade thirteen, or maybe even grade fourteen!

This Huang Xiaolong actually had the same type of superb talent martial spirit, yet the lower grade Black Dragon was already at top grade twelve!

Cheng Jian and the other Duanren Empire ministers eyes nearly popped out from the shock.

All the mighty generals stood up with incredulous looks on their faces.

They were blown away!

This was an unprecedented shock!

Twin superb talent martial spirits with both of such high grades! On top of that, one of his martial spirits has never appeared prior to this!

This kind of talent was too mother freaking monstrous!

No one present could accurately describe the waves of jarring shock and… excitement

Below the stage, Cui Li, Pang Yu, and the rest were having similar waves of emotion running through them.

Even Xie Puti who guessed correctly was astounded with Huang Xiaolong’s revelation.

He was literally making a wild guess that Huang Xiaolong might possess a second martial spirit!

Due to a coincidence, he once came across an old family record which stated people who possessed a third martial spirit ability had a ninety percent chance of being the owner of twin martial spirits!

Ninety percent!

He didn’t expect that it would turn out to be true! Xie Puti stared at the Blue Dragon behind Huang Xiaolong.

There were complicated feelings mixed in with shock.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s rising momentum after summoning the Blue Dragon finally stopped.

The pressure coming from the current Huang Xiaolong had exceeded Xie Puti.

Although summoning one’s martial spirit could not enhance the owner’s battle qi as much as a soul transformation, it increased the owner’s strength significantly.

The Blue Dragon swam around Huang Xiaolong, giving everyone an impression that Huang Xiaolong himself was the epitome of a Primordial Divine Dragon.

Below the stage and outside the battle arena, Cui Li, Dai Shanni, as well as the many young misses and young masters of noble families were staring at Huang Xiaolong with eyes that shined inexplicably.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly leaped up, smashing out a Collapse Fist at Xie Puti.

The fist whistled through the air as it shattered space and the void, creating a strange sonic wave.

Xie Puti’s face became dignified.

He too leaped up, pointing a finger at Huang Xiaolong.

“Sky Pulverizing Finger!”

Battle qi pooled, rotating on Xie Puti’s finger.

A glistening black light shot out and disappeared in a flash right into Huang Xiaolong’s punch.

The blast shook the stage.

In midair, two silhouettes separated, instantly retreating a distance from each other.

Huang Xiaolong landed agilely on the battle stage whereas Xie Puti crashed onto the Black Flame Phoenix’s body, retreating one wobbly step after another as he tried to regain his balance.

A reversal!

After summoning both Black Dragon and Blue Dragon, Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi and physical toughness surpassed Xie Puti’s by a slight margin.

Huang Xiaolong attacked with a second move.

Leaping up into the air, calling out the Blades of Asura, his body started spinning at high speed with the Blades of Asura swinging out.

“State of Abundant Lightning!”

Streaks of lightning turned into a flood of lightning dragons that was like a torrential thunderstorm aimed at Xie Puti from various angles.

Alarmed, Xie Puti countered with attacks from both hands.

Multiple finger prints flew out at rapid speed, but it was to no avail.

Although his finger attacks managed to slightly weaken the lightning flood dragons’ speed and power, it did not stop them from advancing towards him.

Seeing it was futile, Xie Puti immediately pushed his battle qi to the limit.

Black flames soared from his body, burning and melting everything that got close!

Lightning flood dragons and the black flames collided.

The forceful power from the lightning flood dragons caused the black flames to disperse upon collision, receding outside the battle qi.

Xie Puti was pushed back again and even the Black Flame Phoenix below him was repelled, letting out a ringing phoenix cry.

Although it was rumored the Black Flame Phoenix’s black flame could incinerate everything, it was not foolproof.

It was also dependent on its owner’s strength.

After summoning the Blue Dragon, Huang Xiaolong’s strength rose significantly.

Xie Puti was clearly suppressed.

Despite the fact that the black flames could still burn and swallow Huang Xiaolong’s attack, the effect had greatly reduced compared to earlier.

