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Looking at Gu Cheng who was screaming in heartache, Wang Sinans expression changed.

“Whats wrong with Zhenger Did something happen to him!”

As the grand elder of the Gu Family, he was naturally able to receive a near instantaneous report from the disciples from the Gu Family.

He yelled in pain, “Zhenger was killed by someone in the Brookspring Plane!”


Gu Cheng yelled again and again.

Gu Zheng was his disciple, his one and only disciple.

The relationship between the two of them was deep, and they took each other as father and son.

When he had accepted Gu Zheng as his disciple, Gu Zheng was barely at the early stages of the Ancient God Realm.

He had watched as Gu Zheng had grown step by step into the person he was today.

He had placed all his hopes on Gu Zheng but he would have never expected Gu Zheng to…

Wang Sinan grabbed the transmission symbol from Gu Cheng and a heartbroken expression appeared on his face.

A wave of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Even though Gu Zheng wasnt his disciple, due to his relationship with Gu Cheng, he had long taken Gu Zheng to be one of his children.

“Jia Yuan deserves to die!” Killing intent filled his eyes and a burst of frost emerged from them.

In the transmission symbol, the members of the Gu Family noted how Jia Yuan was defending Huang Xiaolong from Gu Zheng.

Gu Cheng slowly calmed himself down and the look on his face was gloomy.

He said in a low voice, “The person who killed Zhenger is an Asura Race noble.

According to the disciples report, he is at the late stages of the God King Realm! Moreover, he signed up for the Netherkings test at the Netherworld Kings Organization branch in the Brookspring Plane.”

Wang Sinans eyes flashed with a chilly light, “Late stages of the God King Realm Since I have nothing else to do right now, I shall follow you to the Brookspring Plane!”

Gu Cheng was shocked and he hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

“That will be for the best.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “I heard that this brat is going to take the test tomorrow.

Once he obtains the identity as a Netherking, I wont be able to move as I please.

How about…”

Wang Sinan nodded his head and replied, “Ill pass down my order to Jia Yuan right now to revoke Duweis right to participate in the test!” As soon as he spoke, he retrieved his transmission talisman to send an order to Jia Yuan.

His tone was solemn and he was adamant about refusing to allow Huang Xiaolong to undergo the test to become a Netherking.

He even berated Jia Yuan for protecting Huang Xiaolong.

He even said that he was personally traveling to the Brookspring Plane and he wanted Jia Yuan to atone for his sins by apprehending Huang Xiaolong when he arrived.

He didnt want to allow Gu Zhengs killer to escape once again.

As soon as he arrived at the Brookspring Plane, he was planning to eliminate Huang Xiaolong once and for all.

Despite more than half an hour after he sent his message to Jia Yuan, he received no reply.

Wang Sinans expression sank and his face turned black.

“Good… Very good! Jia Yuan, how dare you defy my order! How dare you ignore my transmission symbol!” Wang Sinan stood up and killing intent filled his body.

“Wait till I arrive at the Brookspring Plane.

I will strike your name off the list of elders in the Netherworld Kings Organization and take care of you!”

“Brother Gu Cheng, get on the flying ship provided by the Netherworld Kings Organization and well head over to the Brookspring Plane right now.”

“Yes!” Gu Cheng nodded his head and left.

Wang Sinan quickly got someone to bring the flying ship over to them and they brought with them the entire army of Netherguards stationed in the city they were in as they left for the Brookspring Plane.

The distance between the plane they were on and the Brookspring Plane wasnt too great and they would be able to arrive in two days.

At that moment, a different scene was playing out in Mongolia City.

In fact, chaos broke out on the entire Brookspring Plane.

The ancestor of the Gu Family Branch, Gu Fei, was killed!

No just Gu Fei… Even an inspector sent by the Gu Familys main branch, Gu Zheng, a Fourth Order God King Realm expert was slain!

The both of them died in Mongolia City!

The news started to spread like wildfire and Mongolia City became the center of attention of the entire Brookspring Plane.

