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Huang Xiaolongs ordered Xiang Xun, “Kill!” The divine elephant Xiang Xun did not hesitate and attacked; he roared, and powerful soundwaves pierced the sky as he raised a front leg and stamped onto the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy was deathly pale as the divine elephant Xiang Xuns hill-sized foot was going to crush him.

Despair filled his heart when he discovered he couldnt move an inch under Xiang Xuns overwhelming suppression.

Was he about to die

Everyone was confident that the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy was going to die, but a ray of blade light split the void and whistled towards the divine elephant Xiang Xun across space.

This sight was similar to the time when Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy had slashed his blade at Huang Xiaolong.

However, this incoming blade qi was a hundred times, no, a thousand times stronger than the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoys attack!

Humming noises from the blade qi could be heard in every corner of the Fortune Mainland, and it felt like the Fortune Mainland could split into two due this powerful blade qi.


Divine elephant Xiang Xun was surprised.

This sudden attack didnt leave him time to deal with the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy, therefore he turned his foot in the direction of the incoming attack and stomped at the blade qi.

His godforce surged out from his foot like radiant rays of a black sun.

When Xiang Xun and the blade qi collided, consecutive loud explosions resounded in the air.

Xiang Xuns foot blocked the horizon-splitting blade qi.

In the moment of collision, the blade qi shattered without resistance into debris.


A figure flew out from the void, faster than lightning and reached the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy.

He grabbed the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy in one hand, while Feng Yingying in another hand.

In a split second, all three turned and fled.

“Want to run” Divine elephant Xiang Xun snorted coldly as an icy gleam flickered across his eyes.

“The boundless hell; no end to the sea of sufferings!”

In the next second, dark light burst out from Xiang Xuns body, and his vigorous and endless godforce turned into an endless black bitter sea that was encroaching heaven and earth.

“Blade Destroying Thousand Realms!”

The figure raised a great blade that was bigger and more powerful than the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoys Ghost King Great Blade.

The body of the great blade seemed like it was the combination of ten thousand divine blades; with a single slash of the blade, hundreds and thousands of blade lights flew straight into Xiang Xuns bitter sea.


High waves roiled as abyssal rifts appeared in the black bitter sea.

However, the bitter sea\'s rebound power struck the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace\'s special envoy and Feng Yingying so hard that they vomited mouthfuls of blood.

While the cracks in the bitter sea were mending, the figure who had leaped out from void earlier escaped with the special envoy and Feng Yingying.

“The Sea of Suffering Devouring the Heavens!” Xiang Xun bellowed, his front legs waving in the air. 

The Hells Sea of Suffering turned into a giant black hole that chased after the three fleeing figures.

The figure spun back and slashed out with his blade once again.

Hundreds and thousands of blade qi rays slashed onto the black hole.

That persons attack barely managed to stop the black hole for a split second, while the person staggered back for some distance before stopping.

Meanwhile, the onlookers came to their senses and finally saw that this figure was a young man who had a blade-like mark on his forehead.

His piercing gaze resembled an unsheathed divine blade and he had a slightly pale complexion; perhaps the pale complexion was because his injuries from parrying the sea of sufferings black hole.

“Nine Dragons Overturning the Sea!”

The young man held an enormous blade in his hand, and his body rotated as if there were nine dragons spinning in the air, while heaven and earth also seemed to rotate with the young man.

The Fortune Gate and sea tribes group fell in various directions from the sudden turning force.

Xiang Xun took a big step forward, and the surroundings were restored.

He immediately attacked the three people again!

A moment before Xiang Xun\'s feet stomped down, the young man grabbed the special envoy and Feng Yingying, and all three vanished into the void.

Xiang Xun\'s attack fell onto the mountain range below, and it was instantly reduced to dust, leaving only a piece of flat land behind.

“Ei!” Xiang Xun was about to chase after the three, but Huang Xiaolong stopped him, “No need!”

He could tell that the young man was very likely a Seventh Order God King Realm master.

Even though Xiang Xuns current strength was also at Seventh Order God King Realm and could defeat someone at the same level of strength, killing that young man was another matter altogether.

Therefore, it was useless to chase him.

Moreover, there were still petrification seals inside Xiang Xuns body that restricted him from battling too intensely until they could be removed.

Xiang Xun stopped at Huang Xiaolongs command.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he looked in the direction where the young man had disappeared along with Feng Yingying and Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy.

That young man must be someone with a high status in the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace.

Now that Feng Yingying was rescued, she would become a troublesome loose end once she gets the sanctuary within the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace to cultivate and improve her strength.

“Master, its merely a Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, there is no need to worry.” Xiang Xun thought Huang Xiaolong was worried about the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces revenge.

“The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace is not going to offend us Ten Thousand Elephant Clan because of a lower-level envoy.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement, then his attention shifted to Black Ice Ancestor.

Cold sweat trickled down Black Ice Ancestors face when she saw Huang Xiaolong looking at her.

Her voice quivered as she appealed, “Huang, Xiao-Xiaolong, for Li Lus sake…”

Before she could finish her words, she was smacked into the ground by Xiang Xuns foot.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the miserable figure lying inside a pit below.

Xiang Xuns kick was enough to abolish Black Ice Ancestors cultivation.

Then again, if it wasnt for Li Lus sake, he would have ordered Xiang Xun to kill her instead.

Zhu Yi, Myriad Flames Ancestor, Sky Sword Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, and others paled when they witnessed Xiang Xun abolish Black Ice Ancestors cultivation.

“Huang Xiaolong, you…!” Zhu Yi began angrily.

“Gate Chief, is something the matter” Huang Xiaolong asked indifferently.

Zhu Yis mouth opened and closed, and in the end, only one word came out, “Nothing.”


The corners of Myriad Flames Ancestor, Sky Sword Ancestor, and Lightning Hammer Ancestors mouth twitched but none of them said anything.

Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze swept over a certain luxurious residence in the city below.

Zhu Feng stiffened when he saw Huang Xiaolong looking at him.

“Master, are you alright” Huang Xiaolong asked Golden Brow Ancestor.

Due to Feng Ers timely healing, Golden Brow Ancestors injuries had stabilized.

Even though his injuries were severe, he would recover to his peak in a few years.

“Im alright.” Golden Brow Ancestor shook his head, and gave Huang Xiaolong an assuring look.

Huang Xiaolongs worry eased slightly at Golden Brow Ancestors answer.

“Shall we go back!” Huang Xiaolong asked Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.

Both of them nodded in agreement.

Thus, Huang Xiaolongs group flew back to the Fortune Divine Kingdom.


A few hours later, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces lower-level envoy, Feng Yingying, and their rescuer stepped out of the void into a world surface not far from the Vientiane World.

“Junior Brother, fortunately you came in time, or else, I wouldve…!” There was still lingering fear on his face, as well as hatred, “I would avenge this humiliation and make that kid suffer a million slashes from my blade!”

The young man whom Li Qunhao was the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces lower-level envoy, and the young man who had rescued him was Chen Yajie.

He shook his head and said, “You better not go make trouble with that kid in the future.

This matter involves Hells Ten Thousand Elephant Clan, and you know very well about the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan; not only our Nine Dragons Emperor, even the Heavenly Emperor would have thought twice.”

“Then, are we going to let this matter just slide like this!” Li Qunhao was extremely unwilling.


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