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Huang Xiaolong was indifferent.

During this time, Longwu Ling Er hesitated slightly before approaching Huang Xiaolong.

“Young Noble, can I ask if you could sell those top grade chaos spiritual divine armors to us Rest assured, we would pay the same amount of spirit stones youve paid to the Myriad Circles Commerce Hall.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Sorry, I have no intention of selling them.”

The Longwu Clan and Gudu Clans disciples were immediately upset at Huang Xiaolongs response, and their expression turned hostile.

“Punk, what did you say! Do you know who our Miss Ling Er is!”

“Our Miss Ling Er has made a polite request, but youre so ungracious in refusing her request!”

“Young masters in the High Martial World as well as the neighboring world surfaces always comply with Miss Ling Ers wishes.

Which familys young master are you!”

Longwu Clans disciples clamored in fury as if Huang Xiaolong had violated Heaven\'s law and couldnt be pardoned because of it.

It was as if Huang Xiaolong should not have refused Longwu Ling Ers request at any cost.

Even Longwu Ling Er had an ugly expression on her delicate face.

Longwu Ling Er was used to getting anything she wanted as long as she opened her mouth.

The men would usually offer her things with both hands while showering her with flattering smiles and words.

Opposite to that, Huang Xiaolong had outright denied her request, even though she had spoken to him in person as well as had agreed to compensate him!

He had refused so directly!

Gudu Yue and Gudu Man were also eyeing Huang Xiaolong with ill-intent.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong said to Xiang Xun and the rest.

He was too lazy to be bothered with these clamoring Longwu Clan and Gudu Clans disciples.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even spare another look at Longwu Ling Er.

“You—!” Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had disregarded her, Longwu Ling Ers face turned red with anger and malice. 

Even though the Longwu Clan\'s disciples were furious, none of them dared to block Huang Xiaolongs path, like they had done earlier at the Finest Grade House.

Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, and Gudu Man, and the rest of their group could only watch Huang Xiaolong leave.

“This punk actually dared to offend Miss Ling Er Im going to make sure that none of the shops in High Martial World would dare to sell a single thing to him!” One of the Longwu Clans disciples swore through gritted teeth.

Longwu Clans disciples who were qualified to follow Longwu Ling Er were all important Longwu Clans core disciples.

Therefore the majority of High Martial Worlds shops would not dare to conduct any business transactions with Huang Xiaolong, if they were ordered to do so by one of these disciples.

“No need.” Longwu Ling Er stopped him.

Although doing so could somewhat vent her anger, at the end of the day, it was meaningless.

Not to mention their Longwu Clans words had no effect on the trading house giants like the Finest Grade House, Myriad Circles Commerce Hall, and the Flying Paradise Commerce.

“Miss Ling Er!” The Longwu Clans disciple was unwilling to let Huang Xiaolong off.

Longwu Ling Er turned around and stepped into the Myriad Circles Commerce Hall without another word, indicating the subject was closed.

Inside, she was planning to buy some forging materials, but in the end she was not able to focus on shopping.

On the other hand, after leaving the Myriad Circles Commerce Hall, Huang Xiaolong appeared at the Flying Paradise Commerces lobby to inquire about the space velocity stone.

However, according to the Myriad Circles Commerce Halls Supervisor Chen Yuan, the Flying Paradise Commerce also did not have the space velocity stone.

After checking the three biggest trading houses, Huang Xiaolong could only give up and wait for news of the auction.

Considering that he would need a residence for half a year in the High Martial World, Huang Xiaolong did not continue renting a courtyard, instead, he bought a luxurious residence from the Flying Paradise Commerce.

The luxurious residence was located in the center area of the Martial Dragon City.

The residence was enormous and luxurious, and was built with the finest materials, such as the rare spirit stones, iron and ores, and spiritual wood.

Each courtyard within the residence was equipped with an ancient spiritual energy gathering formation.

As long as one has enough spirit stones, these spiritual energy gathering formations could be activated without any limit.

Huang Xiaolong picked a courtyard of his choice, and directly entered into cultivation seclusion.

He must cherish each day of cultivation before entering the Fortune Gates headquarters, in order to improve his cultivation as much as possible.

He had finished refining the sixth Ancestor God Realm Sea Gods spirits inside the Sea God Tower.

Therefore, it was now time for him to refine the God King Realm Sea Gods spirits, and he needed Xiang Xuns assistance to do that.

At this point, he couldnt care too much about exposing his three avatars with their supreme godheads to Xiang Xun.

‘Its fine if Xiang Xun learns about them.

After all, Xiang Xun was controlled by Huang Xiaolongs grandmist worm, therefore, Xiang Xun was absolutely loyal to him.

Due to this, Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried about Xiang Xun leaking this matter out.

Sitting cross-legged inside his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong summoned his three avatars.

His three avatars sat around him, forming a four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation that resonated with the courtyards ancient spiritual energy gathering formation.

Xiang Xun was indeed taken back and shocked when he saw Huang Xiaolongs three avatars.

With his judgement, he could see how heaven-defying Huang Xiaolongs three avatars were.

Each avatar\'s physique was incredibly strong, and their talents were equally strong as the main body. As for the three avatars godheads, they should also be supreme godheads like Huang Xiaolong.

Three avatars with supreme godhead!

Xiang Xun had been living for billions of years; forget about seeing something like this with his own eyes, he had never even heard of it.

While Xiang Xun was still processing his shock, there were tiny ribbons of lightning crackling on Huang Xiaolongs forehead as the Sea God Tower flew out.

As Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars circulated their godforce, a pure and vigorous energy from a Sea Gods spirit flowed out from the tower. 

Xiang Xun quickly focused himself.

His godforce coordinated to suppress the God King Realm Sea Gods spirit for Huang Xiaolong.

This would make the spirits energy much gentler, thus making it easier for Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars to absorb it. 

Even with Xiang Xun\'s effort in suppressing the God King Realm\'s Sea God spirit, it\'s energy was still violent and every wave was equivalent to endless waves crashing into Huang Xiaolong and his Avatars.

This energy was many times stronger than an Ancestor God Realm\'s Sea God spirit, and of higher quality.

Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads spun to the limit of absorbing the Sea Gods spirits energy.

A golden halo enshrouded Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars.

The chaos lightning qi from his Golden Dragon Lightning Pool surged out with vigor, tempering and strengthening Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars godheads.

The four divine fires in his body also greedily absorbed the chaos spiritual energy from the void.

Time flowed by, and in the blink of an eye three months had passed.

Huang Xiaolong gradually absorbed the early First Order God King Realm Sea Gods spirits energy With Xiang Xuns help.

Unfortunately, even after refining the early First Order God King Realm Sea Gods spirit, his cultivation had merely risen to mid-Third Order Ancestor God Realm.

Initially, he had expected to advance to peak mid-Third order Ancestor God Realm.

‘I wonder if theres news from the auction house. Huang Xiaolong thought as he stopped cultivating.

Before he had entered seclusion, he had asked Feng Er and the rest to keep an eye on news from the auction house.

Huang Xiaolong saw Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others as he stepped out from his courtyard.

“Manor Lord!” Feng Er and the rest quickly stepped forward and saluted upon seeing Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then asked, “Has the auction house announced the auction items Did you find any clues about the space velocity stone” He asked them with a tone of urgency.


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