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Chapter 150: Ice Silkworm Delusion Palm

Huang Xiaolong stood nonchalantly on his side while Rongguang and Liu Meijun were observing each other warily as battle qi fluctuations surged on the battle stage.

Originally, the strongest of the Third Year students was First Class’s Liu Meijun, a peak late-Tenth Order warrior, followed by Rongguang, a late-Tenth Order warrior.

However, this year a certain Huang Xiaolong came out of nowhere.

The most unpredictable dark horse of the year!

An atrocious dark horse.

With the crowd’s attention on the three people on the battle stage, suddenly, dazzling lights from Rongguang and Liu Meijun’s erupted almost simultaneously as both began calling out their martial spirits.

Rongguang’s martial spirit was an Angle-Horned Ox.

The ox’s body was completely white with onyx eyes, but this Angle-Horned Oxen was extremely corpulent.

It was stout with a pudgy body that was nearly round in shape.

It was obviously fat everywhere the eyes could see−quite similar to Rongguang himself, giving one an incongruous feeling seeing this.

And Liu Meijun’s martial spirit was an ice silkworm!

It looked soft, and this ice silkworm emanated an icy blue glow.

The moment it appeared, the temperature in the entire Holy Temple dropped drastically.

This was Delusion Ice Silkworm!

The name sounded beautiful, but it was a martial spirit that made people turn pale.

Earlier, the Third Year Third Class’s Huang Wen also had an ice element martial spirit, White Ice.

But compared to Liu Meijun’s Delusion Ice Silkworm martial spirit, Huang Wen’s was worse by a large gap.

Fatty Rongguang and Liu Meijun instantly soul transformed the moment they called out their respective martial spirits.

After his soul transformation, Fatty Rongguang’s body nearly doubled in size as layers of fat bulged out in white, shining glory.

An angled horn that was similar to his Angle-Horned Ox martial spirit’s, sprouted on his forehead.

There seemed to be a layer of sparkling ice around Liu Meijun after she soul transformed, and icy blue lights shimmered to make her look even more beautiful and even more cold.

Watching their quick actions, Huang Xiaolong was insouciant as he said, “Both of you attack together!”

Both Fatty Rongguang and Liu Meijun were confounded with Huang Xiaolong’s sudden remark.

Attack together

The fatty and beauty exchanged a look.

In fact, before going up onto the stage, both had the idea of ousting Huang Xiaolong first, for Fatty Rongguang and Liu Meijun had a certain understanding towards the other’s strength, but this Huang Xiaolong was too mysterious and unpredictable.

Neither of them knew the extent of Huang Xiaolong’s true strength.

In their mutual opinion, Huang Xiaolong was the biggest risk factor of all.

First, deal with Huang Xiaolong!

Glancing at each other, both of them simultaneously dashed towards Huang Xiaolong to attack.

Below the stage, Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai’s faces tightened with nervousness watching this scene.

And some distance away, Zhou Teng revealed a cold smirk watching the scene on the stage unfold.

Even he needed to be wary and careful when facing a combined attack from Rongguang and Liu Meijun.

He looked forward to see how Huang Xiaolong would deal with their attacks.

Under the crowd’s watchful eyes, Rongguang and Liu Meijun’s attacks reached Huang Xiaolong.

Rongguang displayed a fist type battle skill whereas Liu Meijun was using a sword skill.

The fist was shrouded in a white glow and the sword shot out spheres of sword rays that exuded a chilly energy.

Just as the attacks reached him, Huang Xiaolong moved.

Both of his hands formed into fists, and battle qi surged as he punched out, colliding with the two of them in the most direct manner.

Bang! Dang!

Two distinctive sounds of collision were heard, and both Rongguang and Liu Meijun exclaimed in shock as their bodies staggered backward awkwardly until the edge of the stage.

Liu Meijun fared slightly better than Fatty Rongguang, he wobbled unsteadily at the edge, and his face already turned white.

It was clear the impact from Huang Xiaolong’s simple punch had injured him.

Waves of shocked gasps filled the Holy Hall as the crowd witnessed a simultaneous attack by Rongguang and Liu Meijun.

Not only did it not harm Huang Xiaolong, both of them were pushed back effortlessly.

Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai breathed out in relief.

Chen Caixiu’s tensed expression also relaxed.

Needless to say, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu danced with joy seeing how strong Huang Xiaolong had become.

Zhou Teng’s face darkened gloomily, and a strong killing intent flitted in his eyes.

Ignoring the crowd’s reaction, Huang Xiaolong looked at his two opponents, “Use your most powerful attack.”

Most powerful attack!

It was hard to conceal the shock in Rongguang and Liu Meijun’s eyes.

Their joint attack was easily deflected by Huang Xiaolong! Not to mention Huang Xiaolong not even soul transforming, he had yet to use his martial spirit ability, or a battle skill for that matter.

Neither of them uttered a word.

Then, a coruscating white light burst out from Rongguang’s body like a violent volcano eruption.

As the white light grew more intense, a streak of blue lightning emerged on Rongguang’s body.

Although this lightning wasn’t thick, the energy radiating from it was so terrifying that students who stood close to the stage immediately retreated in panic.

At the same time, ice blue light glittered around Liu Meijun that condensed into blooms of snowflakes!

An energy more apprehensive than Fatty Rongguang’s lightning streak continued to condense and build up around Liu Meijun.

Expressions below the stage became somber.

The commotion earlier came to an abrupt halt, and the big hall fell into a thick silence.

Even the sound of a falling needle could be heard.

Everyone was aware, the next attack would be Fatty Rongguang and Ice Beauty Liu Meijun’s most powerful attack combined with their martial spirit’s ability.

A joint attack of these two people going all out… could Huang Xiaolong take them on

Sensing the energy building up around his opponents, Huang Xiaolong gave an appreciative nod inwardly.

These two’s strength was indeed commendable if they went against another opponent of the same level.

There was probably no one that could take their joint attack head-on.

Unfortunately, they met him.

Instead of calling out his martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong called out the Blades of Asura.

Black strands of energy emerged, swirling around his physique as the aura of slaughter coming from Huang Xiaolong grew heavier.

His eyes turned scarlet and wings the color of ebony spread out from his back.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong initiated the Golden Linglong Body, crystallized golden sparkles glimmered on the surface of his skin.

“Angle-horn Lightning!”

“Ice Silkworm Delusion Palm!”

At this point, Fatty Rongguang and Ice Beauty Liu Meijun’s voice resounded on the stage as their attack shot out towards Huang Xiaolong.

Jagged streaks of lightning shot out from the angle horn on Fatty Rongguang’s forehead, splitting through space.

Glaring white-colored energy burned across the stage like raging waves at Huang Xiaolong.

A palm struck out from Ice Beauty Liu Meijun at the same time she cried out.

The palm pierced through space, bringing a rainbow of icy blue glow flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

When this icy blue glow shot across the air, the airflow around it seemed to fall into deep slumber as if in a world of blue ice.

Huang Xiaolong remained calm even as he saw this, everyone saw him raise both his hands and sent hit palms out.

“God Binding Palm!”

Huang Xiaolong’s voice echoed from the stage.

The crowd saw two golden shadows of a palm that looked like a golden ring spinning towards Rongguang and Liu Meijun.

Wherever they passed, Rongguang and Liu Meijun’s attack were actually suspended in the air.

Yes, both of their strongest attacks halted strangely in the air.


Watching this magical scene, on the main platform, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu jumped up from their seats in synchronization, ‘beyond belief’ was written all over their faces.

The rest in the Holy Hall were speechless.



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