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Chapter 138: “You Go Kill Huang Xiaolong!”

As Ning Wang and Mei Sen leaped towards Fei Hou, both called out their martial spirits.

Ning Wang’s martial spirit was a huge eight-legged spider, and on its body showed a reflected pattern of iridescent light.

This was the Seven-stripes Rainbow Spider martial spirit, and it was one of the most toxic ones.

Its highly toxic poison could blend into the airflow, making it hard to detect.

Even if a peak late-Tenth Order expert whiffed a tiny amount of the contaminated air, they would die from being poisoned within ten breaths’ time.

Ning Wang acted quickly after calling out his martial spirit by soul transforming instantly.

Both of his arms were shrouded with an iridescent glow and numerous poisonous tiny thorns that looked like spider stingers emerged on them.

Striking a fist, the poisonous thorns stood up, ready to penetrate into Fei Hou’s body.

On the other hand, Mei Sen’s martial spirit was a type of black vine full of thorns.

Obviously, it was another type of poisonous martial spirit.

Following Ning Wang’s actions, Mei Sen soul transformed and started attacking Fei Hou.

Watching the two of them coming at him at full force, Fei Hou did not dare to underestimate them.

Calling out his Silver River martial spirit, Fei Hou soul transformed in an instant, and no longer held his strength back as he met Ning Wang’s and Mei Sen’s attacks head on.

At the same time, the four experts behind Ning Wang and Mei Sen charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

These four people all had the same weapon: a martial spirit−sickle!

The length of the sickle’s blade was long with zigzagged patterns resembling sharp, pointed teeth.

When attacking, the four of them created a formation, increasing the power of their attacks drastically.

All four were experts of the Tenth Order, but their power was enhanced by the fighting formation so their combined strength was not lower than an early Xiantian warrior, such as Mei Sen.

Yet the expression on Huang Xiaolong’s face remained unchanged.

The Blades of Asura appeared in his hands, and with a swing of his blades, the Tempest of Hell came spinning out to greet the four.

Huang Xiaolong immediately shifted into the Asura Body, and sinewy wings of ebony erupted from his back.

Combined with his martial spirit ability of Phantom Shadow, Huang Xiaolong maneuvered between the four people.

Every time they saw that their attack was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, he dodged them at the last second.

The longer they fought, the more shocked they became.

“You, you broke through to Tenth Order!” One of the four couldn’t help blurting out.

Didn’t their President and Patriarch Ning Wang say this little kid was just a Ninth Order warrior Or at most, at mid-Ninth Order But now, the Huang Xiaolong in front of them had already broken through the Tenth Order layer!

The point that terrified these four the most was that their combined attack actually failed to kill Huang Xiaolong once and for all!

Ignoring that man’s question, Huang Xiaolong leaped into mid-air, and his body started to spin faster than a top.

Streaks of bright lightning flashed, turning into lightning flood dragons that shot towards the four people with every swing of Huang Xiaolong’s blades.

The momentum of his attack frightened the four Tenth Order experts.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong floated back to the ground.

A spectral with a black glow shrouded Huang Xiaolong, and a dragon’s roar shook the sky, echoing in the surrounding streets.

Before the confounded faces of these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples, a majestic black dragon emerged behind Huang Xiaolong.

Although everyone knew that Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was a top grade twelve one, a Primordial Divine Black Dragon from the information they had gathered, seeing it with their own eyes was still a horrible shock.

The majestic black dragon roared towards the sky, radiating the oppressive might of a dragon that swept out in all four directions.

In the next moment, a bright light flashed and Huang Xiaolong soul transformed, becoming one entity with his martial spirit.

After Huang Xiaolong soul transformed, a layer of shiny armor-like black scales covered his skin, and his arms seemed one complete size bigger.

His fingers turned into dragon claws, and unknown to anybody, a tattoo of a black dragon emerged on his back.

The Wings of Demon on Huang Xiaolong’s back did not disappear even after his soul transformation.

The ebony wings flapped and Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette vanished from sight, reappearing in front of the four peak late-Tenth Order experts of the Clear Cloud Pavilion.

