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“The Holy Mountain is about to appear, isnt it” Song Litao suddenly changed the subject.

A glimmer of anticipation shone in his eyes.

Lu Tianyuan blanked for a second but nodded quickly, “Yes, about thirty plus years.

Though there are still more than thirty years until then, the Asura World, Ghost World, and Spirits Worlds various super forces are already rushing to the Nethersea.”

“When the Holy Mountain resurfaces, I must climb to the highest twelfth floor!” Song Litao vowed.

Lu Tianyu laughed then said, “In the whole Asura World, who doesnt know that the Young Lords talent is unparalleled, and theres no one like you in history.

With Young Lords talent, climbing up to the twelfth floor is certain! If the Young Lord would not be able to do it, then it would be impossible for others to do it as well!”

Song Litao smiled faintly as he nodded his head.

“It is said, if you can ascend to the twelfth floor, you would be able to see the legendary paradise.

There are numerous supreme spiritual pills, and also divine artifacts in that paradise.

When I obtain those supreme spiritual pills and supreme divine artifacts, my strength would rise by leaps and bounds!”


Huang Xiaolongs group of five were seated in the hall.

They had not waited long when a tall and burly middle-aged man and a silver-haired old man stepped in.

A single glance at these two people, told Huang Xiaolong that these two were from the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Patriarch Shi Tong and Ancestor Shi Yihai.

Upon entering the hall, both Shi Tong and Shi Yihai were slightly stunned when they spotted Huang Xiaolong, Asura King Jin Yuan, and the other three who were seated together.

Especially Huang Xiaolong who was sitting in the main seat.

“Greetings to the four Lords!” Shi Yihai and Shi Tong came to a stop in front of Asura King Jin Yuan and the other three, saluting respectfully.

Although Shi Yihai was merely a mount the Lord of Hell had casually tamed in the past, despite being a Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, his status was a rank lower than Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Wan Yutian, and Tai Yue.

Asura King Jin Yuan excused Shi Yihai and Shi Tong from salute on behalf of everyone.

The Desolate Giant Tai Yue said to Shi Yihai and Shi Tong, “Shi Yihai, Shi Tong, this is the successor our old master had chosen.

In other words, hes our new master!” He pointed politely at Huang Xiaolong while explaining to them.

Considering that they would be spending a long time at the Green Flame Mountain Range, frequently coming and going, Huang Xiaolong allowed Tai Yue, and the others to inform Shi Yihai and Shi Tong his identity.

Shi Yihai had been loyal to the Netherworld Kings Organisation for the past ten billion years, hence Huang Xiaolong was not worried that they would leak his identity outside.

“New, new master!” Shi Yihai and Shi Tong had been trying to guess who Huang Xiaolong was from the moment they walked into the hall.

Now, after hearing Tai Yues introduction, both were shocked and it showed on their faces.

Then, Shi Yihais cheeks quivered with excitement as he stepped towards Huang Xiaolong and respectfully kneeled in salute, “Shi Yihai greets the Master!”

Shi Yihai, like Jin Yuan, and the other three, had been waiting for the new master to appear for over ten billion years.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong was their new master, joy filled his chest, and he was as ecstatic as Jin Yuans group.

Shi Tong hurried forward before Huang Xiaolong and respectfully knelt down in salute.

As the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Patriarch, Shi Tong naturally understood what thenew master represented; not only the black-haired young man would inherit the Netherworld Kings Organisation, but also become the new lord of Hell!

Huang Xiaolong stood up and lightly helped Shi Yihai and Shi Tong up by their arms, excusing them from kneeling further.

Even so, it took Shi Yihai and Shi Tong a long time to calm down from their excitement.

“Yihai, this time, we have come here with the Master for the forbidden land.” The Demon King Fan Hui began.

The Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe had one forbidden land, and the Netherworld Kings Organisations headquarters were built on this forbidden land.

“Yes.” Shi Yihai responded respectfully upon hearing that.

