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An hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and a few of them arrived above the continent before their eyes.

At this moment, a huge flying ship was flying at an astonishing speed from afar and some of the smaller ships couldnt get out of its way fast enough and were instantly smashed apart.

Various experts flew out of the rubble of their flying ships in a fit of rage, but when they saw the insignia of a big wolf engraved on the massive flying ship, their expressions changed and their anger was completely replaced with panic.

The wreckage of some of the flying ships shot off in all directions, and some even flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

When the shards and broken parts of the wreckage arrived a thousand feet before Huang Xiaolong, they stopped and turned to dust.

“Master, should we…” Fan Hui asked Huang Xiaolong with a frosty expression hanging from his face.

“Theres no need.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and said indifferently.

By the time they exchanged several words with each other, the giant flying ship had already flown past them.

In just a moment, it disappeared from their sights.

“Which superpower is that flying ship with the giant wolf insignia from” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“It\'s the Howling Moon Wolf Race!” Tai Yue answered, “This Howling Moon Wolf Race was one of the ancient races of Hell.

Ten billion years ago, they were only second to the Undead Race.

However, for some unknown reason, after the Undead Race was exterminated, they rarely showed themselves.

Even now, no one knows the true strength of the Howling Moon Wolf Race.”

Huang Xiaolong was startled.

Ten billion years ago, the Howling Moon Wolf Race was actually the second strongest race in Hell!

It was no wonder that all the experts from the broken flying ships swallowed their rage after seeing the giant wolf insignia...

“Nobody knows about the true strength of the Howling Moon Wolf Race” Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered, “Based on your estimation, what is the strength of the Howling Moon Wolf Race compared to the Netherworld Kings Organization”

Tai Yue and the three others looked at each other.

“Based on our estimation, the strength of the Howling Moon Wolf Race is no weaker than the Massacring Gods Gate.” Jin Yuan muttered.

Even though he had guessed that the Howling Moon Wolf Race was very powerful, when Huang Xiaolong heard that it was no weaker than the Massacring Gods Gate, he couldnt help but feel a sense of shock in his heart.

“As some of the ancient race and sects have managed to hide themselves from the world, its impossible to estimate their true strength.

Even though the Howling Moon Wolf Race isnt weaker than the top ten superpowers in the Hell Asura World, they arent in the rankings.” Wan Yutian explained.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, the Howling Moon Wolf Race was just like the Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect in the Divine World.

Even though those sects werent in the rankings, their actual strength wouldnt lose out to the Emperor Palaces in the top ten spots.

“However, so what if they are the Howling Moon Wolf Race If they dare to provoke master, I wont mind exterminating every last one of them!” Fan Huis eyes flickered.

If it wasnt for Huang Xiaolong, he would have directly smashed the giant ship into pieces.

On the other hand Tai Yue merely laughed, “Blasting them into pieces If it was me, I would have ground every single one of them into dust!”

The few of them roared in laughter.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong flew up, “Nirvana City is up ahead.”

“Yes, Master.” Jin Yuan and the rest of them followed behind.

“The Nirvana City is the largest city in the Nirvana Plane, and the various powers of the three worlds of Hell would usually choose to take a break there.

As our Netherworld Kings Organization has a branch in Nirvana City, does master intend to head there Of course, thats merely a suggestion.”

Huang Xiaolong replied, “Lets talk after we enter Nirvana City.

If we can find a small inn, there is no need to go over to the branch.”

After all, their arrival at the Netherworld Kings Organization branch would be extremely eye catching and it would be impossible to avoid attracting the attention of others.

“Yes, master.”

The few of them acknowledged the order and flew towards Nirvana City.

Half an hour later, a majestic city appeared in their sights.

This city was built with Hells dark nethergod stone, and it exuded a faint dark light and emitted a chilly aura.

The feeling of death permeated through the atmosphere.

Huang Xiaolong increased his speed.

As they approached, Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked, “Whos the master of the Nirvana Plane”

“The master is from the Dark Roc Race and is called Wu Shisi.

He is pretty strong and he is at the peak of the middle stages of the Emperor Realm.

In the Dark Roc Race, he has quite the status as he\'s the fourth brother of the Wu Shi, the current patriarch of the Dark Roc Race.” Tai Yue replied immediately.

“Oh, the Dark Roc Race...” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

The Dark Roc Race was ranked fifth amongst the superpowers in the Hell Asura World.

Even though the strength of the Dark Roc Race was inferior to the Massacring Gods Gate and the Misty Palace, it was much stronger than the current Asura Gate.

“Is the Nirvana Plane under the influence of the Dark Roc Race” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The holy mountain would be born in the Nethersea once every ten million years.

Moreover, as the Nirvana Plane was located right next to it, all the superpowers would choose it as a gathering point.

“In the past billions of years, our Netherworld Kings Organization has acted in a low-profile manner.

We never fought with the other superpowers for many of the strategically located planes.

However, now that master has received the inheritance of the old master, if you want the Nirvana Plane, just give the word.

The Dark Roc Race wouldnt dare to reject us.” Wan Yutian said.

Huang Xiaolong was startled and smiled, “No need, Im just asking.”

Tai Yue looked at Wan Yutian and smiled, “Old Wan, I think you must be getting old.

Are you getting muddle headed Now that our master is the King of Hell, everything in all the three worlds belongs to master.

What is a mere Nirvana Plane”

Wan Yutian roared in laughter, “Look at me, my brain isnt working like it used to!”

Before long, booming laughter echoed through the air.

Huang Xiaolong became speechless and he revealed a helpless smile, “Even though I have already received the inheritance and am now the new King of Hell, Im still too weak.

Our Netherworld Kings Organization is too weak right now for me to reveal my identity…”

“Yes, master!”

Tai Yue and the three others looked at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of reverence.

After a short while, the few of them arrived before the city gates, and after paying some spirit stones as tax, they entered Nirvana City.

Once they entered Nirvana City, they could see various experts coming and going, and some of the rare divine beasts were used as mount.

The city was livelier than what Huang Xiaolong had thought it would be.

“Is there Yin Yang Wine here Huang Xiaolong asked.

Back then when he had left the Land of Grandmist, the little cow had reminded him to bring some of it back to the Divine World.

If the little cow could remember the taste of it, the Yin Yang Wine should be good stuff.

“Theres indeed a restaurant that sells it in Nirvana City.” Fan Hui answered, “It seems like master has heard of its reputation as well… Speaking of which, it has been many years since I last had it.”

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