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When Huang Xiaolong stood still at the center of the formation array, the other side activated the array.

The arrays symbols came to life, flickering brightly as a black pillar of light enveloped Huang Xiaolong.

Enveloped by this pillar of black light, Huang Xiaolong felt as if all his secrets were being read.

Huang Xiaolong had studied a little bit about this array— it was one of Hells grand array formations from the desolate era.

Standing in this formation array, even an Emperor Realm expert wouldnt be able to hide their cultivation realm.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother to conceal or suppress his strength.

In a split second, a line of words appeared above the array.

“Bone-age, below one thousand years!”

The Netherworld King\'s Organisations Branch Supervisor stared dazedly at the line of words in the air—be-below, o-one thousand! This, whats going on The formation array cannot be mistaken, then, the only explanation was, this Asura nobilitys bone-age was really below one thousand

In the next moment, the branch supervisors face sank and he deactivated the array.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with hostility and demanded sternly, “You really came here for the Netherworld King\'s Organisations assessment”

“Taking the Netherworld King\'s Organisations assessment requires a minimum of Ancient God Realm and above.

Your bone-age is below one thousand years… No matter how diligent you\'ve been cultivating, its impossible to have advanced to Ancient God Realm in this amount of time, right”

Hence, in his opinion, Huang Xiaolong had come to fool around.

“Yes.” Huang Xiaolong realized what the branch supervisor was thinking from the branch supervisors expression, thus stated calmly, “Continue with the assessment.”

The Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisors brows were scrunched together as he stressed, “If you leave now, this matter ends here, if you insist to continue but do not have the strength of an Ancient God Realm, our Netherworld King\'s Organisation will imprison you for ten thousand years as penalty!”

“Continue.” Huang Xiaolong ordered indifferently.

“Fine.” The branch supervisor answered after a brief pause.

There was a gleam of coldness in his eyes.

Even though he wasnt worried that Huang Xiaolong had come to fool around at the Netherworld King\'s Organisation, he didnt care what or who Huang Xiaolong really was; if the assessment result showed that Huang Xiaolong did not have the strength of an Ancient God Realm, he would not hesitate at all to contain Huang Xiaolong.

The branch supervisor reactivated the assessment array.

Darkness enveloped Huang Xiaolong once more as the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisor watched on coldly.

Lights flickered above the array as a row of words appeared.

“Cultivation: early Ninth Order God King Realm!”


The Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisors eyes involuntarily widened with obvious disbelief as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

God, God King Realm! Early Ninth Order God King Realm!

This! Whats, whats going on!

His mind buzzed, standing frozen on the spot.

Time halted there and then.

“There is one more test, continue.” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently to the dumbfounded branch supervisor.

The Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisor snapped to his senses.

He was trembling in excitement, even his tongue was stiff when he spoke, “Yes!” Both of his hands were shaking stiffly as he continued to control the array.

The last part of the assessment determines the rank of godhead.

Soon, the result of Huang Xiaolongs godhead assessment appeared above.

“Godhead: above supreme rank, hidden!”

Abo-above supreme rank!

A shiver ran down the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisors body, and his breathing became heavy.

In the meantime, the black light pillar enveloping Huang Xiaolong gradually dispersed, and Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the array area.

“According to the Netherworld King\'s Organisations regulations, the assessees results would be kept secret, am I right” Huang Xiaolong subtly reminded the branch supervisor.

The Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisor came to his senses and hurried to reply, “Rest assured, my Lord, the Netherworld King\'s Organisation will not breathe a word regarding your assessment results.” He was extremely respectful, contrary to his earlier attitude.

If it was an emperor rank godhead Ninth Order God King Realm expert, the branch supervisor would not have shown so much respect, even if the person was a Heavenly Monarch, he wont be so respectful, however, Huang Xiaolongs godhead was above supreme rank!

Above supreme rank! And further details were actually hidden!

Generally, the array would not hide results for supreme rank godheads, only godheads in the top ten rankings would be concealed by the array!

That means…!

The more the branch supervisor thought about it, the more terrified he was.

Getting the guarantee he wanted, Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

He felt at ease taking the Netherworld King\'s Organisations assessment just because he had learned that the Netherworld King\'s Organisation would not leak the assessment results.

Huang Xiaolong walked out from the inner hall with the branch supervisor following half a step behind him.

“Whats your name” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“My Lord, my name is Jia Yuan.” The branch supervisor answered.

When they reached the side hall outside, the branch supervisor Jia Yuan asked for Huang Xiaolongs name, then branded the name onto a token and handed it to Huang Xiaolong.

“Lord Duwei, this is the assessments token.

Five days later, please come here with this token, I will bring Lord to the assessments world surface.” The branch supervisor Jia Yuan explained.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

In Hell, of course he could not use his original nameHuang Xiaolong anymore, so he simply used the pseudonymDu Wei.

For the next few decades in the Asura World, Duwei would be his name.

Huang Xiaolong accepted the token and did not linger around.

He left the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch almost immediately.

The branch supervisor Jia Yuan respectfully sent Huang Xiaolong to the door and watched Huang Xiaolong leave before going back inside.

Those who came to the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch to receive or hand in their tasks were shocked stumbling upon this sight.

They secretly wondered about Huang Xiaolongs identity amongst themselves.

With Jia Yuans status as a Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch supervisor, all the Ancestor generation characters were courteous towards Jia Yuan.

No one had ever seen Jia Yuan being respectful to anyone like today.

By the time Huang Xiaolong left the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch, his two subordinates had already bought a residence.

After regrouping with them, Huang Xiaolong headed to the newly bought residence.

Back at the Netherworld King\'s Organisations branch, Jia Yuan was still trying to suppress his shock as he entered the inner hall.

A while later, he took out his communication talisman and drafted a report about Duweis assessment results to his superior.

Although he would not leak a word outside about the assessment results, he could report the matter to the higher echelons.

At this time, at a place far, far away from the Brookspring Plane, inside a concealed, mysterious space were four giant looming figures.

These four giant looming figures exuded a palpitating pressure.

Though the pressure coming from each of them was weaker than the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong, it was definitely stronger than the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Emperor Mo Xiao!

All these four people were peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts!

However, the atmosphere around the four people was a little dispirited.

“I heard that guy Lu Kun has been moving very close to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.” The brawniest middle-aged man of the four spoke first.

His voice rumbled like thunder, echoing in the space.

His height towers a thousand zhang and there were lines of ancient symbols running across his body.

These ancient symbols looked like his blood vessels, running all over his body.

This middle-aged mans true body was Hells Desolate Giant.

Hells Desolate Giant was one of Hells rarer races during the desolate era, but the Desolate Giant was also the strongest race at that time.

“Before Master left, he had the four of us take care of the Netherworld King\'s Organisation.

He had also dictated that if anyone appeared with his Netherworld Kings Jade and could obtain his heritage, then that person would be our new master.

We are to help him take care of Hell\'s three worlds, but so many years have passed, not a shadow of our new master could be found!” Another giant figure that physically resembled a golden lion said in a gruff voice.

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