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Fortune Divine Fruit!

The square hummed as the disciples became excited, and a feverish light shone in their eyes.

Even Zhou Wen, Liu Qin, and Fu Feiyu couldnt hide their excitement.

The Fortune Divine Fruit was a divine fruit unique to the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Once consumed, Fortune Divine Fruit was greatly beneficial in raising a cultivators strength, not only that, it also improved ones body, strengthened the soul, and even raised the godheads defenses.

The rankings competition was actually going to use the Fortune Divine Fruit as a reward!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up.

He had heard his Masters, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor mention this Fortune Divine Fruit in the past.

To top it off, whenever they had talked about it, both of them had sung its praises after every other sentence.

According to them, the Fortune Divine Fruit was a wondrous fruit, and consuming a significant number of it could aid the cultivator in comprehending ones own esoteric, look into their past life and death, and thus, break through to God King Realm!

Although the Fortune Divine Fruit was beneficial to God King Realm masters, they were most effective for Ancestor God Realm cultivators like him.

Huang Xiaolong quickly glanced over the batch of enrolled disciples; there were more than six thousand in total! If each disciple was given one Fortune Divine Fruit, that was more than six thousand Fortune Divine Fruits!

More than six thousand Fortune Divine Fruits! Huang Xiaolong smacked his lips at the thought.

He hadnt anyways planned to conceal his strength from the beginning, but in this case, he was definitely not going to be polite.

Luo Yun smiled faintly looking at their reactions, then went on, “Looks like a lot of you have already heard of our Fortune Emperor Palaces Fortune Divine Fruit—very good.

The duration of the rankings competition this time is three months.

Three months later, all of you would be automatically transferred back here, at that time, we would tabulate the Fortune Divine Fruits on each of you and list out the rankings results.

I hope everyone will do their best, and as long as you make it into the top one thousand, theres a chance that an Elder would accept you as his personal disciple!”

Over six thousand disciples were participating in the rankings competition, and only the top one thousand had a chance.

Then again, this ratio was actually quite high.

Everyone here were various branches emperor rank godhead geniuses, and each one was highly talented.

So, the Fortune Emperor Palace had actually set a high passing ratio.

“Make it into the top three hundred places and you have a chance to become a Grand Elders personal disciple!”

“If youre in the top one hundred, you might catch the eye of a Hall Master!”

“But if you manage to enter the top ten, you definitely will be chosen by a Hall Master!” Luo Yun grinned as he ended.

Everyones motivation was stoked high by his words.

It would be an honor if an Elder were to accept them as a personal disciple ah! Whenever they would return to their branch in the future, their branch Sect Chief, Grand Elders, Elders, and other forces Ancestors would welcome them home right from the street.

What a sight that would be!

Moreover, if they were accepted as an Elders personal disciple, they could rise above other Fortune Emperor Palaces outer sect disciples, and stand at a higher level!

“Senior Brother Luo Yun, what about the first place” Suddenly, Fu Feiyu asked courteously.

In front of Luo Yun, he was still maintaining a polite demeanor.

Seeing it was Fu Feiyu, Luo Yun nodded as he answered, “I see its Junior Brother Fu.

Junior Brother Fu is a mid-First Order God King Realm with amazing strength, so there is indeed a high chance of getting first place.

If you get first place, there is a possibility for you to catch the interest of our Ancestor, I reiterate, possibility.”

These disciples eyes shone even brighter.

Though it was only a possibility, it was still a possibility to become one of the Fortune Emperor Palaces Ancestors personal disciple ah!

Liu Qin spoke respectfully, “Ive heard that Miss Peng Xiao is a supreme godhead genius, but what if Miss Peng Xiao does not acquire first place”

All the disciples gaze fell on Peng Xiao who was standing beside Luo Yun.

Thats right, if Peng Xiao fails to take first place, then does that mean she wont be an Ancestors personal disciple

Luo Yun smiled as he said, “Junior Sister Peng Xiao is special, whether Junior Sister Peng Xiao takes first place or not, she would be accepted as personal disciple by one of our Fortune Emperor Palaces Ancestors.

However, in my opinion, its still very likely Junior Sister Peng takes the first place in the rankings competition.”

Although Luo Yuns words did not reveal Peng Xiaos strength, his tone undoubtedly exposed his confidence towards her.

Therefore, at the very least, her strength was not lower than Fu Feiyu!

The disciples were shocked as they realized this.

Only Huang Xiaolong was not surprised as he could tell that Peng Xiao was strong, even though she was using some kind of secret method to conceal her cultivation.

As per his estimation, her cultivation was at least at the late-First Order God King Realm.

Hence, Luo Yun had dared to say that she could take first place in the competition.

“Senior Brother Luo Yun, what if a few disciples have the same number of Fortune Divine Fruits” A peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm asked.

“In that case, they would take the same ranking place.

For example, if three people have twenty Fortune Divine Fruits, and according to the rankings if they get placed at the three hundredth spot, then all three of them will be ranked at three hundred.” Luo Yun answered.

A few other disciples asked Luo Yun a few more questions about the rankings competition, for instance, if there were other rewards, and so on...

Luo Yun answered all of their questions.

The top one thousand rankings had additional and special rewards, and they could fetch higher rewards if they had higher rankings.

As for those below one thousand rankings, they would get nothing.

“Since there are no more questions, Im going to distribute the Fortune Divine Fruits, and send all of you through the transmission array.” Luo Yun went on, “After you reach your destination, you can use any of your own divine weapons, divine armors, whatever you have, however, you are not allowed to kill or use lethal attacks on your opponents when snatching the Fortune Divine Fruits.

Most importantly, doing harm to your opponents godheads is prohibited, and will result in disqualification!”

All of these disciples were emperor rank godhead geniuses from various branches, thus each death would result in a loss for the Fortune Emperor Emperor Palace.

Therefore, they couldnt allow such a thing to happen.

The disciples complied sonorously.

With a wave of his hands, Luo Yun distributed a Fortune Divine Fruit to each of the disciples, and then stepped onto the center of the square.

His hands once again waved in the air, and a giant transmission array emerged.

Huang Xiaolong, Peng Xiao, Zhou Wen, Liu Qin, Fu Feiyu, and other disciples stepped onto the transmission array.

In the blink of an eye, the transmission array was activated.

Huang Xiaolong, Peng Xiao, Zhou Wen, and the rest felt as if the world had flipped over, as the space became distorted.

In the next moment, they descended onto an enormous island.

Huang Xiaolong looked around and saw that he was in a lush, primeval forest.

Clearly, they had been transferred to a primeval forest somewhere on the giant island.

According to Luo Yun, this giant island was so huge that it would take a late-First Order God King Realm master half a year of flying to circle the giant islands perimeter.

However, they only had three months duration, and time was already running short.

Then again, Huang Xiaolongs current flying speed was many times faster than a late-First Order God King Realm master; one circle around the island probably would take him a month or so.

Without further delay, Huang Xiaolongs figure whistled across the air as his divine sense spread outwards, searching for other disciples in the vicinity.

But he soon started feeling sulky.

Half an hour had passed, but he hadnt even found one disciple.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was flying over a mountain peak, his eyes brightened with delight as he discovered energy fluctuations up ahead of him!

Energy fluctuations meant there were disciples fighting, which meant there were at least two disciples!

In a flicker, he accelerated towards the source of the energy fluctuations, arriving there in seconds.

However, Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised to see that instead of two disciples, there were actually six disciples fighting one another!

Six disciples in a rumble!

The sparkle in Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone brighter, and he dove into the battle without any hesitation.

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