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Everyone felt their jaws dropping when they saw the three thousand arms behind Huang Xiaolong.

Their eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“This… Is this the Godly Xumi Art from the Buddha World!” Chen Kaiwen exclaimed in shock.

“No, theres no way it is the Godly Xumi Art! The moment the Godly Xumi Art is activated, phantoms of Buddha will fill the sky, and buddhist light will shine upon the lands! The light surrounding Huang Xiaolongs arms is of the darkness attribute, and they give off a sinister aura!” Mo Xiao shook his head and explained.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong began his counterattack as the three thousand arms met the attack of the 162 phantoms and the jade dragon.

A deafening blast shook the world.

Everyone felt as though they had lost their sense of hearing for a second as a ringing sound filled their head.

No matter how hard they tried, they failed to defend their sense of hearing from the shockwave.

As space shattered at the spot of the collision, dark holes filled the area.

Horrifying might came from the depths of the universe, and it seemed as though space was going to crumble in on itself.


The jade dragon released an estranged cry when Huang Xiaolongs attack smashed into it, and it was sent flying.

The glow around its body lessened by a whole lot as it flew further and further away from the battlefield.

As for Heavenly Prince Di Jing, he retreated for a total of several thousand meters before managing to stabilize himself.

Huang Xiaolongs figure flashed, and he appeared in the air above Di Jing.

An indifferent expression appeared on his face as he said, “Are you done warming up”

The words became stuck in Di Jings throat as his face turned ugly.

He had thought that with the 162 phantoms attack, Huang Xiaolong would be taken down a peg even if he managed to deal with it.

But he had never thought that he would be the one on the losing end.

Even though he didnt suffer too heavy of an injury, a wave of shame washed over him.

Di Jing narrowed his eyes, and a chilly light flashed through his eyes.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre too cocky.

I never intended to use my full strength when facing you.

However, you forced me to… Right now, I swear that I wont stop until you are dead!” Di Jings voice resounded through the air.

Everyone was shocked at his sudden declaration.

Was he did not use his full strength

A different kind of light surrounded Di Jings body suddenly, and mysterious energy seemed to stir inside him.

The energy that usually remained dormant in his body would shock the world upon its awakening!

Even the Terrace of Heaven shook when Di Jing awakened the strength hidden deep in his body.

The trembling of the Terrace of Heaven made it seem as though it was afraid of the power hidden deep within Di Jing.

A single giant golden figure appeared behind Di Jing all of a sudden.

It emitted an aura that covered the world, and everyone felt their ability to resist being taken away from them.

“This… This is an Archdevils bloodline!”

Several ancestors felt the blood drain from their faces.

The Terrace of Heaven erupted once again.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing had an Archdevil bloodline! Moreover, his bloodline was so pure that the avatar of the Archdevil had materialized behind him! Only someone with an extremely concentrated Archdevil bloodline could do something like that!

The moment he unleashed his Archdevil bloodline, Di Jings combat ability rose once again.

He stood tall like an undefeatable king.

When Di Jun looked at Di Jing, he felt shocked for a second before allowing a brilliant smile to appear on his face.

“Jinger didnt let me down!”

Previously, Di Jun was too anxious when Huang Xiaolong had managed to force Di Jing to retreat.

When Di Jings strength finally increased once again, Di Jun felt as though a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

Everyone was shocked at the sudden change in events, but Di Jing closed his eyes.

As he stretched his arms out once again, horrifying might rushed out of his body like a torrential river.

“This is the feeling! This is the feeling of being unbeatable!”

A feeling appeared in his mind—a sense of power that allowed him to crush everything under his feet.

He didnt care if Huang Xiaolong had three king of supreme godheads… So what if he had them He was still going to die!

When Han Qing from the Grandmist Emperor Palace watched the scene unfold before her, she laughed out loud and spoke to Zhang Renjie and the others.

“Little doggy Huang should die like the trash he is! Heavenly Prince Di Jing is the number one genius in the universe!”

Everyone who had an enmity with Huang Xiaolong felt a wave of relief sweep past them.

Feng Chan of the Fiend God Emperor Palace felt an uncomfortable and complicated feeling welling up in his chest.

He had initially thought that his talent was comparable to Di Jings, if not better.

Right now, he knew that he was light years away from either party on stage.

He had an Archdevil bloodline in him as well, and that was something he was banking on to level the playing field.

Right now, he finally discovered that Heavenly Prince Di Jing had one as well! Not to mention the fact that Di Jings bloodline might even be stronger than his.

The Archdevil bloodline in his body wasnt considered weak, and he was able to call forth the avatar of the Archdevil as well.

However, the avatar he could summon was much weaker than that of Di Jing.

As everyone turned their gaze to Di Jing, a fervent look of worship appeared in their eyes.

In the entire plaza, Huang Xiaolong was probably the only one who wasnt surprised.

Not only was he not surprised, Huang Xiaolong even revealed a look of unbridled excitement.

Di Jings Archdevil bloodline was millions of times better than that of Sun Shihai.

Di Jing revealing his Archdevil bloodline, was like a chest of gold falling from the sky!

As Di Jing slowly opened his eyes, he glared at Huang Xiaolong only to be met with an excited expression.

Huang Xiaolong looked like a beggar who had seen a mountain of gold before him.

As for Di Jing, he felt utterly dumbfounded.

Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered pulling his punches, and mysterious layers of light covered his body.

A heart-stopping aura slowly emerged from his body as well.

Everyone felt light-headed when they stared at Huang Xiaolong.

“This… This is not possible, right” Several ancestors felt as though they had seen a ghost, and they screamed in disbelief.

Just as everyone was busy arranging their thoughts, a massive golden figure appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

It was completely golden in color, and it was clear that it was different from the figure behind Di Jing.

The figure behind Huang Xiaolong emanated calm and soothing energy, with an overflowing aura of vitality.

The golden figure behind Huang Xiaolong even attracted the gaze of Di Jing himself.

A myriad of expressions appeared on his face, and his face changed from green to blue, and all the colors of the rainbow eventually flashed past his face.

Everyone felt their minds going blank at the sight before them.

The figure behind Di Jing was a hundred miles high, but the figure behind Huang Xiaolong had already broken past that limit as it continued to grow! In the end, it only stopped when it reached a height of three hundred miles.

Han Qing, gloating in Huang Xiaolongs misfortune, felt something break inside her, and darkness filled her vision.

As for the others, like Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, Feng Chan, they felt as though they were doused with a bucket of ice water.

“You… You!” Di Jing screamed in horror as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

It was as though he was an injured beast yelling in shock that the hunter who used to be weaker than it was brutally stomping on his shattered heart.

Before Di Jing could finish his sentence, another type of light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body.

A heart-stopping power awakened in Huang Xiaolongs body, and the world around Huang Xiaolong seemed to sink into darkness.

As the darkness slowly gathered around him, a shadow started forming behind him.

Several ancestors who were standing closer to the stage fell to their butts in shock.

“What the f*ck! Two! He has two Archdevil bloodlines!”

“This… What the f*ck is this!”

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