Jia Yuan held onto the transmission symbol sent by Wang Sinan and he frowned.

When he thought about the senior commanders order, the frown slowly disappeared.

After thinking for a little while, he took out his transmission talisman and sent a report to the senior commander himself.

He stated everything that had happened in detail, including Wang Sinans order.

The senior commander received the transmission symbol and sent a reply to Jia Yuan.

When Jia Yuan read the reply, he felt a weight lifted off his chest.

As soon as he left the inner hall, three Netherguards captains appeared before him.

“Whats the situation over at Lord Duweis side” Jia Yuan asked.

Even though he had arranged for two of the captains and ten thousand Netherguards to protect Huang Xiaolong, he couldnt relax.

“Replying to Lord Jia Yuan, everything is fine over at Lord Duweis side.” One of the captains replied.

Jia Yuan nodded and heaved a sigh of relief, “Thats good.”

However, one of the captains grew curious and he asked, “Lord Jia Yuan, what is Lord Duweis identity”

A frosty light flashed through his eyes and he muttered, “Youre not qualified to ask about Lord Duweis matters.”

Their hearts shook and they quickly lowered their heads to apologize.

When all of this was happening, the person who had caused all of it, Huang Xiaolong, was studying the Tianwu Array Records in his residence as he casually waited for the test the next day.

He didnt object to the protection of the ten thousand Netherguards arranged by Jia Yuan.

However, Huang Xiaolong felt a little suspicious of Jia Yuans actions.

But since Jia Yuan was unwilling to tell him anything, he couldnt be bothered to ask.

As the darkness shrouding Mongolia City started to fade, the day turned a little brighter.

Huang Xiaolong emerged from his residence and he saw Jia Yuan waiting for him outside.

“Lord Duwei.” The moment he saw Huang Xiaolong, Jia Yuan stepped forward to greet him respectfully.

With Jia Yuan leading the way, Huang Xiaolong made his way into one of the side halls of the Netherworld Kings Organization branch.

After receiving Huang Xiaolongs explicit agreement, Jia Yuan activated the formation in the hall and a burst of light blinded them.

The heavens seemed to spin and when they opened their eyes, the two of them appeared in a boundless space.

The space in Hell was different from that of the Divine world.

The space in hell was cold and there was a trace of darkness hidden within it.

There was also a thin blood-red fog everywhere around them.

Jia Yuan pointed towards the massive plane beneath them and explained respectfully, “Lord Duwei, this is the plane used for the test.

The test will go on for one full month and as long as you manage to kill three thousand Ninth Order God King Realm hell beasts, you will be able to pass.

However, there are some hell beasts that are at the Tenth Order God King Realm located in parts of the plane and there are even some at the peak of the late-Tenth Order God King Realm.

Lord Duwei, please be careful.”

Huang Xiaolongs question came out of the blue.

“How many hell beasts are there in the plane”

Jia Yuan hesitated for a moment before replying, “I have no idea how many hell beasts are inside there, but there should be ten million of them… If Im not wrong.”

“If I kill all the hell beasts located in the plane, I wouldnt be flouting the rules right”

Jia Yuan stared at him in shock but broke into laughter the next moment.

“Lord Duwei must be joking.

If you kill all the hell beasts in the plane, not only will you not be breaking the rules, you will even be heavily rewarded by the organization itself! Of course, the organization will reward every single participant who does well in the test.”

Of course Jia Yuan wouldnt believe that Huang Xiaolong would be able to kill ten million hell beasts in the plane.

He was merely a six star Netherking if he passed the test.

All the hell beasts located in the plane were in the later stages of the God King Realm.

With the weakest of the beasts being at the Seventh Order God King Realm, Jia Yuan estimated that Huang Xiaolong would kill fifty to sixty thousand of them in a month.

One had to know that the highest record set by someone taking the test to be a six star Netherking was killing twenty thousand beasts in a month.

If Huang Xiaolong could kill fifty to sixty thousand hell beasts, it would be an extremely shocking feat.

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