He raised both of his arms and aimed his attack at one of them.

When the palm was about to land, every cell in that peak late-Tenth Order expert screamed danger so he raised his hand to punch out at Huang Xiaolong by reflex.

Bang!  A loud blast resounded, and that peak late-Tenth Order expert was seen screaming in pain and his figure reeled back.

His right arm that had collided with Huang Xiaolong’s palm hung limply from the shoulder.

The forceful impact from just before had actually broken his entire right arm!

“You!” That peak late-Tenth Order experts looked at Huang Xiaolong with shock and dismay.

After soul transforming, Huang Xiaolong’s attack power was beyond their comprehension!

Even someone that had half a foot in the Xiantian realm was pushed back, and from that single move, he discovered that Huang Xiaolong’s physical defense was extremely horrifying, on par with President Mei Sen’s strength that had just broken through to Xiantian realm!

At this point the other three also reacted and decisively attacked Huang Xiaolong together.

The three bellowed at the same time and with synchronized movements, their hands swung out and three sickles emerged in mid-air, combining into one large sickle.

They spun endlessly in the air while releasing a layer of sharp sickle rays that shot towards Huang Xiaolong and the space around him.

As tough as Huang Xiaolong’s defense may be, being struck by this move would guarantee that he would end up in several different pieces.

After all, he was still a Houtian level warrior, and it was impossible for him to be invulnerable to every attack.

However, before the three of them had the chance to be delighted, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared before the sickles could touch a hair on him.

Innate martial spirit ability: Space concealment!

When Huang Xiaolong successfully stepped into the Tenth Order, his space concealment duration had increased to fifteen breaths of time.

Furthermore, once he hid in the space pocket, even the lower level of Xiantian realm experts absolutely couldn’t detect his presence.

Watching their glorious attack hit empty space, the trio’s minds went blank for a moment, staring at the spot where Huang Xiaolong disappeared.

But, a glaring light suddenly flashed in their eyes, startling them.

 The three of them retreated swiftly, yet one of them was too late.

The Blades of Asura slit that man’s throat effortlessly.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong emerge from the hidden space.

Hearing screams again and again, Ning Wang and Mei Sen who were fighting Fei Hou, couldn’t help but spare a glance over to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

What greeted their eyes was that peak late-Tenth Order warrior tumbling to the ground with one hand clutching his bloody neck.

Both were aghast at the sight of what was happening.

Four peak late-Tenth Order warriors possessing the same kind of martial spirit were not enough to deal with Huang Xiaolong!

With another flap of the ebony black wings, Huang Xiaolong reached the first peak late-Tenth Order with the broken right arm almost instantaneously.

Unbridled fear filled his eyes when he suddenly saw Huang Xiaolong, and the tip of the Blades of Asura filled his vision.

In the end, just like the peak late-Tenth Order warrior before him, his throat was slit by Huang Xiaolong.

Two experts down!

The remaining two warriors from the original four looked woefully at Huang Xiaolong.

Fear and panic were written all over their faces as they lost the courage and spirit to fight with him.

“Mei Sen, you go kill that Huang Xiaolong!” Ning Wang’s order came brusquely, “Just leave this Fei Hou to me!”

Mei Sen nodded.

He punched at Fei Hou and used that as momentum to extract himself from the battle, pouncing onto Huang Xiaolong in the next moment.

It was obvious to him that he couldn’t rely on those wastrel subordinates since they couldn’t kill Huang Xiaolong.

Mei Sen aimed a killing fist at Huang Xiaolong and used his green vines as he whipped them out to entangle Huang Xiaolong’s movements.

Huang Xiaolong chose not to clash with Mei Sen directly.

With a flash, he dodged Mei Sen’s attacks.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong avoid his two-pronged attack smoothly, Mei Sen’s eyes darkened as he approached Huang Xiaolong slowly, step by step: “Huang Xiaolong, it seems I underestimated you.

The speed of your growth has exceeded my assumption.

Not only have you broken through to the Tenth Order, you were actually able to advance to peak mid-Tenth Order!”

“But, I refuse to believe that a Xiantian like me cannot squash you today!”



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