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Huang Xiaolong was waiting nervously for Feng Er\'s reply.

She smiled brightly and answered respectfully, Manor Lord, we\'ve got news that there would be space velocity stone at the auction!

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes lit up upon hearing her answer.

There is!

“The space velocity stones are really going to be auctioned!

Thankfully, the few months of waiting in the High Martial World had not proven to be unfruitful.

Feng Er respectfully answered with a smile, “That is so, Manor Lord.

Its said that the space velocity stones came from a mysterious expert.

To top it off, there are over three hundred pieces, and this person has requested for these three hundred plus space velocity stones to be sold in one batch.

Moreover, a lot of other forces are interested in this batch of space velocity stones, hence, we can estimate that the final price to be very high!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head as a faint smile curved up the corners of his lips, “Thats not a problem.”

Price He had an abundance of grade seven spirit stones.

“Does the seller have any other requests” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“The seller only accepts spirit stones grade seven and above.” Feng Er replied.

“The highest bidder wins with no limits during the auction!”

Grade seven and above!

Huang Xiaolongs nerves eased.

It wont be a problem as long as it wasnt grade eight spirit stone.

Gather everyone, we\'re going out for a walk! Now that it was confirmed that there would be space velocity stones at the auction, Huang Xiaolong was in a good mood.

Thus, he felt like going out for a walk.

Feng Er and Gui Yi complied, then turned and left to gather the others. 

A few minutes later, everyone was gathered in the front hall.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised to see that the little cow had grown bigger in these few months.

It had been a long time since the little cows body had grown, and this time, not only her head, but her body, her legs, and her butt had grown bigger as well.

Her golden horns were longer and thicker than before.

“Xiaoniu, you must have eaten too many godheads in these few months, since you have grown so fat now” Huang Xiaolong teased.

The little cow grinned smugly.

“What Youre jealous You can also munch on a few godheads.” She had an extremely proud attitude.

Huang Xiaolong was once again surprised by her reaction.

In the past, the little cow would be dejected instead, why was she looking smug and proud today Could it be…

Huang Xiaolong observed the little cow from left to right, and from top to bottom.

The little cow immediately covered her chest with her front hooves, and asked timidly, “What are you looking at”

A strong feeling of speechlessness came over Huang Xiaolong.

Xiang Xun chuckled at the side.

“In these months, Senior Xiaonius strength must have risen significantly, which is why her body has also grown bigger.”

The little cow generously praised Xiang Xun, “Xiang Xun is smart.”

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others quickly congratulated the little cow.

Facing the hail of congratulations from all around, the little cows chin rose to the sky, and her chest puffed up, like a leader embarking on a brilliant path.

Huang Xiaolong gave the little cow a kick, and said, “Lets go.” He mounted the little cow in a swift leap.

The little cows chin was no longer pointed towards the sky, and her chest was not puffed up anymore.

Coming out from the residence, Huang Xiaolongs group strolled around the city without any determined destination.

Huang Xiaolong noticed the atmosphere was livelier, and there were more people in the city compared to three months ago.

Perhaps, it was because of the auction

As he guessed, the passersby in the streets were all talking about the upcoming big auction.

“Ive heard that there would be a desolate eras divine dragons giant egg at this times Martial Dragon Citys auction!”

“Just a giant egg, not an actual desolate divine dragon.

How long do you have to nurture until it grows into a mature divine dragon The most interesting treasures this time are the dozen Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits, and the desolate eras Thunderstorm Divine Robe…!”

“What One of the worlds seven wonder fruits, the rank three Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruit! On top of that, there will be more than ten fruits! Those are truly treasures ah! Consuming one is equivalent to refining and absorbing the power of one hundred divine phoenixes, completely changing and tempering ones whole body.

Even ones avatars reap the benefits of these fruits! Moreover, continuous consumption could give the consumer the power of a divine phoenix, and even change a persons physique into the powerful physique of an ancient divine phoenix!”

“That Thunderstorm Divine Robe is a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact ah! How many years have passed since the High Martial World auctioned a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact...

Theres actually one this time!”

Several disciples of a sect were chatting and walking ahead of Huang Xiaolongs group, and their conversation stoked Huang Xiaolongs interest.

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, and the others were also astonished when they heard that the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits were going to be auctioned.

Huang Xiaolong was lucky to have refined the rank tenth Ancestral Dragon Fruit, and the rank eight Seven-colored Metal Fiend Fruit of the seven wonder fruits.

Among the seven fruits, every higher rank brought greater benefits than the fruit at a lower rank, especially the top three wonder fruits were the most beneficial. 

Even for the mid-Third Order Ancestor God Realm Huang Xiaolong, his strength could rise significantly just by consuming one Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruit.

A feverish light glimmered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“The Thunderstorm Divine Robe.” The little cow muttered with a strange expression on her face.

“You know about the Thunderstorm Divine Robe” Huang Xiaolong noticed the little cows expression and asked.

The little cow nodded, and sighed heavily.

“In the past, this Thunderstorm Divine Robe belonged to one of my younger generations.

Now that the Thunderstorm Divine Robe would be auctioned here, that means…” Her words trailed off.

Did that mean her younger generation had fallen

Rarely, someone would be willing to consign a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact like the Thunderstorm Divine Robe to an auction house, unless it was picked up after the owner had died.

Huang Xiaolong\'s mood was a little low after hearing her words.

Feng Er, go check out about the Thunderstorm Divine Robe. Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder at Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others.

Feng Er and the others complied respectfully.

Since it was related to Senior Xiaoniu\'s younger generation, even without Huang Xiaolong\'s order, they were going to inquire about it.


At this time, inside a certain hall within the Gudu Clan\'s main residence, Gudu Yue was sitting on the main seat as he listened to a subordinate reporting the latest news about the Martial Dragon City\'s big auction.

And the person sitting a seat lower from Gudu Yue was none other than the escaped Blood Wolf Gangs Head, Song Rui.

A light flickered across Gudu Yues eyes after Song Rui finished his report.

“One of the seven wonder fruits, Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruit! The Thunderstorm Divine Robe! These are good stuff ah! I must get these two things!”

Song Rui suddenly added, “Ive also heard that there are over three hundred pieces of space velocity stones for sale”

Gudu Yue smiled.

“What Youre interested in them Oh right, with over three hundred space velocity stones, you could increase the speed of your Blood Wolf Flying Ship.

But Im curious, who was that person who destroyed almost a hundred of Blood Wolf Gangs flying ships and made you flee so miserably.”

Hatred warped Song Ruis face as Gudu Yue brought up the sour matter.

“I will take my revenge!” He inscribed Huang Xiaolongs face with his divine sense onto a talisman, and then handed it to Gudu Yue.

“Its this person.

I hope Brother Gudu can help me investigate this person.”

Gudu Yue received the talisman.

His divine sense swept over the talisman.

When he saw Huang Xiaolongs face, he was astounded, “Its him!”

Song Rui was surprised seeing Gudu Yues expression, thus asked, “You know him”

Gudu Yue nodded.

He briefly recounted his encounter with Huang Xiaolong from three months ago at the Finest Grade House and Myriad Circles Commerce Hall.


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