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The various forces experts above the Nethersea were excited as they saw that the second person had passed the third floor.

“Its thirty-five days and three hours!”

“It took Castellan Qin Fan thirty-six days and four hours to clear the first three floors!”

Everyone was shocked to see another person break Qin Fans record.

However, with the astoundingmysterious genius Huang Xiaolongs prior performance, the reaction seeing the second person breaking Qin Fans record was slightly tepid in comparison.

And the second person who cleared the third floor was none other than Shi Yinyu!

Thirty-five days and three hours, I broke Qin Fans record! Shi Yinyu was brimming with confidence as he stepped through the entryway to the fourth floor.

But Shi Yinyus furious roar reverberated through the fourth floors space a moment later.


“HOW How is it that Im still in second place!”

“Did someone pass through the third floor in thirty-four days I dont believe it!”


One month went by.

After one month since Huang Xiaolong had stepped onto the sixth floor, he had killed exactly five thousand Horned Black Luan.

Five thousand; according to this speed, it could be estimated that he would be able to kill the remaining Horned Black Luan in the next thirty days.

“Two months.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head, clearly dissatisfied with his slow speed.

However, there was no other way about it.

Inside the Holy Mountain, they could not use any divine artifacts, nor consume any spiritual pills to recover.

It was a good thing that his True Dragon Physique recovered quickly.

If I could use a divine artifact, all I have to do is throw out the City of Eternity, and it would only take a few breaths time.

Huang Xiaolong fantasized for a second.

Just like this, one punch after another, Huang Xiaolong persistently killed these Horned Black Luan, stopping to rest every two hours for recovering his godforce.

Then he would continue battling the Horned Black Luan again.

Thankfully, Huang Xiaolong had various elements of supreme godforce that enabled him to clear each floors obstacles smoothly.

For example, the situation on the sixth floor, if it werent for Huang Xiaolongs fire element supreme godforce to resist these Horned Black Luans frigid cold air, the difficulty in killing them would have increased by several times.

Finally, under Huang Xiaolongs unremitting efforts, the last Horned Black Luan on the sixth floor turned into a stream of Holy Mountainss energy, and Huang Xiaolong absorbed it.

Huang Xiaolong heaved heavily in relief, and half-collapsed to the ground, lying flat to rest.

At the same time, he checked his internal condition.

After absorbing the sixth floors ten thousand Horned Black Luans energy, his cultivation had risen to the peak mid-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

It was merely half a step more, and he could break through to the late-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

That would probably happen on the seventh floor!

Late-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

It was just a step away from the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Huang Xiaolong got up from the ground and sat cross-legged to recover his godforce.

When he completely recovered, he stood up and disappeared into the entryway towards the seventh floor in a flicker.

Similar to the several floors below, the Holy Mountain emitted bright rays of light that pierced the sky as Huang Xiaolong entered the seventh floor.

The entire Nethersea seemed to bath in eternal light.

The experts outside exploded in a furor.

“Seventy-one days! Clearing the first floor to the sixth floor!”

Tai Yue, Fan Hui, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian shook their heads, speechless to their souls.

While Huang Xiaolong flew to the seventh floor, Shi Yinyu, Qin Huangzhong, Song Litao, and the others were still on the fourth floor.

The pitiful Song Litao, still remained the fourth person to clear the third floor, hence, he still hadnt gotten any holy fruit.

On the fourth floor, Song Litao felt like he was going to vomit blood or pull his hair out.

His eyes were bloodshot as he slaughtered the hell beasts on the fourth floor in a mad frenzy, roaring to vent his fury and frustration, but his words were unintelligible.

At the entrance of the seventh floor, Huang Xiaolong once again collected three holy fruits then entered.

Unexpectedly, this time around, there werent ten thousand hell beasts on the seventh floor...

But there were twenty thousand!

Twenty thousand late-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Three-eyed Mythical Tigers!

The Three-eyed Mythical Tiger was the descendent of the Brightness Mythical Tiger, which was one of the four mythical tigers; known for their brute strength.

It was said the Three-Eyed Mythical Tigers claws could tear the heavens and split the earth.

On top of that, these tigers moved faster than the Horned Black Luan on the sixth floor!

Huang Xiaolong had naturally hoped for each of the floors to have more hell beasts.

The more the number of hell beasts, the better it was for him.

Still, when he saw the twenty thousand late-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Three-eyed Mythical Tigers, his face wrinkled like a bitter gourd.

However, this was not the time for him to conduct an internal debate because twenty thousand Three-eyed Mythical Tigers had already noticed him.

Their eyes were blazing as they stared at him like they were staring at a piece of fresh meat, fangs bared and growling with excitement as they lunged towards him.

Godforce rushed out from Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads.

On the surface of his body, golden, and azure light were humming.

In the next second, the golden, and azure light separated into numerous sharp swords, flying towards the incoming Three-eyed Mythical Tigers.

Huang Xiaolong decided to use a combination of metal element and wind element supreme godforce to deal with these Three-eyed Mythical Tigers.

Among his supreme godforces, the metal element supreme godforce was one of the two with the strongest attack power.

Whereas, the wind element supreme godforce raised his speed to the limit!

He used this combination of these two elements supreme godforce on top of his ancient sword formation.

Huang Xiaolongs arms waved out.

Countless golden and azure rays of sword lights arrived above the group of Three-eyed Mythical Tigers.

The rays of sword light became increasingly glaring as they rotated, forming a great circle of sword lights in the air that encircled all twenty thousand Three-eyed Mythical Tigers.

Sword qi then rained down like monsoon rain, piercing into the Three-eyed Mythical Tigers below.

However, these Three-eyed Mythical Tigers were unharmed despite being pierced by the rays of sword lights.

Bright light enshrouded the Three-eyed Mythical Tigers as their bodies injuries healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Obviously, their recovering abilities did not lose to the Horned Black Luans phoenix-nirvana.

Huang Xiaolongs headache intensified seeing this result.

In the blink of an eye, five months flew by.


It had been a year and five months since the Holy Mountain had appeared.

On this day, the Holy Mountain once again emitted brilliant lights that soared to the firmament.

The whole Nethersea lit up brightly.

On the surface of the Holy Mountain where the tenth floor was located, resplendent lights rippled.

They looked enchanting and magical.

“Clearing nine floors in one year and five months!”

Everyone was going crazy inwardly.

Perhaps due to Huang Xiaolongs astonishing performance along the way that the spectators outside were no longer as shocked as they were in the beginning after seeing Huang Xiaolong clear the first nine floors in one year and five months.

When Huang Xiaolong passed through the entrance to the tenth floor, his cultivation was already at the peak late-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Anytime now, he could break through to Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

“The tenth floor should also have twenty thousand hell beasts, right” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself as he collected the three holy fruits.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth floors had twenty thousand hell beasts, so, the tenth floor would probably have the same number of hell beasts.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong came face to face with the tenth floors hell beasts.

Two-headed Devil Dragon!

When Huang Xiaolong saw the mighty flight of two-headed dragons, with exuding and overwhelming dragon might, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Two-headed Devil Dragons were grandmist level divine beasts! Though they couldnt be compared to his Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, the differences were negligible!

Not to mention that each of these twenty thousand Two-headed Devil Dragons had the strength of the late-Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm! That was two cultivation orders above Huang Xiaolong!

The gap in strength between two whole cultivation orders, moreover, fighting against grandmist divine beasts that were fundamentally stronger than humans… Not forgetting, it was one against twenty thousand… Nine out of ten supreme godhead geniuses progress would, inevitably, stop here.

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