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After familiarising himself with the Black Dragon Throne, he then started getting used to the Black Dragon Divine Armor and the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle.

Huang Xiaolong infused his godforce into the Black Dragon Divine Armor and turned it into several hundred fragments that spinned continuously around his body like knives.

As he passed through the area, everything in his way was turned into dust.

There was nothing the Black Dragon Divine Armor couldnt do.

After transforming it back into the plaques, he could use the armor to slay his enemies!

The Black Dragon Divine Armor was divine indeed.

It could be used to protect himself and attack his enemies at the same time.

After witnessing the might of the Black Dragon Divine Armor, Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in content.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the dark energy the plaques released would be able to corrode his enemys body! It was extremely overbearing to say the least!

After staying at the ruins of the Black Dragon Clan for a few more days and familiarizing himself with the Black Dragon Divine Armor and Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, Huang Xiaolong finally decided to head over to Hell.

“Hell!” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself and the light in his eyes flickered.

As he had learned the Asura Tactics, he was able to summon the gates of Hell and enter directly through it.

Otherwise, it would take him nearly forever to travel there, even with the assistance of the Black Dragon Throne.

Originally, he had planned to investigate the Barbarian Space but he felt that something like that would take too long.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong decided to do that after the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

After all, there were only seventy more years before the start of the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

He had to find the inheritance of the king of hell before then! Not to mention that he had to refine the chaos lightning pool left for him.

Huang Xiaolong immediately sat down and revolved his Asura Tactics.

Since this was his first time using the Asura Tactics since he had arrived in the Divine World, he realized that there was something different with it.

When he revolved the Asura Tactics in the Divine World, he felt a mysterious dark energy seeping out of the void.

It surrounded his body and a strange feeling overwhelmed him.

Previously, he had not been able to sense the dark energy coming from Hell.

However, he had grown since then.

After revolving the Asura Tactics, a dark gate slowly emerged and Huang Xiaolongs eyes flashed with joy.

In the lower realm, he had used the gate to enter Hell.

However, he was so weak that even breathing had become difficult.

I wonder how I would fare in Hell now

Huang Xiaolong took a step forward and walked into the gate.

After his figure entered the gate completely, it closed.

The sky spun around him and Huang Xiaolong felt a falling sensation.

When he landed, he realized that he was in the middle of a black desert.

A burst of cold and dark energy enveloped him.

Looking all around, Huang Xiaolong had no doubt that he had entered Hell.

After some consideration, he decided to activate the Asura bloodline in his body.

His whole body started to transform and he turned into an asura before long.

It went without saying that he wasnt able to move about in his human form.

If members of the other races found out, he would be chased to the ends of hell.

After turning into an asura, Huang Xiaolong adjusted his strength internally before flying up into the space above.

Back when he had first entered Hell, he was faced with severe restrictions and moving about had posed to be a difficult task.

Right now, he had finally gained the ability to move through Hell effortlessly.

He was even able to fly as he wished.

The first thing Huang Xiaolong had to do was to confirm his location.

When he was finally done, he would be able to scout out the area around him.

The inheritance of the king of hell was located in Hell Asura World on the Mohe plane.

Huang Xiaolong continued flying as the black desert slowly faded from view.

Not long after, a city gradually appeared in Huang Xiaolongs sights.

The city was roughly the same size as the ones on the Green Cloud Island when he had first ascended to the Divine World.

Huang Xiaolong urged himself to fly even faster when he saw the city and he soon arrived before the city gate.

Even though the city wasnt too big, there was an endless stream of travellers lining up at the entrance.

Most of them were covered in faint scales and had dark green, long, pointy eyes.

Their arms were thick and all of them boasted a height of more than two meters.

They belonged to the most commonly seen race in Hell, the Devils!

In the Hell Asura World, despite the presence of thousands of races, members of the Devil Race and the Asura Race were the most common.

The Devil Race and Asura Race accounted for more than eighty percent of the population in the Hell Asura World!

The remaining races only accounted for less than twenty percent.

Thus, the Devil Race and Asura Race naturally dominated the Hell Asura World.

However, even within the Devil Race and Asura Race, they separated themselves based on the bloodline flowing through their veins.

It went without saying that the ones with the strongest bloodlines were considered royalty while those with slightly weaker bloodlines were considered nobles.

Lords came after that and the majority of the population was considered commoners.

Because of the difference in bloodlines, all of their appearances differed somewhat.

For example, the disguise that Huang Xiaolong used had two small black horns on his forehead, It was the symbol of nobility in the Asura Race.

The lords and commoners of the race didnt possess horns on their forehead and the royal clan members had two purple horns.

The second Huang Xiaolong entered the crowd, everyones gazes turned to him.

The members of the Devil, Asura, and the other races parted respectfully.

Even the city guards greeted him respectfully before allowing him to enter the city without paying the entrance fee.

After Huang Xiaolong entered the city, he discovered that it was extremely prosperous.

Not only was there a heavy traffic of people entering and leaving the city, the streets were also surrounded by restaurants and shops.

Lords with identity and status were even riding Hell Beasts as mount.

Most of these Hell Beasts looked extremely vicious and the most common beast seen was the Three-headed Dog.

Looking at this bustling and prosperous city, Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of shock in his heart.

After all, his impression of hell was pretty bad.

In Huang Xiaolongs opinion, there was only massacre and violence in Hell.

Just when he thought that he had gotten it wrong, a miserable shriek pierced through the air.

An asura race member had a whip in his hand and he swung it around wantonly.

Despite him hurting everyone in his surroundings, none of them dared to dodge.

Instead, they allowed him to hit them as he pleased.

Looking at the two black horns on his forehead, he was probably a noble.

Huang Xiaolong could feel that he was in the late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm.

As he continued to examine the person swinging his whip, Huang Xiaolong noticed a group of guards following closely behind him.

“Young Master Gu Chengfengs whipping technique is getting better and better.” One of the guards congratulated him happily.

Gu Chengfeng smirked, “Ive been stuck at home for the past few days in secluded cultivation.

Now that Im out, I want to test out my Extermination Whip Art on these people.” He infused his godforce into the whip and lashed it out again.

One of his victims exploded into a rain of blood in the air.

“Young Master Gu Chengfengs whipping technique is superb!”

The guards praised one after another.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

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