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When Huang Xiaolong entered into seclusion to attempt breaking through to Ancestor God Realm, both the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng stood guard for him as a precaution.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng was watching Huang Xiaolong apprehensively from a distance, as he was going through the Firmament Bears soul crystals at an alarming rate.

Xu Baisheng said to the little cow, “Senior Xiaoniu, do you think Masters soul could reach 9,000 with his talent”

“9,000” The little cows voice was a little uncertain, “Hard to say! In the past, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor could only reach close to 9,000.

Even though the Divine World is vast and it has been billions of years, only a scarce few people have touched almost the score of 9,000!”

Based on Huang Xiaolongs extraordinary performance so far, they were quite sure Huang Xiaolongs limit would be shocking, however, even the little cow couldnt say for certain if Huang Xiaolong could reach the 9,000 limit.

How many super forces does the Divine World have And how many rare geniuses are there among these super forces Unfortunately, in billions of years, she had known of only one person who had succeeded in achieving more than 9000!

Of course, there might be other people who would have successfully crossed over the 9,000 threshold that she was not aware of; even so, she knew that there would be ten or less of such geniuses.

“I wonder, what ranked avatar Master would condense after advancing to Ancestor God Realm” Void devil beast added further, “Would it be emperor rank or supreme rank”

The little cow said, “Supreme rank, probably!” However, she wasnt so confident inwardly.

In general, when an emperor rank godhead genius breaks through to Ancestor God Realm, there is a thirty percent chance to condense an avatar with emperor rank godhead—thirty percent! Only thirty percent!

Therefore, until the last moment, no one could surely guess Huang Xiaolongs avatars rank.

Time flowed.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

Huang Xiaolong had already refined two Firmament Bears soul crystals, and was in the middle of refining his third one.

In merely two months, Huang Xiaolongs soul had actually grown several hundred times stronger, almost reaching the score of 100! Even Huang Xiaolong had not expected that the Firmament Bears soul crystals could raise his soul to this degree and that too at this speed!

Guarding in the distance, the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were a little frightened as they watched Huang Xiaolong go through one Firmament Bears soul crystal after another.

Initially, according to the little cows estimation, Huang Xiaolong would have broken through to Ancestor God Realm in ten years after refining the Firmament Bears soul crystals, but now, it seemed like, Huang Xiaolong might take less than ten years.

The two of them could see that Huang Xiaolongs speed in refining the Firmament Bears soul crystals had increased.

Huang Xiaolong had spent thirty-one days to refine the first piece of soul crystal, while the second piece of soul crystal had merely taken him twenty-six days.

At this speed, would the third piece take him twenty days or less

The two of them did not dare to think of Huang Xiaolongs refining speed any further.

While they were standing guard for Huang Xiaolong, neither the little cow and void devil beast were idle.

The two of them were continuously using the Blue Spectre Spring water to nourish their bodies.

Two years gradually passed, as Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the Firmament Bears soul crystals.

Two years later, Huang Xiaolongs soul force had long surpassed 100, even exceeded 3,000, and it was close to surpassing 4,000!

In the Divine World, the average cultivators soul force was considered as passing when they reached 100, and was sufficient to breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm.

Those whose soul force could reach 1,000 were called a genius and at 2,000, they were considered a rare genius!

The monstrous geniuses that the Divine World\'s super forces focused on nurturing, averagely entered the 3,000 range!

Those that could reach 4,000 were extremely rare. 

I wonder what number has Master\'s soul force reach Void devil beast Xu Baisheng mumbled under his breath.

In these two years, Huang Xiaolong had absorbed over a hundred Firmament Bear\'s soul crystals!

Currently, it was only taking Huang Xiaolong up to seven to eight days to refine one soul crystal.

Probably, he has already reached 3,000! The little cow roughly estimated.


The Divine World\'s super forces\' most dazzling geniuses cultivated for several thousand years to achieve this result but Huang Xiaolong had achieved the same result in merely two years! 

While the little cow and void devil beast were feeling dumbfounded, another two years passed.

Huang Xiaolong had been in seclusion for four years by now.

Sitting cross-legged inside the Blue Spectre Spring water, the surface of his skin was actually reflecting lustrous black light, like black diamonds.

At the same time, there were also seven-colored lights mingling in between the black rays.

From afar, Huang Xiaolong was looking very mysterious and bedazzling.

The little cow\'s eyes shone with fervor sensing Huang Xiaolong\'s soul force growing stronger day by day.

With her eyesight, she could guess that Huang Xiaolong would be able to breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm in half a year.

However, she could only wonder about Huang Xiaolong\'s current soul forces strength...

7,000 8,000

Could Huang Xiaolong\'s soul force reach 9,000 when he breaks through to Ancestor God Realm

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng too was looking forward to that moment with anticipation.

Four months later...

The little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were paying close attention to Huang Xiaolong.

Suddenly, the black rays enshrouding Huang Xiaolong expanded like a black sun, sending out spheres of black light, one stronger than the other.

The surroundings spiritual energy became turbulent and violent.

The little cow and void devil beast jumped up in alarm at the sudden changes.

Is this The void devil beast asked excitedly.

\'Master is finally going to breakthrough!\'

Going to breakthrough The little cow\'s eyes glimmered with anticipation.

Even she didn\'t notice that her breathing had quickened.

At this time, within Huang Xiaolong\'s consciousness, his three supreme godheads were resembling three great tornadoes that were bursting in black lights.

All of a sudden, the black lights disappeared.

His Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead emitted red, golden, blue, green, azure, and purple lights; while extreme blackness radiated from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead; and his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead released the brightest golden Buddha luminance.

The various colors of light swirled around Huang Xiaolong.

This sight stupefied the little cow and void devil beast Xu Baisheng.

These lights then gathered into three spheres of lights that flew around Huang Xiaolong.

A long hum came from inside of Huang Xiaolong\'s three supreme godheads.

This hum was like the beginning of life, growing ever stronger.

In the end, it was like the beating of drums.

The sky above the palace, where Huang Xiaolong was cultivating suddenly darkened, as if that piece of land had entered into boundless darkness of hell.

Thunder rumbled amidst howling winds in this darkness.

Outside the palace, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, Deng Qishun, Li Ye, as well as the Sand Waves Sect\'s Grand Elders and Elders were looking at the sky with horror and astonishment.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng was astonished too.

He stammered, This, what-what\'s going on!

Contrary to the void devil beast, there was delight on the little cow\'s face.

It\'s alright.

Once the soul force reaches 7,000 and above, there is natural manifestation when breaking through to Ancestor God Realm.

The more shocking the manifestation, the higher the number of the soul force!

Since Master has triggered natural manifestation, does that mean his soul force has already exceeded nine thousand Void devil beast asked excitedly.

The little cow shook her head and said, It\'s still too early to say that.

At the time the Ancient Heavenly Emperor broke through to the Ancestor God Realm, the natural manifestation that he had triggered had lasted for four days and four nights.

And the King of Grandmist had triggered a natural manifestation that had lasted for six days and six nights! Stronger the soul force will result in highly shocking natural manifestation!

In other words, if Huang Xiaolong were to trigger a natural manifestation that exceeds four days and four nights, then there would be a high chance that his soul force has at least reached 9,000!

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng stared without blinking at Huang Xiaolong.

He looked as if he was afraid that he might miss witnessing something important and rare.


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