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Blue Spirit Gates group gasped in similar astonishment to Huang Xiaolongs group, when they flew out from the cave tunnel and saw the mountains of spiritual herbs.

All of them stared fervently at the mountains full of treasures.

“So many spiritual herbs!”

“Thats the Vanishing Cloud Grass!

“Soul Sealing Fruit!”

The Blue Gate Spirit\'s experts exclaimed in delight again and again.

All of these herbs in front of them were rare spiritual herbs that were hard to find outside.

Thus, the Blue Spirit Gate\'s experts tacitly went to collect those irresistible spiritual herbs.

Zhang Yunbo, Jiang Dongyang, and the other two Blue Spirit Gate\'s Ancestors did not stop them.

In fact, all four Ancestors were beaming.

It seems like the ancient records are true! Although this ghost cave is dangerous, there are precious spiritual herbs everywhere! Zhang Yunbo chuckled, The Nine Turns Hundred Leaves Grass and Black Shadow Illusionary Soul Fruit are surely here!”

Jiang Dongyang and the other two Ancestors laughed softly.

Obviously, they were in a good mood.

“Ancestors, look over there! Thats the Water Magic Tree, but all the Water Magic Fruits are gone! It looks like they were harvested not long ago.” Suddenly, one of the Blue Spirit Gates Grand Elder shouted.

The four Blue Spirit Gate\'s Ancestors blanked for a moment at his words.

In a few flickers, the four Blue Spirit Gate\'s Ancestors were standing in front of one of the Water Magic Trees.

Indeed, the Water Magic Fruits on these trees had been collected not long ago.

Jiang Dongyang frowned, and his words sounded more like an answer instead of a question, Someone came in here one step ahead of us!

Could it be them! Another Ancestor blurted as Huang Xiaolong\'s face flashed in his mind.

Zhang Yunbo, Jiang Dongyang, and others quivered with anger. 

Since people rarely enter the ghost cave, it must be them! Jiang Dongyang\'s face sank.

He went on, I hadnt expected them to actually come this far, not to mention, to be in the lead!

Zhang Yunbo and others\' expressions turned slightly ugly.

If Huang Xiaolong\'s group was ahead of them, then all of the good spiritual herbs would be swept away by them, leaving the left overs for the Blue Spirit Gates group.

And the Water Magic Fruits were the most convincing proof.

The Vanishing Cloud Grass, or Soul Sealing Fruit were farts when compared to the Water Magic Fruits.

Hmph, that kid better prays that we don\'t catch up to him! One of the Ancestors snorted.

In his opinion, the Blue Spirit Gate had the ownership over all of the spiritual herbs growing inside this cave! Huang Xiaolong was no different than a thief sneaking up into their sect\'s treasury.

Zhang Yunbo turned away from the Water Magic Tree and looked at the present Blue Spirit Gate\'s Grand Elders.

He said sharply, If we catch up to that group, be prepared to attack! His instincts were telling him that Huang Xiaolongs group was also after the Vanishing Cloud Grass, or Soul Sealing Fruit. 

If a conflict were to erupt between them, they needed to seize the chance for initiating the attack!

“That kid\'s merely a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, therefore, we just need to capture that kid as hostage.

This will deter the rest of his group from attacking us, and will help us deal with the remaining stronger members of their group!”

“Whatever Water Magic Fruits, and other spiritual herbs they have collected belong to us!”

All the Blue Spirit Gate\'s Grand Elders agreed in unison.

Leave that kid\'s life to me! A Grand Elder clamored.

“I will teach him a lesson as he had the guts to speak rudely to Ancestor Zhang Yunbo at the caves entrance, earlier.” 

Huang Xiaolong\'s group had come across a winding river, after flying over a mountain.

Everyone was surprised to see the river, as it was an unusual place for a river to flow there.

When they went to the river bank, they discovered that this river was several hundred zhang wide and its water was a clear turquoise.