Of course, this was due to the suppression from the Blue Dragon, its grade was higher than the Black Dragon to begin with.

Huang Xiaolong continued to swing the blades in his hand.

In midair, the crowd saw two blossoming flowers with deeply colored purple petals suddenly emerge out of nowhere.

Each flower was about the size of an adult’s palm, shimmering in an alluring inky purple glow.

Watching the two dark as ink purple blossoms spinning in the air, the spectating crowd was dazed.

Without warning, they disappeared just as suddenly as they had appeared.

Xie Puti was surprised as well.

But in the next moment, his face tightened and he quickly retreated in a panic.

His mouth bellowed; “Black Flames Regnant!”

Just as the black flames soared from Xie Puti’s body, they suddenly exploded and dispersed as if they were hit, whereby Xie Puti groaned and plummeted to the stage below from the Black Flames Phoenix’s back.

Xie Puti forcefully stabilized himself so as not to crash into the stage.

People in the crowd were able to see two imprints in the shape of flowers on Xie Puti’s chest, emanating strands of inky purple energy.

The upper part of his clothes had already exploded into pieces.

The flower imprints appeared to be exactly the same as the two blossoms from Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

“So terrifying, what an unforeseeable attack!”

“What kind of battle qi is this exactly The power is so terrifying that even the black flames cannot stop it!”

Sighs and exclamation came from all around.

Duan Wuhen watched with fascination.

If Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi cultivation was on a similar level as him, this attack… could he withstand it

“Cheng Jian, can you tell what battle qi Huang Xiaolong cultivates in” Duan Wuhen could not resist asking.

Cheng Jian shook his head: “This minister cannot tell.”

It was also his first time seeing the type of battle qi belonging to Huang Xiaolong.

At that moment, Huang Xiaolong jumped off Black Dragon’s body, landing softly on the battle stage.

Xie Puti rubbed the injuries on his chest, and a slight frown appeared between his brows.

Strong desire for battle flared up in his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, I admit your twin martial spirits are indeed strong, but I will not give up just like this.

I will not lose to you just like this!” After he finished speaking, the Black Flame Phoenix blurred away and began to fuse with Xie Puti, initiating a soul transformation.

After fusing with the Black Flame Phoenix, the pressure exuding from Xie Puti instantly shot up, and it continued to soar.

Williwaw descended, clouds rolled, and the sky darkened.

Powerful energy vortexes formed with Xie Puti being used as the eye in the center.

Black armor emerged on Xie Puti’s body akin to an ancient godly armor, leaving only his mouth, eyes and nose visible.

Seeing Xie Puti’s action, Huang Xiaolong waved a hand towards the Black Dragon and Blue Dragon hovering behind him.

The twin martial spirits swam around him in circles, closer and closer, fusing with him.

Scales of two colors, black and blue emerged on the surface of Huang Xiaolong’s skin.

A smooth sharp scale surface reflected the light.

Tattoo-like images of a black and blue dragon’s head manifested on Huang Xiaolong’s back as sharp dragon spikes protruded out from Huang Xiaolong’s arms.

Xie Puti’s momentum doubled after his soul transformation, yet it barely surpassed Huang Xiaolong who soul transformed with the twin dragon martial spirits.

Even before fusing with the dragon’s, Huang Xiaolong’s strength had already suppressed Xie Puti by a small margin and now it whelmed over him.

“Tyrant God Finger!”

Xie Puti took the initiative to attack first after soul transforming.

Piercing through space, he arrived before Huang Xiaolong almost instantaneously.

A single finger stabbed towards Huang Xiaolong, exploding with a tyrannical might capable of destroying everything in its path.

“It’s actually the Tyrant God Finger that was lost five to six hundred years ago!” A top-ranked general beside Duan Wuhen blurted in surprise.

“Tyrant God Finger is a high Earth rank battle skill!” Cheng Jian was also agape in shock.

Xie Puti’s finger attack sped closer to Huang Xiaolong’s chest, but in that same moment Huang Xiaolong also raised his own fist to strike head-on against the attack.



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