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“However, from what I know, regardless of whether Im a disciple from Death Tomb City, the price should still be a low-grade chaos spirit stone per day.” Huang Xiaolong stared at the city guard captain and said indifferently, “Arent you afraid that I will report this to the city lords mansion”

The city guard captain looked at Huang Xiaolong in amusement, “Brat, since I dare to act like this, do you think I will be afraid if you report me Our young master is directly in charge of the Death Volcano! Do you even know who our young master is Our young master is precisely the second young master of the city lords mansion in Death Tomb City!”

He snorted, “Alright, you brat, I dont have all the time in the world to mess with you.

If you cant bring out the sixty low-grade chaos spirit stones, then get lost! Ill take these thirty low-grade chaos spirit stones for wasting my time.”

After he kept the thirty low-grade chaos spirit stones into his spatial ring, he waved his hand with an impatient expression as he tried to blast Huang Xiaolong away with a wave of his hand.

He was obviously trying to steal Huang Xiaolongs spirit stones upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong was an outsider to Death Tomb City.

Since he hadnt recognized Huang Xiaolong, he felt that Huang Xiaolong couldnt be related to the citys prominent forces.

They had also done this many times in the past, and all the disciples who had been chased away hadnt dared to retaliate.

They could only leave with their tail tucked between their legs.

Moreover, the city guard captains strength wasnt weak as he was a peak late-Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch.

A trace of coldness flashed past Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

However, he didnt need to take action at all as the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin raised his foot and sent that guard captain flying into the volcanos crater.

A miserable scream resounded in the air.

All of the guards surrounding Huang Xiaolong were shocked.

Despite their anger and indignation, none of them dared to move under the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilins pressure.

“Key.” Huang Xiaolong said with indifference when his gaze landed on one of the guard captains.

That captain panicked and hurriedly took out a key.

After receiving it, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother with the rest of them as he flew towards the center of the Death Volcano with the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin.

“Master Zhao Chu, should we report this matter to the young master” One of the guards arrived behind a deputy captain and asked cautiously.

Zhao Chu shook his head, “Young master and Chen Bin are hunting spirit corpses at the Spirit Corpse Boundary River.

They should be back in a few days.

Since theres no need to rush, it wont be a missed opportunity to report to the young master when he returns.”

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong and the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin followed the crater as they made their way deeper into the volcano.

Faint bursts of hot air brushed against them as they flew deeper and deeper.

The crater was in the shape of a round ladder, and from top to bottom, there were numerous hidden stone walls all around it.

The two of them arrived at the lowest level of the volcano crater eventually.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the jade key and saw a characternine engraved on its handle.

It represented the number nine cultivation room at the lowest level of the crater.

As there were only ten cultivation rooms at the lowest level, Huang Xiaolong quickly found the ninth one.

After opening the entrance to the room, the two of them went in.

The cultivation room was neither big nor small, and it was approximately a hundred square meters.

Numerous rare, faint red jades were embedded on the floor and four walls of the room.

Moreover, there was also an ancient fire array on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong made his way to the middle of the array, and summoned his avatars before taking out three hundred Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

Now that he was in the late-Sixth Heavenly Monarch Realm, he only needed a single day to refine three hundred Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and immediately, the Brilliant Sun Divine Pills exuded radiance, and strands of magma death qi continuously gushed out from the ground.

They were turned into pure death fire qi by the ancient fire array.

Huang Xiaolong then used it to temper himself and his three avatars.

The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin guarded the room as Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes to cultivate.

One day passed in a blink of an eye, and Huang Xiaolong used up all three hundred Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

After a day of cultivating and tempering his body with the magma death qi, Huang Xiaolong decided to take a break as he discovered that his True Dragon Physique and soul had indeed improved slightly.

Even though the increase wasnt noticeable, it was still considerable, as it was challenging to even raise his strength in his current cultivation realm.

Huang Xiaolong continued and took out another three hundred Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

Very soon, four days passed.

Huang Xiaolong continuously refined the Brilliant Sun Divine Pills everyday and used the magma death qi to temper his True Dragon Physique and soul.

As he cultivated without worry, a group of disciples appeared outside Death Tomb City.

They were riding mounts that were rarely seen on the streets.

These disciples laughed as they entered the city.”

Amongst them, the disciples in front had a frightening aura around them.

All of them were above the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

“Brother Chen Bin, its rare that you guys come to Death Tomb City, please do stay here for a few days before leaving! Let me play the part of a good host.” Feng Qi, who was wearing a black cape, laughed.

They had indeed reaped quite a big harvest from their trip to the Spirit Corpse Boundary River.

The short Chen Bin, seated on a beast beside him, smiled, “Alright, since its rare for me to come to Death Tomb City, how can I possibly miss a chance to cultivate in the Death Volcano I had entered the Death Volcano once and raised my physique and soul by quite a bit a few hundred years ago.”

“Alright, since thats the case, lets head over to the Death Volcano.”

Everyone rode their mounts as they proceeded towards the Death Volcano inside the city.

On their way there, they stirred up quite a lot of dust along the streets.

When experts from all around noticed them, they cleared the way in fright.

A few hours later, they arrived at the Death Volcano.

Seeing Feng Qis return, the guards outside the Death Volcano hurried forward and kneeled to greet him.

He pardoned the guards and told them, “Arrange four cultivation rooms at the lowest level for me, young master Chen Bin, and the rest of them.”

“This…” The captain hesitated, “Reporting to the young master, there were four empty rooms.

However, an outsider arrived a few days ago and booked a room for an entire month.

He was extremely arrogant and even injured me because he felt that I was moving too slow for his liking.”

Chen Bin and the others stared at each other.

Feng Qi squinted his eyes, “That outsider… Which cultivation room is he in again Is he really a disciple from outside the city Have you investigated his origin”

“Hes in room number nine of the lowest level.

Furthermore, we have also investigated that he arrived at Death Tomb City four days ago.

We have yet to investigate his background, but his mount is a Black Lion in the Emperor Realm.

He only managed to injure us with the help of his mount.

He is merely a late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch.” The guard captain reported hurriedly.

Chen Bin smiled and said, “Who cares about his identity How dare a disciple from outside Death Tomb City hurt your people Feng Qi, if you have too many concerns, then let us take care of this for you.

Its merely an Emperor Realm mount.

In the Spirits World, other than the young master of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, there isnt anyone else that we should be scared of.”

In the Spirits World, besides the Netherworld Kings Organization, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe was considered the number one superpower.

The Immortal Hall was the second.

Chen Bin was the third son of the Immortal Halls hall master.

Of course, Feng Qis identity wasnt simple either.

He was one of the core disciples of the Death God Sect and his father was even the city lord of the Death Tomb City! His father also had an identity as the second brother of the sect master of the Death God Sect.

The Death God Sect was ranked third in terms of strength in the Spirits World.

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