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As Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, Zhou Chen, Zhang Dong and the others continued watching through the mirror jade, Fu Feiyu crashed into the valley below.

A loud boom resounded as the valley area quaked, raising a curtain of dust in the air.

Fu Feiyu covered his mouth with his hand, but blood still continued to spurt out from his mouth.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he wanted to say something, but Huang Xiaolong had crushed his throat with that punch.

In general, a God king Realm master had a strong physical body, so, even if their bones were broken, they would gradually heal fully.

But Fu Feiyu soon discovered that his ruptured throat was not able to heal on its own, as there was a frigid energy circulating in his throat, impeding his recovery.

“You!” He looked at Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes filled with fear and disbelief.

Mustering all his energy, he had merely managed to shout one word.

Peng Xiao who was watching everything from the beginning was slightly overwhelmed.

Moments ago, various versions of endings had flashed through her mind; she had thought that Fu Feiyu and Huang Xiaolong would battle over a hundred moves, after which Huang Xiaolong would realize that he couldnt defeat Fu Feiyu, and then flee.

In another ending that had come to her mind, Huang Xiaolong and Fu Feiyu had fought to a draw; she had even imagined Huang Xiaolong pleading to her to cooperate with her against Fu Feiyu…

But the result in front of her had never crossed her mind.

Similarly to Peng Xiao, Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, Zhou Chen, Zhao Lei, Zhang Dong, and the others watching from the examination hall were equally shocked.

Especially Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and Zhou Chen who had never seen Huang Xiaolong battle before this.

Earlier, when Fang Gan had heard Zhao Leis description where Huang Xiaolong had defeated Liu Qin with only one move, he had thought it was too surreal.

But now—!

After Li Shan regained his composure, he smiled wryly at Zhao Lei and said, “Looks like I should go about preparing that one hundred low-grade chaos spirit stones.”

A while ago, he was still imagining how he should use the lightning dragon stone for Peng Xiao after winning it.

But, if he still couldnt detect if Huang Xiaolong was stronger or Peng Xiao, then he had been an Ancestor of Fortune Emperor Palace for so many years in vain.

Zhao Lei came to his senses and laughed, however, his laughter sounded a little awkward.

Though he had agreed to bet with Li Shan, truthfully, he had not thought that Huang Xiaolong could win against Peng Xiao.

“There must be a secret in this childs body.” Zhou Chen spoke out his opinion loudly.

Fang Gan nodded his head, then said, “In fact, every genius has their own secrets, same with Liu Qin, and Fu Feiyu.

Having secrets is normal.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

In the air above the valley, Huang Xiaolong took a large stride forward and appeared in front of Fu Feiyu.

Fu Feiyu struggled to stand up and backed away from Huang Xiaolong in fear.

However, he was pulled by a force straight into Huang Xiaolongs palm.

Fu Feiyu, a mid-First Order God King Realm, had no power to resist against Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong found Fu Feiyus spatial artifact, and took out all of his Fortune Divine Fruits—here were more than five hundred Fortune Divine Fruits.

In the last half a month, the total number of Huang Xiaolongs Fortune Divine Fruits had broken Sun Shihais record, exceeding the number of one thousand and two hundred.

Now, counting Fu Feiyus five hundred plus Fortune Divine Fruits, Huang Xiaolongs name was shining radiantly like a giant sun on the rankings list.

All of the disciples on the island were astounded when they saw that Huang Xiaolongs Fortune Divine Fruits had shot up to one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six!

One thousand seven hundred and ninety-six!

These disciples sucked in a breath of cold air looking at that number on the rankings list.

These disciples soon noticed that Fu Feiyus name suddenly dimmed and disappeared from the third place and fell to the bottom of the rankings list.

This phenomenon was similar to what had happened to Liu Qin before!

“Why is it like this! How did Senior Brother Fu Feiyus ranking fall to the bottom like Senior Brother Liu Qin How did his Fortune Divine Fruits ended up in Huang Xiaolongs possession!”

