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Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong straightened his back—an item from the grandmist era!

He had refined the grandmist aura and the purple grandmist aura, and both of these things were from the grandmist era.

The grandmist era dated back to a hundred billion years in the past.

This period was so long ago that the general high-grade and even top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts from that time would have been corroded by now; and even a God King Realm masters body from that time period wouldve already turned to ashes.

The sea could have turned into fields in a hundred billion years time. 

One hundred billion years ago—the ancient Heavenly Court had yet to come into existence, and now, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had already fallen.

Inside private room number one, Wang Tongs breathing had quickened, and he was barely able to contain his excitement as he mumbled to himself, “Its really a grandmist era item! Despite originating from the grandmist era, if that jade token was able to stay intact until now, it surely must be a treasure, a peerless treasure.

I must get this, it must be mine!” 

The auctioneer nodded with satisfaction at the guests\' reactions and went on, “I believe that even if I dont explain further anymore, everyone understands what the grandmist era means.

This jade token could still exist after a hundred billion years, and according to our auction houses appraisers, this jade token is an item from Hell.”

An item from Hell!

The crowd gasped in shock and excitement.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised at all, as he had already guessed that from the darkness element energy that he had sensed earlier.

“This jade token contains vigorous and abundant darkness element energy, a very high quality darkness element energy.

Friends who have darkness element godhead, your strength would soar by refining and absorbing the darkness element energy from this jade token!” The auctioneer tempted everyone.

“Moreover, it is verified by our appraisers, that if you can successfully refine this jade token, it will protect its master as well as attack enemies.

To top it all, the jade tokens material can nourish ones body and godhead continuously.

Though it is difficult to determine the materials used for forging this jade token, we are certain it is one of the rare and precious materials that was available during the grandmist era, which exudes a mysterious darkness qi that benefits the physical body and godhead!”

Everyones breathing grew heavier, and the light in their eyes grew brighter.

But Huang Xiaolong noted one point to himself,This jade token might be a superior treasure, but its usefulness is dependent on whether you can refine it or not.

If you fail to refine the jade token, this jade token was nothing more than a piece of antique that could only be appreciated.

Bei Xiaomei asked the auctioneer loudly, “Is this jade token very hard to refine Your auction house has researched it for so long, but was no one able to refine it”

Others also looked inquiringly at the auctioneer.

The auctioneer looked a little awkward, but he tried to sound as smooth and confident as possible, “Regardless, this jade token is an item from the grandmist era, it naturally requires a certain ancient secret technique.

Our auction house has yet to discover this ancient secret technique, but even if we couldnt find it, it doesnt mean that this jade token cannot be refined.

Once you find the method to refine this jade token, you would realize that this black jade token is an astounding treasure.

The mysterious darkness element qi from the jade token in itself makes it more than a valuable treasure, as it can nourish ones body and godhead!”

“If no one from your auction house could refine this jade token, then how do you know that the mysterious darkness element qi could benefit the physique and godhead” One of the families Patriarch asked the auctioneer.

“I understand that everyone doubts this matter like Patriarch Chen, but rest assured, it is true because my auction house is fully backing this claim.” The auctioneer explained.

Subsequently, other guests also raised similar questions about the jade token.

The auctioneer was able to answer some of them, while he didnt have answers for the others.

This was like a pail of cold water being poured on some guests burning intentions to bid for the jade token.

At the end of the day, even the auction house had not found the method to refine the jade token despite their ample resources.

Taking this into consideration, even if they could bid for the jade token successfully, it would most likely end up as a decorative item, leaving them unable to harvest the benefits of the darkness element energy within it, much less enhance their bodies and godheads.

“Now, the bidding for the jade token starts at thirty million low grade-eight spirit stones.”The auctioneer announced a while later, as there were no more questions from the audience.

Thirty million low grade-eight spirit stones! This was merely the starting price!

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, even Wang Tong couldnt help frowning.

Some people who had initially had thoughts about bidding for the jade token, completely nipped those thoughts at their buds.

Thirty million was truly a price, which not even the average big families could afford to carry with them casually.

In an instant, the auction hall went pin drop silent.

A dozen seconds passed, but no one made a bid.

After seeing this situation, the auctioneer couldnt help but shout once again, “The jade tokens bidding starts now at thirty million low grade-eight spirit stones! No minimum limit to the price increment, and the highest price wins!”

Another ten seconds passed when someone finally shouted, “30.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

The voice came from private room number nine.

The voice sounded slightly hoarse.

This person was probably trying to avoid being recognized by others, hence had deliberately changed his or her voice.

The auctioneer was relieved inwardly as someone had made a bid.

“Thirty-two million low grade-eight spirit stones.” Wang Tongs voice sounded from private room number one, and it was clear from his voice that he was feeling anxious.

“Thirty-three million low grade-eight spirit stones!” The woman inside private room number three cried out.

“Thirty-six million low grade-eight spirit stones.” A feeble and vicissitudes voice came from private room number six, as if a life was coming close to an end.

Following that, guests from other private rooms also shouted their bids, pushing the bid price to forty million in an instant.

Even though the jade token was said to be difficult to refine, merely the point that it was an item from the grandmist era, had evoked the desire to possess many.

“Forty-five million!” A ruthless light flickered across Wang Tongs eyes as he shouted loudly.

“Hiss!” The other families Patriarchs and Sect Chiefs sucked in a breath of cold air.

Huang Xiaolong sat there, sneering inwardly.

Looks like Wang Tong is hell bent on getting the black jade token, or else he wouldnt raise the price by five million in one go.

As expected, after Wang Tong had shouted forty-five million, bids from other private rooms came to a stop.

Everyone needed to think twice before deciding to bid with a higher price tag of forty-five million.

Even though the jade token was totally worth this price, the problem lay in the possibility of failing in refining the jade token.

Wang Tong relaxed visibly, as no one was challenging his bid.

Chen Xiao laughed, “The grandmist era jade token is surely Young Lord Wangs.”

Wang Tong could finally relax and smile as he said, “I had initially estimated that it would take me fifty million to successfully win this bid, but now, it seems like I was worrying too much.”

Chen Xiao inevitably looked in Huang Xiaolongs direction, “Since that kid has kept quiet so far, he must have run out of spirit stones.

And since he has already spent more than forty million, even if he does have some spirit stones left, it wont be enough.”

To Chen Xiao and Wang Tongs surprise, Huang Xiaolong called out right in front of their eyes, “Fifty million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

“What!” Chen Xiao and Wang Tong both exclaimed.

Other experts also looked at Huang Xiaolong with shock and astonishment written all over their faces.

Fifty million!

They were astonished that Huang Xiaolong had actually called out fifty million, but they were more shocked as they thought about the actual amount of spirit stones in Huang Xiaolongs possession.

He had already spent more than forty million, and now another fifty million Didnt that mean that Huang Xiaolong has at least one hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones!

Some of the young womens eyes were glowing as they stared at Huang Xiaolong, and even Bei Xiaomeis eyes were sparkling brightly.

Huang Xiaolong was nonchalant towards these gazes.

Even though he didnt know anything about this black jade token, the little cows reaction was enough for him to bid this huge amount on it.

This black jade token was definitely worth more than what the auctioneer had said, therefore, even if it would have meant spending every last spirit stone he had, he would have still gotten that black jade token.

While others were looking at Huang Xiaolong in shock, Wang Tongs murderous gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong as he cursed, “Damn that bloody punk!”


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