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The branch inside the Death Tomb City provided all the other branches of the Netherworld Kings Organization in Spirits World with spiritual medicines.

Due to this, the branch in the Death Tomb City was important.

The branch inside Death Tomb City was supervised by two senior commanders who were the subordinates of the Great Commander, Jiang Fenghuang.

One of them was called Zhang Long, and he was a peak mid-Tenth Order Emperor.

The other was called Ma Lairui, and he was a mid-Tenth Order Emperor.

Looking at the two Senior Commanders stationed here, one could see how important this branch was to the organization.

One hour later...

Huang Xiaolong and the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin saw a large city floating in the Spirits Worlds boundless starry sky.

From far, the city looked like a giant tomb, and the four sides were covered up.

Only the top was exposed with a small rounded corner.

The four walls of the Death Tomb City were densely packed with runes, and death qi lingered everywhere.

There were even some spots where the death qi seemed to congeal into something corporeal.

Huang Xiaolong and the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin flew to the entrance of Death Tomb City.

He planned to stay in the Netherworld Kings Organization branch in Death Tomb City for a few days.

Since he hadnt confirmed the grandmist auras presence inside the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes treasury, he wasnt in a rush to go to their headquarters.

As for Fang Mingyu—if Huang Xiaolong tried searching for Fang Mingyu in the boundless Spirits World, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong decided to settle down and wait for news from Tai Yue and the others before making his next move.

It wouldnt be too late for him to move off after Tai Yue and the others confirmed the news.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong had heard about a Death Volcano inside Death Tomb City.

It erupted day and night, spewing out magma death qi that was very beneficial for tempering his body and soul.

He wanted to make use of this opportunity to temper his True Dragon Physique and soul.

After the two of them handed over some spirit stones at the city entrance, they were allowed entry.

After entering, Huang Xiaolong immediately made his way to the Netherworld Kings Organizations branch.

As he walked, he noticed that the city was more lively and prosperous than he had imagined.

It was mostly because the city was built like a tomb, making it dark, due to which many of the buildings were embedded with various night pearls.

The pearls lit up the city, giving an impression of the daytime, all the time! The streets were brightly lit, shops were lined up, and the stream of people passing through was never-ending.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the experts that passed through the streets.

In the Spirits World, most of the sects cultivated the spirit arts, with a small minority cultivating something related to darkness energy.

However, the races of the Spirits World were generally tall and huge with ugly appearances.

As they made their way to the branch, they were greeted with a sorry sight.

A bloody mess laid before them with the corpses of Netherguards scattered around the ground.

These Netherguards had died miserably, and some of them had all four of their limbs chopped off, some had their heads cut off, and the others were directly torn into countless pieces.

Broken arms and heads filled the ground.

There were six sections to the branch, and the innermost one held the main hall.

Inside the main hall, Zhang Long and Ma Lairui were covered in blood, and numerous injuries riddled their bodies.

The two of them glared at the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes members who had already surrounded them.

Several experts who wore the Junior Commanders robes from Netherworld Kings Organization lay motionless on the main halls floor.

Two of them had already lost their breath and it was evident that they had died not too long ago.

The other two were convulsing on the ground, werent too far off from death.

A tall, red-faced old man from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe looked at Zhang Long and Ma Lairui as he chuckled, “Zhang Long, Ma Lairui, whats the point of doing this Is there any point in serving your Great Commander Isnt serving our Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe better Even though the Netherworld Kings Organization has treated you pretty well, our Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe wont mistreat you.

If you join us, we will provide you with any cultivation resources that you want.

Your life will be infinitely better than being the subordinates of Jiang Fenghuang.”

Zhang Long sneered, “Gao Ning, stop wasting your breath, we wont betray the Netherworld Kings Organization and our master!”

Meanwhile, Ma Lairui glared at a middle-aged man who was clad in a Junior Commanders robe.

He gritted his teeth in anger, “He Xin, you traitor! How dare you join the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe You are just a dog to them! I must have been blind to trust you for so many years!”

That was also the reason the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe was able to take over the branch.

He Xin had poisoned both Senior Commanders in the stronghold, making it all possible.

He Xin laughed, “You should know what is good for you.

There are not many chances left for you.

It will be better for you to surrender to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe before it\'s too late.”

Zhang Long and Ma Lairui looked at him coldly but didnt say anything.

The red-faced old man, Gao Ning, said, “To tell you the truth, our Ancestor and your Great Commander, Lu Kun, are joining forces to refine a grandmist artifact.

As soon as the artifact is refined successfully, our patriarch, Shi Wushuang, and your Great Commander, Lu Kun, will surpass the Emperor Realm!”

As Zhang Long and Ma Lairui had both been poisoned and lost their godforce; they no longer had the strength to resist and escape.

There was no harm in revealing their secret.

Zhang Long and Ma Lairuis faces changed drastically.

“Once they refined the grandmist artifact, it will be the doomsday of that piece of sh*t Nether King all of you worship.

Do you know why our old Ancestor has yet to make a move That is because he wants to allow your dog sh*t, Nether King, to live for a few more years.

We already have plans to invite experts from all the superpowers over to witness how we kill him! Well crush his body and hang his corpse on the gate of our main headquarters!”Gao Ning sneered.

“Damn your mother!” The two of them shouted furiously.

Gao Nings face sank, “Zhang Long, Ma Lairui, theres a limit to my patience.

Ill give you two more minutes to consider.

Live or die—its your choice!”

“It is not easy for the two of you to reach your current height of cultivation.

I hope that you can consider your decision carefully.”

Ma Lairui smiled coldly, “Theres no need to consider, just kill us now.”

Gao Nings eyes flashed with a trace of coldness, “Since there is nothing more to say, I shall fulfill your wish! However, before you die, I will let you enjoy the taste of our Nine Yin Corpse Worms.” He waved his hand and signaled to one of the disciples beside him.

The disciple nodded his head and took out two finger-sized worms that looked like pieces of white jade.

Zhang Long and Ma Lairuis complexions changed drastically as they were aware of the horrifying might the Nine Yin Corpse Worms possessed.

As the disciple brought the worms before them, a brilliant white light tore through space and shocked everyone present before the disciple could chant the incantation to activate the worms.

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