“Its not possible for Huang Xiaolong to defeat Senior Brother Fu Feiyu and Senior Brother Liu Qin! Absolutely impossible! How the hell did he manage to cheat!”

Some disciples shook their heads in denial, refusing to believe their eyes.

After collecting Fu Feiyus Fortune Divine Fruits, Huang Xiaolong added a kick to Fu Feiyus body.

Fu Feiyu smashed into the cliff wall behind him and fainted as he plummeted to the ground.

Restricted by the rankings competitions rules, Huang Xiaolong could not abolish Fu Feiyus cultivation, therefore, he had knocked Fu Feiyu unconscious.

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry, as he could pinch these kinds of small flies to death anytime.

He looked over his shoulder at Peng Xiao, then appeared several meters in front of her.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong had suddenly appeared so close to her, Peng Xiao became wary, akin to facing an enemy.

She quickly circulated her supreme godheads godforce and faced Huang Xiaolong with vigilance.

Huang Xiaolong thought for a second then said to Peng Xiao, “Erm, generally, I dont like fighting with girls, but those Fortune Divine Fruits are very important to me, so I hope you can give me your Fortune Divine Fruits.

I dont want all, just six hundred.”

Peng Xiao was not only the Fortune Emperor Palaces Fortune Emperors personal disciple, but she was also a supreme godhead genius.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had decided to behave politely, avoiding a big conflict with her.

But Peng Xiaos face turned green then white with fury.

‘This Huang Xiaolong dares to request six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits! She only had slightly over seven hundred Fortune Divine Fruits to begin with.

Therefore,there was no difference whether Huang Xiaolong requested six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits or all of them!

“Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that you can defeat me” Peng Xiao watched Huang Xiaolong frostily.

Purple rays of light suddenly burst out from her body, rippling outwards, and merged into an elaborate purple-colored barrier—like a divider screen, similar to a peacock fanning its tail.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong did not dare to underestimate Peng Xiaos strength, and circulated his supreme godheads godforce.

“The Purple Phoenixs Barrier, Confine!”

As Peng Xiaos furious voice fell, the purple rays of light intensified behind her.

This purple light integrated seamlessly with the surroundings, segregating them from the outside world.

Huang Xiaolong, as well as their immediate surroundings, had turned purple.

Purple light swayed and glimmered, confusing ones soul.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong noticed that a mysterious force was entering his body through this purple environment, aiming to seal his entire bodys strength.

In a fraction of a second, Huang Xiaolongs hands, legs, and the other parts of his body grew stiff, disabling him to move completely.

When Peng Xiao saw that she had easily confined Huang Xiaolong due to his carelessness, joy shone from her eyes as a smile bloomed over her face.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre now restricted by my Purple Phoenixs Barrier, rendering you unable to use any strength throughout your body.

How are you going to fight with me now” Her cheeks puffed up as she fumed.

“Since you requested six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits from me earlier, I will also be generous with you.

Give me one thousand and six hundred of your Fortune Divine Fruits!”

Since Huang Xiaolong had planned toleave her with a little over a hundred Fortune Divine Fruits earlier, she also needed to reciprocate the same.

It was fair, wasnt it

This sudden turn of events surprised Fang Gan, Li Shan, and the rest.

They had initially thought that Huang Xiaolong would win against Peng Xiao, but now as Huang Xiaolong was easily restrained by Peng Xiao, they exchanged surprised looks among themselves.

In this case, is Huang Xiaolong going to lose

Li Shan chuckled and praised unabashedly, “Good disciple, truly my disciple! After the rankings competition ends, I must reward you well!” Now that he had saved one hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones, Li Shan was in a very good mood, hence, he was being extremely vocal in his praise for Peng Xiao.

Zhao Leis heart soured seeing the proud smile on Li Shans face.

This kid has severely underestimated his enemy!

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