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What should he take out as a stake Huang Xiaolongs brows creased as he weighed his options.

He had more than a few good things, but some of them couldnt be exposed—the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool for instance, or the Netherworld Kings Jade, or the upper half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

It would be endless troubles if any one of these items were taken out in the broad daylight.

But he didnt have that many top grade-nine spirit stones on him at that moment either.

He could take out some Blue Spectre Springwater, but even though the Blue Spectre Springwater was quite precious, it was worth as much as that low-grade chaos spiritual vein.

Zhao Leis eyes glimmered while pondering about what he could wager on Huang Xiaolongs behalf; he sighed and made a decision.

Just as he was about to take out several chaos grade treasures, he saw a bright light flicker over Huang Xiaolongs body and a cloak appeared hanging down from his shoulders.

The moment the cloak appeared, startling devil qi swept out in all four directions of the great hall, alarming everyone attending the ceremony.

All eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolongs cloak.

The surface of the cloak was densely filled with the Devil Worlds symbols, and right at the center of the cloak was the picture of a giant swinging an axe.

The giants scarlet eyes and the overwhelming devil qi gave the guests a chill down to their bones.

“This, this is—!” Fang Gan stammered.

The, the Yellow Springs Magic Robe! It\'s the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, the Yellow Springs Archdevil\'s battle robe! Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei shrieked as he jumped up from his seat.

Yellow Springs Magic Robe!

The whole hall was in a buzz.

All of them were beyond surprised as they stared at the cloak hanging from Huang Xiaolongs shoulders.

Gradually, the look in their eyes turned feverish with greed and desire.

Wang Yongsen was no exception to this.

Wang Yongsen laughed heartily, carrying a sense of madness.

A while later, he shouted with ecstasy, It\'s actually the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, good, good, my luck is simply too good!

The way he spoke, it sounded like the Yellow Springs Magic Robe was already his!

“Kiddo, your luck is so good ah, youve actually gotten the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.” Fiend God Emperor Palaces Wang Yongsen went on before Huang Xiaolong could squeeze in a word, “Fine, if I lose, the three million Fortune Divine Fruits and that low-grade chaos spiritual vein are yours, and if you lose, I want that Yellow Springs Magic Robe!”

As if afraid Huang Xiaolong would repent and back off from his offer, Wang Yongsen decisively added, “Ill give you three strikes handicap!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly at Wang Yongsens words.

This Yellow Springs Magic Robe is a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact, and even though it is slightly damaged, it\'s value is higher than the combined value of those three million Fortune Divine Fruits and the low-grade chaos spiritual vein, don\'t you agree Huang Xiaolong looked at Wang Yongsen straight in the eye as he stated flatly.

Wang Yongsen blanked but he nodded in agreement after a moment.

He smiled and said, “Fine, Ill add another low-grade chaos spiritual vein!” A soft light glimmered around his hand as he took out another spatial ring.

When he opened the spatial ring, billowing spiritual energy rushed out of it.

Inside, was another low-grade chaos spiritual vein that was roughly the same size as the first chaos spiritual vein.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and stated firmly, “I want three low-grade chaos spiritual veins.” He was going to squeeze this Wang Yongsen for all he was worth.

Wang Yongsen frowned but relented, Fine. He took out another low-grade chaos spiritual vein.

Now, there were three low-grade chaos spiritual veins!

Anyways, in Wang Yongsen\'s mind, Huang Xiaolong was not a match against him at all.

He could easily take Huang Xiaolong\'s life and it wouldnt even make a slightest difference to add another low-grade chaos spiritual vein.

The present Emperor Palaces\' masters saw through Wang Yongsen\'s intentions.

Some couldn\'t help shaking their heads with pity in secret about the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Huang Xiaolong was very satisfied as he looked at the three low-grade chaos spiritual veins and three million Fortune Divine Fruits.

Subsequently, he and Wang Yongsen both pledged according to Heavens law.

