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After Tai Yue and the three of them turned into giants, the aura they emitted increased by several times.

The four of them stood proudly as their aura rose towards the sky.

Even the stars changed colors.

The ancient runes on Tai Yues body emitted layers of dazzling lights while the golden hair on Wan Yutians body shone a brilliant gold.

The third horn on Asura King Jin Yuans head seemed to attract the Nine Heavenly Black Wind Thunder from the ninth heavens.

Lastly, twelve wings spread out behind Demon King Fan Huis back and it covered the entire sky.

His wings seemed to contain a continent of its own and countless demons roared at his opponents.

The surrounding experts were frightened when the four of them revealed their true form.

Crushing pressure came from their bodies and suppressed everyone present.

Even the faces of Huang Peng, Jia Ding, and the other ancestors changed drastically.

Previously, the strength of Tai Yue and the three of them was already shocking beyond comparison.

But when they revealed their true form, they seemed to have turned three times stronger than before!

“Is this their true body! They were hiding their strength earlier!” Chu Yunnans complexion changed greatly as he blurted out.

If Tai Yue would have revealed his full power earlier on, wouldnt they have been crippled long ago

“Hmph! So what if they reveal their true form!” Jia Ding regained his senses and smiled coldly, “If they are still in the Emperor Realm, its impossible for them to resist the attack of the Divine Tree of Darkness!”

After saying that, countless tree branches from the Divine Tree of Darkness swept towards the four of them.

Even though the four of them had revealed their true body, in front of a tree branch, they were nothing more than a slightly larger ant.

The instant a tree branch swept over, the four of them roared.

Tai Yue and Wan Yutian joined hands and punched out four times.

When the four punches connected with the branch, the unexpected happened.

The massive tree branch that could blot out the heavens and earth was sent flying.

As another branch was flying towards them, Jin Yuan and Fan Hui took action.

A huge blast ripped through space and the sound of an explosion taking place resounded in everyones ears.

Landslides and tsunamis filled whatever was left of the continent and huge hurricanes swept through the land.

The aftermath of the terrifying blast spread everywhere and some of the experts that were hiding far away failed to avoid the impact.

They were swallowed by the shockwave and turned into nothing more than a mist of blood.

Everyone who watched the scene was scared witless and they hastily ran even further from the scene of the battle.

With the protection of the Netherguard puppet captain, Huang Xiaolong, Ren Wokuang, and Wang Mengqin retreated safely from the Divine Darkness Plane.

As time passed, the attack of the Divine Tree of Darkness became fiercer and fiercer.

Initially, the tree spirit sent one tree branch at a time.

However, the number of branches swinging towards the four of them increased to every few attacks.

In the end, dozens of tree branches shot towards them at the same time!

Just the aftermath of an attack by a single tree branch was able to severely injure Wang Liugong, a high-level Emperor Realm expert.

Now that more than ten branches had attacked at once, one could only begin to imagine how strong the attack was.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the attack was strong enough to sink a continent! Even a mountain formed with chaos divine stones would collapse and turn to dust.

The only thing that surprised them more than the power behind the attack was that no matter how many branches swung towards the four of them, Tai Yue and the others were able to beat them back.

“This… this is impossible! The Divine Tree of Darkness is known to be invincible below the Emperor Realm! How are they defending against it!” Jia Dings face turned unsightly as he yelled in frustration, “This is impossible!”

The faces of Huang Peng and the other ancestors turned ugly as well.

All of them were clear that every single attack of the Divine Tree of Darkness took up an astonishing amount of energy.

What made it worse was that the Divine Tree of Darkness could only be powered by chaos spiritual veins.

The price they had to pay for three minutes of activity of the tree spirit was a low-grade chaos spirit vein.

It had already been way more than three minutes since they had awakened the tree spirit.

Since the start of the attack, the Divine Tree of Darkness had already consumed ten low-grade chaos spiritual veins!

That was ten low-grade chaos spiritual veins! Even the Asura Gate felt their hearts ache when they thought about what ten low-grade chaos spiritual veins represented.

The spirit qi in a low-grade chaos spiritual vein was more than enough to refine countless chaos spiritual pills for the Asura Gates disciples to cultivate for thousands of years!

However, they had used up an entire vein in a few mere minutes! How could their hearts not ache

“Haha, Huang Peng, it looks like the Divine Tree of Darkness is merely so-so.” Tai Yue chuckled.

“Is the Divine Tree of Darkness nothing more than decoration What is this! The attacks are barely enough to tickle me!” Fan Hui roared with laughter.

Barely enough to tickle him!

When they heard Fan Huis laughter, everyone became speechless.

The expression on Huang Pengs face turned hideous.

Meanwhile, Huang Xiaolong who was far away from the Divine Darkness Plane shook his head and heaved a sigh of relief.

Originally, he had planned to reveal the Eternal City and the hundred Netherguard puppets if the four of them failed to hold up against the Divine Tree of Darkness.

It seemed as though there was no longer a need for him to do so.

Huang Xiaolong opened the Eye of Hell and he could clearly see the shocking amount of spirit qi absorbed from the roots of the Divine Tree of Darkness.

The shocking amount of spirit qi quickly dispersed as the tree distributed it to the branches flying towards the four of them.

However, even though the spiritual veins were quickly drying up, it was barely enough for ten branches to sweep out at the same time.

If the four of them were able to continue withstanding the attack of dozens of tree branches, it was only a matter of time before the Asura Gates reserve of spiritual veins would be completely depleted.

If that were to happen, the Asura Gate would suffer a crushing defeat!

“Sect master, let us go and capture that Asura noble!” Li Linwei roared.

All the ancestors from Asura Sect were startled before their gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong.

With their years of experience, they knew that it was a matter of time before the Asura Gate lost the battle.

“This…” Huang Peng frowned and hesitated.

“Patriarch, why are you still hesitating That brat only has a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert protecting him.

If all of us were to attack at once, there is no chance for him to escape!” Jia Ding said confidently.

“Thats right, now that the four of them are occupied with the Divine Tree of Darkness, its the best time for us to capture him.

If you continue to hesitate, we wont stand a chance!” Wang Xin cried in haste.

“Alright!” Huang Peng nodded his head.

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