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Even a Crimson Flames Emperor Palace\'s mid-Second Order God King Realm disciple Xie Ming who possessed the Golden Crystal Divine Fire was defeated! A miserable defeat like Sun Shihai! A thoroughly ugly defeat!

The shock in everyone\'s heart in that moment was indescribable.

How strong exactly was this Fiend God Emperor Palace\'s Wang Yongsen!!

The small hope that had lit up in Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the others\' hearts fizzled out.

It had been a long time since their expressions had been so ugly as it did at that moment.

Even the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace\'s Xie Ming was no match against Wang Yongsen, then which Emperor Palace\'s disciple attending this ceremony could say he was

Despite his current foul mood, Fang Gan acted swiftly as he reached the Crimson Flames Emperor Palaces Xie Mings side.

He circulated his godforce to stop Xie Mings bleeding and fed him a healing pellet.

Xie Ming was a disciple of Crimson Flames Emperor Palace, and if he died in the Fortune Emperor Palace, even if he was killed by the Fiend God Emperor Palace, the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace would be extremely dissatisfied with the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Therefore, Fang Gan couldnt let Xie Ming die there.

Fortunately, Wang Yongsen still had some apprehension towards the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace, therefore he had held back.

Xie Mings injuries were heavy but he would live.

After Fang Gans timely healing, the Crimson Flames Emperor Palaces Xie Ming regained consciousness.

Fiend God Emperor Palaces Wang Yongsen sneered as he looked at Xie Ming, and the corners of his lips curved up in a mocking smile.

“You can be considered as okay, since you were able to take a strike from me.

You are only a little bit stronger than that Fortune Emperor Palaces rubbish; pity though, youre also rubbish in my eyes.”

Xie Ming managed to stand up and his face was distorted in fury at Wang Yongsens words, but he had no words to retort.

He hadnt expected Wang Yongsen to be so much stronger than him, even his Golden Crystal Divine Fire had no suppressive effect on Wang Yongsens Darkness Domain Devil Art.

Xie Ming silently returned to his seat.

With that, everyones attention fell on the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Wang Yongsen once more.

Wang Yongsen stood straight and proud.

His gaze swept over the hall once more, repeating what he had said earlier, “Any other Emperor Palaces newly recruited disciples want to challenge me”

A full two minutes passed, but no one made a sound.

Sitting where he was, Huang Xiaolong was having an internal struggle with himself.

Although this Fiend God Emperor Palaces Wang Yongsen was strong, Huang Xiaolong was confident that he could defeat him.

The question was, if he defeated Wang Yongsen, wouldnt that be the same as exposing his supreme godhead to the world

To fight

Or not to fight

It goes without saying if he got involved, the Fiend God Emperor Palace would target him in the future!

And it was not a good thing to be targeted by the Fiend God Emperor Palace at his current level of strength.

While Huang Xiaolong was having an internal debate, Wang Yongsen turned and flashed Fang Gan a radiant smile as he said, “Emperor Fang Gan, since it doesnt seem like there would be any more challengers, can you give me those three million Fortune Divine Fruits now”

Fang Gan hesitated, but he nodded his head in the end.

He flicked a spatial ring containing three million Fortune Divine Fruits to Wang Yongsen.

Wang Yongsen caught the spatial ring and opened it to check its contents.

The moment he opened the spatial ring, startling rich fortune energy filled the great hall.

All of the guests eyes lit up, and so did the flames of greed.

Wang Yongsen nodded his head, extremely satisfied, “Not bad, exactly three million Fortune Divine Fruits of the highest grade.” With that said, he turned to leave.

“Stop!” Fang Gan bellowed, “Wheres my daughter”

Wang Yongsen smacked his forehead and smiled shyly, “Look at my memory.

If Emperor Fang Gan would not have reminded me, I would have completely forgotten about your daughter!” His tone changed, as if he was negotiating, “Emperor Fang Gan, how about this You give me another three million Fortune Divine Fruits and Ill have your daughter sent back unharmed!”


He wants another three million Fortune Divine Fruits!

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Li Shan, and Zhao Leis faces tightened with fury, especially Fang Gans, and sharp killing intent surged from his body.

Wang Yongsen chuckled as if he could not notice Fang Gans killing intent.