He went on, “Master, four Lords, please come with me.” He then led Huang Xiaolong, Jin Yuan, and the other three out, towards the forbidden land.

The Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes forbidden land was located in the depths of the mountain range.

The group journeyed for five days straight without stopping before arriving at the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes forbidden land.

The forbidden land was bigger than expected and Huang Xiaolong couldnt see the other end at a single glance.

The mountain forests stretched for miles and miles.

Different from outside, there was a golden light covering this mountain range

After Shi Yihai led them to the forbidden land, he waited outside, whereas Huang Xiaolong, and the other four entered the forbidden land.

“Master, are we going to the old masters inheritance land or to the Demon God Blood Pool” As they headed in, the Golden Lionman Wan Yutian asked Huang Xiaolong.

The Lord of Hells inheritance land and the Demon God Blood Pool were located in different directions.

“To the inheritance land first!” Huang Xiaolong slightly pondered then decided.

He wanted to refine the chaos lightning pool first!

“Yes, master!”

Thus, the four led Huang Xiaolong flying towards the inheritance land.

After half a day of flying, the group of five stopped in front of a general mountain peak.

Asura King Jin Yuan then flicked a mysterious symbol into the mountain peak.

Radiant rays of light burst out from the ordinary mountain peak, and Huang Xiaolong felt that the scenery in front of him had changed in a split second as he arrived at another dimension.

“Here it is!” Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded looking at the sky-filled spiritual veins in front of him.

These spiritual veins were floating in high air, emitting radiant lusters, and the lowest grade he could see was low-grade chaos spiritual veins!

Many of them were actually mid-grade chaos spiritual veins!

Huang Xiaolong even saw five spiritual veins the size of a great ocean.

High-grade chaos spiritual veins! Huang Xiaolong quivered with excitement as the thought flashed across his mind.

High-grade chaos spiritual veins had not appeared in the universe for hundreds of millions of years but there were five of them before his eyes right now!

“All these chaos spiritual veins were found by the old master during the grandmist era.

There are a total of two hundred and fifty-three low-grade chaos spiritual veins, mid-grade, thirty-five, and five high-grade chaos spiritual veins!” The Desolate Giant Tai Yue explained.

This was not the first time the four of them had been here, therefore, none of them were surprised seeing so many chaos spiritual veins here.

Huang Xiaolong came back to his senses moments later.

His gaze then fell onto a big city in the distance.

“That is the City of Eternity, where the old masters inheritance is.” Asura King Jin Yuan chimed in.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

He had refined four of the Netherworld Kings Jades restrictions, and was very familiar with the Lord of Hells darkness element energy.

He could feel the Lord of Hells darkness element energy within that city.

On top of that, he sensed the presence of another chaos lightning pool!

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath.

The five people flew towards the City of Eternity.

When they reached the City of Eternity, the city suddenly emitted bright streaks of light as more than a hundred guards clad in black battle armors appeared in front of the five.

Feeling the terrifying aura from these hundred guards, Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

Are these guards all high-level Emperor Realm experts All of them were high-level Emperor Realm experts!

“These are puppet Netherguards, the old master had refined in the past, and all of them are high-level Emperor Realm experts.

The old master left them here to guard the City of Eternity, only the person who has refined the Netherworld Kings Jade and possesses the Netherworld Kings Jade can enter the City of Eternity.” Tai Yue explained.

In other words, even the four of them could not enter.

Only Huang Xiaolong.

A while later, Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Tai Yue, and Wan Yutian watched as Huang Xiaolong flew into the City of Eternity with the puppet Netherguards.

“Master should be able to obtain the old masters inheritance successfully, right” Demon King Fan Hui asked the others while watching Huang Xiaolong fly away with the puppet Netherguards.

“Hard to say.

The old master had once said, even a king of supreme godhead genius needs at least Heavenly Monarch Realm cultivation to obtain the inheritances power, then again, masters talent is unparalleled, even though hes only a Ninth Order God King Realm now, he probably could get the old masters inheritance power.” Asura King Jin Yuan said.

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