Water mist danced above the water surface, dreamy and surreal.

This is Blue Spectre Spring! The little cow exclaimed with delight.

I am surprised that the environment here has actually given birth to a Blue Spectre Spring after millions of years!”

The little cow had visited this cave over ten million years ago, and this Blue Spectre Spring had not existed during her last visit.


“Blue Spectre Spring” Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and others looked at the little cow with confusion.

The little cow explained, This Blue Spectre Spring was born at an extreme yin land through the fulfillment of certain conditions, and accumulation of blue spectre energy.

Huang Xiaolong and the others had never heard of the blue spectre energy, but could guess that it was a kind of high quality spiritual energy. 

Looking at everyones ignorant faces in front of her, the little cow understood that these little juniors had yet to come across such high degrees of treasures, thus she explained, If you add a small cup of Blue Spectre Spring water when refining a pill, it could raise the purity of that pill to the highest possible level.

Not just that, but if you can cultivate for a long time in this Blue Spectre Spring, it will enhance your body\'s physical toughness and flexibility, and there is a possibility of forming the godly spectre eyes!

The godly spectre eyes allow you to see through ghostly creatures and phantoms!

Of course, more importantly, this Blue Spectre Spring can be used to repair divine artifacts! A severely damaged divine artifact will slowly repair itself over time when soaked in this rivers water!

This time, everyone was genuinely shocked.

It could repair divine artifacts!

Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t help asking, The Pill Blending Tower could have been repaired without those chaos spiritual liquids and chaos five-colored heaven refining stone if we had possessed the water from the Blue Spectre Spring! Then, Huang Xiaolong immediately thought of another item—Yellow Springs Magic Robe!

If this Blue Spectre Spring water could be used to repair the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, then…!

The little cow nodded, At that time, if we would have had this Blue Spectre Spring, we could have repaired the Pill Blending Tower even without the chaos spiritual liquids and chaos five-colored heaven refining stone, however, it would take a longer time to repair an artifact that is at the Pill Blending Tower\'s level.

At least, tens of thousands of years.

She then looked at the Yellow Springs Magic Robe hanging from Huang Xiaolong\'s shoulders and stated, This applies to the Yellow Springs Magic Robe as well.

Disappointment filled up in Huang Xiaolong\'s chest.


It would take more than ten thousand years to repair!

The little cow rolled her eyes at him, Do you think this Blur Spectre Spring is a great dao holy treasure that it can repair your magic robe in a few decades or a few years

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled helplessly, as he knew that the little cow said was right.

It would be heaven defying if the Blue Spectre Spring river water could repair the Yellow Springs Magic Robe in a few decades... 

But hearing the little cow mentioned the great dao holy treasure, he asked, A great dao holy treasure can repair the magic robe in a few decades or less

The little cow grinned, A great dao holy treasure, hehe, you better not think about it right now.

Even I, who has lived for so long, has never seen it.

Huang Xiaolong was truly speechless this time.

Hearing the little cow\'s words, Huang Xiaolong did not continue asking about the great dao holy treasure.

Instead, he turned around and looked feverishly at the Blue Spectre Spring river.

One small cup of this rivers water was good enough for raising the purity of a pill to the highest possible level at the time of refining that pill, then how many cups would this severely hundred li long river be able to fill!

All the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders stared at the Blue Spectre Spring river with burning greed.

But no one dared to rush up to it, as they had learnt their lesson the hard way, earlier.

Huang Xiaolongs palms faced down above the river as he tried to suck up the whole Blue Spectre Spring river from the ground.

With Huang Xiaolongs current strength, he was able to move a great ancient mountain with his palms, hence, removing a river from the ground should have been simple.

But the Blue Spectre Spring river was quite heavy, his palms sunk lightly in the air.

Seeing this, void devil beast Xu Baisheng reached out and assisted Huang Xiaolong in moving the Blue Spectre Spring river into his Ghost Buddha Ring.


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