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“The Firmament Bears soul crystal!” Huang Xiaolong turned to the little cow with uncertainty.

It was obvious that he had not heard of the Firmament Bears soul crystal. 

The grandmist chaos era was followed by the desolate era.

Both of these eras predated the existence of the Divine World.

Therefore, if this was really the so-called desolate era Firmament Bear\'s soul crystal, then it was indeed a rare and precious treasure.

It took the little cow sometime before she managed to rein in her excitement.

After she calmed down, she explained to Huang Xiaolong, “Hahaha, Xiaolong, with this Firmament Bears soul crystal, you can absolutely breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm within ten years!” She couldnt contain her excitement.

Huang Xiaolong quivered as joy shone from his eyes.

“Are you saying that this Firmament Bears soul crystal can help my soul to achieve perfection within a decade!”

The little cow rolled her eyes.

Her expression was obviously sayingyou-ignorant-bumpkin. She then explained further “Remember we talked about 100 being a perfect score for a soul, during our last conversation! But in truth, a soul is not really perfect even at 100, it can merely be considered as a passing mark.

You can condense an avatar when you breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm if your soul is at 100, however, there are some freak geniuses who have managed to achieve 1000, even 2000 or 3000.

The stronger your soul is, the stronger the avatar you condense!”

Her words sent waves of shock in Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Ers hearts.

Something like this even exists!! 

“Then, there is no limit to how strong ones soul can be” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but ask.

The little cow shook her head.

“That is not the case.

An Ancestor God Realm cultivators soul can achieve only a score of up till 10,000.

But Ive never seen any genius that could achieve that in my entire life.

The highest score that I have seen is close to 9,100 plus or minus!”

“Close to 9,100 plus or minus!” Feng Er and the others gasped in astonishment.

10,000 was the limit, thus 9,100 was surely a terrifying figure.

“Who was it!” Huang Xiaolong urged, “The Ancient Heavenly Emperor!”

But the little cow shook her head again.

“Even though the Ancient Heavenly Emperor was Divine Worlds genius in a billion years, according to what I know, his soul did not even reach 9,000.

His score had probably reached the upper limit of 8,000, maybe almost 9,000!” She paused momentarily, then added, “In truth, the person who reached close to 9,100 plus or minus is somewhat related to you!”

“Somewhat related to me!” Huang Xiaolong was confused.

When and how did he know such an amazing character

“Yes, related to you!” The little cow softly added, “The Grandmist Parasitic Medium!”

The Grandmist Parasitic Medium! The words jarred Huang Xiaolongs mind.

The King of Grandmist! Huang Xiaolong blurted out the first person that came to his mind. The person who created the Grandmist Parasitic Medium—the King of Grandmist!

The little cow nodded, Correct, it was the King of Grandmist.

Since youve successfully cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, you can be considered as his second disciple!” But the little cow suddenly changed the subject in the middle of her explanation.

It was obvious that she didnt want to speak of the King of Grandmist any further.

Her attention returned to the Firmament Bears soul crystal, and said, “The desolate eras Firmament Bear Tribes tribesmen are innately born with a strong soul, and this Firmament Bears soul crystal is the crystallization of a Firmament Bears soul force.

Every fist-sized crystal is enough to strengthen your soul to an unimaginable degree!”

“There are actually several thousand pieces of Firmament Bears soul crystals here.

They definitely could strengthen your soul to the highest limit!”

Huang Xiaolongs fists were clenched tightly as he tried to control his excitement.

“Where did you guys find these Firmament Bears soul crystals” The little cow asked the Sand Waves Sects Ancestor Li Ye.

Li Ye shook his head and explained, “These were found by Senior Brother Song Qi in a perilous land.

At that time, we didn\'t even know what these crystals were.

Therefore, they were just placed here in the treasury.

Senior Brother Song Qi went to the Extraterritorial Devils Battlefield with the other two Seniors, and has yet to return.

Huang Xiaolong\'s heart was moved, “Try to contact them, see if they reply.”

Li Ye took out his communication talisman and tried to contact the other three Sand Waves Sects Ancestors.

After a while, he shook his head and reported to Huang Xiaolong, “No reply from Senior Brother Song Qi, or other two Senior Brothers.

Weve tried contacting them before, but we havent been able to establish any communication with them.”

Huang Xiaolong was a little disappointed at the result.

It seems, those three Sand Waves Sects Ancestors have most likely fallen.

That being the case, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to get the location of Firmament Bears soul crystals from Song Qi.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently collected all the soul crystals, Wishful Golden Flower, and Black Flames Ganoderma into his Ghost Buddha Ring.

He then took a stroll around the Sand Waves Sects treasury, collecting away the chaos spiritual herbs, and chaos spiritual pills that he deemed useful.

Half a day later, the group stepped out from the treasury.

Since Huang Xiaolong had discovered the Firmament Bears soul crystals, Wishful Golden Flowers, and the Black Flames Ganoderma, there wasnt any need for him to head over to the Blood Imperial Sect in the Scarlet One World.

Therefore, he decided to stay in the Sand Waves Sect to breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm!

He planned to return to the Vientiane World surface after he has advanced to the Ancestor God Realm.

And his immediate goal was to conquer the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan upon his return to the Vientiane World Surface.

And of course, he had not forgotten about the Blood Eye Devil Stele!

With that, Huang Xiaolongs group stayed in the Sand Waves Sects headquarters to cultivate.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was frowning as he listened to Deng Qishuns report.

They had failed to find Cao Fang and Chen Wenlis avatars.

“Subordinates have failed the Manor Lord.

Please mete out the punishment for your subordinates.” Deng Qishun, Zheng Guowen, and the others pleaded guilty on their knees.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said, “Its not your fault, rise.” Since Cao Fang and Chen Wenlis avatars had escaped, they might cause some troubles in the future.

But Huang Xiaolong soon threw the matter out of his mind.

He already had lots of enemies, a couple more enemies didnt make much of a difference.

Still, Huang Xiaolong instructed Deng Qishun to order the Sand Waves Sects Elders to put forth their best efforts in hunting down Cao Fang and Chen Wenlis avatars in the whole Reverence World.

After that, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Sand Waves Sects subordinates to leave him and his group undisturbed unless it was an emergency, before sending them away.

He had planned to enter seclusion to refine the Firmament Bears soul crystals, and breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm.

The Sand Waves Sects headquarters were located inside a palace.

It contained the richest spiritual energy.

Huang Xiaolong took out the Blue Spectre Spring river and sat cross-legged inside it.

Next, he took out one of the Firmament Bears soul crystals.

A Firmament Bears soul crystal was about the size of a fist and it was reflecting luster like a black diamond.

Huang Xiaolong adjusted his mind, and ran the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Instantly, a mysterious black energy flowed out from the Firmament Bears soul crystal and entered through the crown of his head.

His three supreme godheads shook, emitting resplendent lights as his soul grew stronger rapidly.

If Huang Xiaolongs soul was to be described as a dried sea, then the Firmament Bears soul crystals energy was like the water from a big river rushing down to fill up that dried sea.

The Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell released rain of moon essence that also supported Huang Xiaolongs soul.

However compared to the Firmament Bears soul crystals energy, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shells moon essence energy was like a water pipe.

In truth, Huang Xiaolongs current cultivation realm was too low.

Therefore, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shells power was limited.

The chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool too was releasing waves of chaos lightning qi to temper his body.

As he began to cultivate, the four divine fire spirits inside his body started devouring the gray chaos spiritual energy falling from the void.


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