After the oath was made, Huang Xiaolong stepped towards Wang Yongsen with a playful smile, “Three strikes handicap”

Wang Yongsen was in a good mood after pledging his oath, as his head was already filled with fantasies about Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

He chuckled good-naturedly and said, “Thats right, Ive said Ill give you three strikes handicap, and for the sake of the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, Ill even spare your life!”

The moment Wang Yongsen finished his words, Huang Xiaolong who was walking towards Wang Yongsen disappeared in a blur.

When Huang Xiaolong reappeared, he was within an arm\'s length from Wang Yongsen.

Huang Xiaolong\'s punch hit Wang Yongsen squarely in the chest.

Though Wang Yongsen was shocked by Huang Xiaolong\'s speed, he didn\'t think too much about Huang Xiaolong\'s attack.

In fact, he didn\'t even bother to employ his Darkness Domain Devil Art to defend himself, allowing Huang Xiaolong\'s attack to fall on him unimpeded.

An early Second Order God King Realm master\'s attack has also felt like nothing more than a tickle on his body, then what was there to worry about a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm brat\'s attack


When Huang Xiaolongs fist landed, Wang Yongsen\'s smirking face froze as a great impact struck his chest, penetrating into his Darkness Domain Devil Physique.

An indescribable pain emerged from his chest.

Wang Yongsen grunted loudly as he retreated one step… two steps… and a third step!

Wang Yongsen staggered back over a dozen steps before regaining his balance.

Then, puff! He vomited a mouthful of blood over the floor.

The entire great hall shook.

The redness from that mouthful of blood looked so glaring and blinding!


Exclamations sounded from various corners of the great hall, and among these were also the voices belonging to Sun Shihai, Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong.

Bei Xiaomei covered her mouth with her hand in astonishment, but her disbelief filled eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“You!” Wang Yongsen finally took a real look at Huang Xiaolong, and his mouth opened and closed but no further words came out.

Blood once again gushed up his throat, and flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Compared to the others in the hall, Wang Yongsens disbelief was the greatest as he stared at the splatters of blood he had vomited.

Did he really vomit blood just now He was injured, wasnt he Injured by a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm punk!

In truth, that punch from Huang Xiaolong was purely his True Dragon Physiques flesh power, and he had not used even a shred of his supreme godheads godforce.

Otherwise, that punch was enough to give Wang Yongsen heavy injuries.

Then again, it was enough to make Wang Yongsen suffer some pain.

“This, how is this possible!” Sun Shihai muttered under his breath.

Even though Wang Yongsen had not used his Darkness Domain Devil Art just then, Huang Xiaolong had successfully injured Wang Yongsen! Was Huang Xiaolong stronger than him Stronger than him, a supreme godhead genius

Sun Shihai could not and would not accept this result.

Sun Shihai couldnt, Zhou Chen, Fang Gan, and the others were also the same.

Zhou Chen had a complicated expression on his face.

More than disbelief, Fang Gan and Zhao Lei were more delighted by the result, and unknowingly, Zhao Lei actually started laughing.

Whilst others looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock, Huang Xiaolong was watching Wang Yongsen indifferently.

“There are two more strikes, theres still time to repent.”

Wang Yongsen suddenly laughed.

His laughter grew increasingly louder as he fixed a deathly stare on Huang Xiaolong.

“I hadnt anticipated that there would be a freak of a genius like you in the Fortune Emperor Palace! Despite your cultivation realm, youre actually stronger than an early Second Order God King Realm! The physique you have should be the fourth ranking True Dragon Physique, right However, your True Dragon Physique is several hundred times stronger than the legendary True Dragon Physique!”

Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao looked at Huang Xiaolong, more precisely.

His body, its a True Dragon Physique!Several hundred times stronger than the legendary True Dragon Physique!

There were rainbow and stars in Bei Xiaomeis eyes as she watched Huang Xiaolong.

“Youre right, mine is a variant True Dragon Physique that can evolve continuously.” Huang Xiaolong nodded as he frankly admitted.

He wasnt afraid to admit this point, as a lot of people in the Fortune Emperor Palace already knew about this.

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