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Everyone in the hall couldnt react for a while upon hearing Wang Yongsens claim that he had not shown his true strength as of yet.

How strong was Wang Yongsen for real! Wasnt this a little too scary!

Huang Xiaolongs talent was undoubtedly shocking, however, Wang Yongsen was just as monstrous, and made others praise him with admiration.

While others were still dazed, a white light flashed within Wang Yongsens body, and a figure looking exactly the same as Wang Yongsen flew out.

The other Wang Yongsen was clad in a white battle armor, with an obvious light element godforce running across the surface of his body.


The word appeared almost simultaneously in everyones mind.

Thats right, the white figure Wang Yongsen had summoned out from his body was his avatar!

Moreover, it was an avatar with a supreme godhead!

Not to mention, the momentum coming from Wang Yongsens avatar was almost as strong as his main body! Moreover, it felt like the avatar was slightly stronger than Wang Yongsen himself!

Even more shocking was that Wang Yongsens supreme godhead avatar had a conflicting godforce from the main body.

Huang Xiaolong too was caught off guard watching Wang Yongsen summon his avatar out of his body and sensing the avatars powerful momentum.

In general, an avatars strength could hardly surpass the main bodys cultivation, yet Wang Yongsens avatar was stronger than Wang Yongsen himself.

This completely subverted their knowledge.

Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, and Bei Xiaomeis hearts hung heavy.

Wang Yongsen alone was stronger than they had expected, and now, coupled with his avatar he was even more powerful; could Huang Xiaolong defeat the two of them

Therefore, even though Huang Xiaolong had a king of supreme godhead, and a True Dragon Physique that could evolve, there was a big gap in cultivation realm between the two of them.

Currently, Huang Xiaolong was merely a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, whereas Wang Yongsen was already an early Second Order God King Realm.

“How about now Huang Xiaolong, my supreme godhead avatar is not bad right” Wang Yongsens avatar said, flashing Huang Xiaolong a big grin.

“This avatars body has reached the peak of early Second Order God King Realm cultivation.

On top of that, he has a brightness element supreme godhead which is the opposite of my main bodys supreme godheads element.

To make it more interesting,our two godforces do not contradict each other, and the combination of darkness and light makes my main bodys attack even more powerful!”

Immediately, light element godforce surged out from Wang Yongsens avatar and merged with Wang Yongsens own darkness element godforce, raising Wang Yongsens strength.

Light element godforce gurgled from Wang Yongsens body like a great sun, exuding endless light energy.

As light energy intensified, Wang Yongsens avatars body began to change as a layer of white-colored scales covered all over his body.

On top of that, six large wings grew out from his back!

“The World of Lights Bright Angels Body!” Fang Gan exclaimed.

The other Emperor Palaces masters gasped in shock when they recognized the change in Wang Yongsens avatar.

Although the World of Light was not part of the big five Worlds, such as the Divine World, Buddha World, Demonic World, Devil World, and Hell; it was not that far behind from them.

The World of Lights Lord of Light was also a peerless master.

And this Bright Angels Body was the Lord of Lights supreme technique.

There were bright angels with two, four, six, eight, ten, and twelve wings, and the Lord of Light had cultivated the Bright Angels Body until the twelve wings level.

Wang Yongsens avatars Bright Angels Body had reached six wings just at Second Order God King Realm, which was an astounding achievement.

“Thats right, the Lord of Lights Bright Angels Body coincidentally is the perfect match with my Blood-eyed Devils Body. Wang Yongsen chuckled at Huang Xiaolong as he went on, Huang Xiaolong, my power combined with my avatars is not as simple as just twice as strong, but far stronger.

Do you still think that you can defeat me

Both Wang Yongsen and his avatar strode towards Huang Xiaolong.

The radius of two different supreme godforces expanded with Wang Yongsen and his avatars each step—the Blood-eyed Devil Body and Bright Angels Body, goodness and bad, darkness and light.

The space around them became distorted from the pressure.

The present Emperor Palaces masters swiftly reacted, erecting godforce barriers to protect the disciples from their own forces.

Experiencing the overwhelming pressure coming from Wang Yongsen and his avatar, the various Emperor Palaces masters sighed inwardly.

Is Huang Xiaolong bound to lose in the end

Wang Yongsen and his avatars momentum had completely suppressed Huang Xiaolong.

The spark of joy in Fang Gan and Zhao Leis eyes disappeared, and was replaced by concern and worry.

Exactly at this moment, Wang Yongsen and his avatar each punched out at Huang Xiaolong.

Darkness and light element supreme godforce swirled into a violent tempest, howling in everyones ears.

Even the spectating Emperor Palaces disciples backed far away in fear of being sucked into the tempest.

Upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong was so close to being sucked into the dual element godforce tempest, to be shredded to his death, a dragons roar that was louder than the previous roar, rumbled in everyones ears.

A bright light flickered as Huang Xiaolong transformed into a primordial divine dragon in front of numerous expressions filled with utter disbelief.

It was a blue primordial divine dragon that they had never seen or even heard of!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes were as big as the size of a small lake, as they stared at Wang Yongsen and his avatar.

His two enormous dragon claws in the front reached out and blocked Wang Yongsen and his avatars attacks as Huang Xiaolongs Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead spun to its limit.

Dragon qi roiled out from Huang Xiaolongs dragon claws, transforming into numerous surreal primordial divine dragons as if there was a kingdom of dragons right in front of everyone.


The world shook as the two sides collided.

In the next second, everyone saw that the imposing Wang Yongsen and his avatar were sent flying, just like Huang Xiaolongs second strike had done earlier.

However, this time, Wang Yongsen and his avatar were not smashed onto a stone pillar, but they landed outside the great halls entrance, crashing into the square outside with thunderous booms.

Everyone woodenly raised their heads to look at the primordial divine dragon that Huang Xiaolong had transformed into.

Whether Wang Yongsen and his avatar were still alive or not was completely ignored by everyone, as they remained sprawled outside.

Shock intermingled with dread within some Emperor Palaces disciples eyes as they looked at Huang Xiaolong in his current form; even those Third Order God King Realm masters felt an overwhelming pressure bearing down on them from him.

“Bl-blue pri-primordial divin-e dragon!” Fang Gan stammered.

He and Zhao Lei were looking with dazed eyes at Huang Xiaolongs dragon form.

Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong had similar reactions.

Sun Shihai turned into an agape statue, standing rooted in his spot stupidly.

Then came Bei Xiaomeis enthusiastic shriek, “Uncle, you look so cool!”

Everyone heard her and nearly tumbled to the floor.

So cool

Then again, on second thought Huang Xiaolong who had transformed into a primordial divine dragon did seem cool! Some disciples couldnt help agreeing in their minds.

At this time, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended from above, alarming Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, and the others, bringing them back to their senses.

“Well, coming to the Fortune Emperor Palace this time gave us a really good surprise as I had the luck of seeing a king of supreme godhead genius.

Fine, our Fiend God Emperor Palace admits defeat in this competition, and adheres to our promise.

Fang Gan, here is your daughter!”

As the majestic voice stopped, a crack appeared in the void and a figure plummeted to the ground.

This was the unconscious Fang Xuanxuan.

Upon seeing her, Fang Gan quickly rushed forward and caught his daughter.

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