Blase as he wascomforted, seeing this, Wang Yongsen said “Emperor Fang Gan dont get angry ah.

I won the three million Fortune Divine Fruits from the sparring challenge, moreover, isnt your daughter worth three million Fortune Divine Fruits Give me three million Fortune Divine Fruits and Ill have someone send your daughter back unharmed, isnt that reasonable This is a fair trade.”

Fang Gan turned even gloomier.

“Oh right, that three million Fortune Divine Fruits must also be of the highest quality, or the trade is off.” Wang Yongsen added with nonchalance.

“Believe me, do you think Ill not kill you right now” Fang Gan spoke icily.

Wang Yongsen seemed to be enjoying himself as he erupted into laughter.

“Believe, of course I believe you, but, Emperor Fang Gan, if you kill me, your daughter wont live much longer.

On top of that, she would die a much more miserable death than me, a thousand, or even a million times worse.

Your daughter is still a virgin, right Heihei, I believe that the tens of millions of our Fiend God Emperor Palaces brothers desire to experience the taste of dual cultivation with your daughter!”

Tens of millions of Fiend God Emperor Palaces brothers desire to experience the taste of dual cultivation with your daughter!!

How could Fang Gan endure anymore hearing those words! He roared in fury, his momentum turned violent and soared skywards.

Clouds above the Fortune Great Hall roiled as a tempest rose.

Fang Gans struck out his palm, and a horrifying palm force brushed past Wang Yongsens body, rumbling several million li before vanishing!

Other Emperor Palaces masters were inwardly alarmed sensing the destructive force of Fang Gans palm strike, including Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei as well as the six Fiend God Emperor Palaces Emperor Realm masters hidden in the void.

Wang Yongsens robe fluttered loudly as the palm force flew past him.

Despite his calm appearance, Wang Yongsen was inwardly quivering in tears.

Had Emperor Fang Gans palm strike deviated by even a tiny bit, he would have been reduced to meat paste.

A long time later, the rumbling noises from the palm strike died down.

Fang Gans eyes never left Wang Yongsen the whole time.

“The Fortune Emperor Palace only has two million of the highest quality Fortune Divine Fruits left, I can give them to you, but… I want to see my daughter first.”

Wang Yongsen shook his head and replied, “Our Fiend God Emperor wants three million, I cannot make decisions arbitrarily.

So, the price must be three million Fortune Divine Fruits.

I hope Emperor Fang Gan can understand.”

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the others fury rose further, and it was showing on their faces.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong heard Chen Haos enraged comment from the side, “The Fiend God Emperor Palace is simply bullying!”

Then, Wang Yongsens voice rang again, “However, if any present Emperor Palaces disciples can take ten moves from me, I can arrange for your daughter to be sent back safely, and write off those three million Fortune Divine Fruits!”

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the rest of Fortune Emperor Palaces side was disheartened at Wang Yongsens words.

Some inwardly shook their heads.

Even the Crimson Flames Emperor Palaces Xie Ming had barely withstood five strikes from Wang Yongsen, then which other disciples from Emperor Palaces could last ten strikes Wang Yongsens proposal was no different than not saying anything at all.

Fang Gan looked around the hall at the various Emperor Palaces disciples, the plea in his voice was obvious as he said, “Which Emperor Palaces disciple is willing to take up the challenge Any disciple who can take ten strikes from this Wang Yongsen will be heavily repaid by the Fortune Emperor Palace and me personally!” He gritted his teeth and promised, “Our Fortune Emperor Palace would give the remaining two million Fortune Divine Fruits as appreciation.

On top of that, I, Fang Gan, can agree to one request, as long as its within my capability!”

Even though Fang Gan wasnt hopeful, he still made a plea.

The guests were buzzing with astonishment.

It was a rare sight to see Fang Gang being willing to plead so humbly for the sake of his daughter despite his identity as the Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor.

Not many people could do so.

Huang Xiaolong sighed and slowly stood up.

It seemed like it was impossible to not get involved.

Even though Fang Xuanxuan didnt seem to have a good impression of him, at this point, he couldnt watch her die.

If his Master Zhao Lei found out in the future that Huang Xiaolong did nothing to save Fang Xuanxuan despite having the strength, what would he think of him He also knew that Master Zhao Lei doted on Fang Xuanxuan as his (martial) niece.

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