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Aftersubjugating the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders, Huang Xiaolongs group continued flying to the ghost cave the little cow had mentioned.

With the additional forty-two Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders, and six chaos spiritual beasts tamed earlier, Huang Xiaolongs big group was a striking sight.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong got more information about the Sand Waves Sect from one of their Elders.

He asked him several questions such as, if any of the Sand Waves Sects Ancestor were still in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, or about the total number of experts in the Sand Waves Sect, and so on.

The Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders didnt dare to conceal anything, and therefore, answered Huang Xiaolongs questions with honesty.

The Sand Waves Sect had six Ancestors in total.

Three of those Ancestors were in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, and the other three had stayed back to guard the sects headquarters in the Reverence World.

The three Ancestors had headed straight to the depths of Extraterritorial Devils Battlefield upon arrival.

They were acting separately, therefore, they were not with Liang Luwen.

They had gone to the depths of Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield in search of the Tianwu Treasure.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised, “No one has taken the Tianwu Treasure yet

He had been inside the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space for fourteen years, in other words, the Tianwu Treasure had appeared for more than a decade.

Huang Xiaolong had thought that the Tianwu Treasure would have been taken away by someone after such a long time.

Sand Waves Sects Grand Elder Zheng Guowen shook his head and answered, “Not yet.”

A sneer came from the little cows mouth.

She looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Merely a group of fools! They can only dream of obtaining the Tianwu Treasure; Ancestor God Realm masters going in there is equivalent to rushing to their deaths.

There are layers and layers of formations, and a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm master, at most, could make it to the outermost layer of the Tianwu Treasure.” She then looked at Zheng Guowen, “A lot of Ancestor God Realm masters are already dead, arent they”

Zheng Guowen looked at the little cow.

His eyes were wide with astonishment, but he nodded, Yes, its said over a thousand Ancestors have already fallen!

“Over a thousand Ancestors!” Huang Xiaolong, and Feng Er exclaimed in shock.

The majority of these Ancestor generation masters had late-Tenth to peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivation, nonetheless, over a thousand of them had fallen! 

“Over a thousand, thats not a lot.” The little cow went on, “Probably, some forces in the Divine World know that there is no hope, therefore, they didnt participate.” She turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “In truth, the Tianwu Treasure had appeared once ten million years ago, and various Divine World\'s forces had fought to snatched it, but it had only left rivers of blood.

Not just the Ancestor God Realm cultivators, but even a large number of God King Realm masters ended up losing their lives back then! 

The little cow\'s recount stopped there.

But anyone could guess the ending.

This time too, it was obvious that all forces had failed to obtain the Tianwu Treasure, as no one had claimed it for such a long time since it had resurfaced more than a decade ago.

Huang Xiaolong almost couldnt believe it,even many God King Realm masters had died!!

“Are the Tianwu Treasures restrictive formations this powerful!” Feng Er couldnt help but asking.

The little cow rolled her eyes, “For sure! That is a treasure left behind by a kid titled Heavenly Martial King.

At the time of his death, he was a peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm master, and he was well-versed in formations.

The entire Divine World used to acknowledge his outstanding talent in formations.

A peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm master, and an exceptional genius in formations, so, what kind of formations do you think he could arrange”

Everyone gasped audibly.

A peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm!

Well-versed in formations!

No wonder!

However, Huang Xiaolong caught on to something the little cow had said—she had referred to the Heavenly Martial King as \'kid.\' The Sand Waves Sect\'s Grand Elders had weird expressions on their faces.

Some even had a flicker of disdain in their eyes as they thought that the little cow\'s bluff was too big.

But, Master, after you advance to high-level Ancestor God Realm, I will take you to the innermost of the Tianwu Treasure.

I am confident that you will be able to refine the core of the Tianwu Treasure\'s formation, and take it away! The little cow ignored the disdain in the Sand Waves Sect Grand Elders\' eyes as she said this to Huang Xiaolong. 

The disdain in Sand Waves Sects Grand Elderss eyes deepened even further as they heard the little cow. 

Even though the God King Realm masters couldnt reach the innermost formation of the Tianwu Treasure, this cow still wants to go in there, despite being at a mere high-level Ancient God Realm strength What a joke!

Huang Xiaolong was delighted for he absolutely believed in the little cows words.

The little cow then added, However, Tianwu that kid has laid a Grand Time Flowing Sand Great Formation over the Tianwu Treasure.

Therefore, it will disappear into the void if no one claims it within a hundred years of its appearance.

Huang Xiaolong, Feng Er, and the rest had not expected this.

This… you\'re saying, I need to breakthrough to high-level Ancestor God Realm in the next hundred years Huang Xiaolong asked while feeling a little speechless.

The little cow went on, Not one hundred years, there\'s only eighty years or so left.

Huang Xiaolong smacked his lips silently.

Despite being confident in his talent, even he knew that it was impossible for him to breakthrough to high-level Ancestor God Realm in eighty years.

If the requirement was mid-level Ancestor God Realm, there was still a chance of achieving it.

Still, Huang Xiaolong was doubtful,the little cow seems familiar with that Heavenly Martial King, otherwise, how can she know so much about the Tianwu Treasure 

“Senior Xiaoniu, could it be that you knew the Heavenly Martial King” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng asked the question that was also on Huang Xiaolongs mind.

But the little cow crisply answered, “No.”

All the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders mocked the little cow inwardly,Until now she had been bluffing big, but in the end, she and the Heavenly Martial King are nothing but strangers…

“I knew that kids Martial Ancestor.” The little cow supplemented, leaving the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders agape.

“You, you knew the Heavenly Martial Kings Martial Ancestor!” One of the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders looked at the little cow with an incredulous expression. 

The little cow didnt even bother to look at that Grand Elder, and answering him was out of the question.

Seeing her reaction, the Sand Waves Sect Grand Elder once again thought the little cow was bluffing, and she did not answer his question due to guilt.

All of them were so deeply engrossed in their conversations that even before they knew, they had already reached the ghost cave the little cow had mentioned.

The ghost cave was located on the slope of a peculiar-shaped giant mountain.

The ghost caves mouth was not very big, but enough to accommodate four people entering at the same time.

From outside, the cave looked very dark.

Once they reached the mouth of the cave, Huang Xiaolong felt chilly winds blowing past him.

These winds were colder than the Soulless Frigid Wind.

He did not dare to act carelessly.

Therefore, he circulated his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads light godforce and wrapped it around his body.

Just as he was about to enter the ghost cave, a group of people came flying towards them.

A group of about thirty people, clad in sky blue brocade robes with striking symbols on their cuffs.

They were exuding a powerful momentum that was even more powerful than the Sand Waves Gates Grand Elders.

The pressure coming from the few people at the front of the group was no weaker than Feng Er.

This sky-blue robed group was surprised when they saw Huang Xiaolongs group.

After all, not many people dared to search for herbs in the ghost cave.

“This one is Blue Spirit Gates Zhang Yunbo.

You also came to the ghost cave to look for herbs The ghost cave is extremely dangerous.

The risks reduces with number, shall we cooperate in exploring this ghost cave”

An old man from the Blue Spirit Gate suggested.

His eyes were on Feng Er.

In his opinion, Feng Er was the most powerful amongst Huang Xiaolongs group, therefore he had assumed that she was most likely the decision maker of her group.

This was because void devil beast Xu Baisheng had concealed his strength, hence, the old man was unable to tell his strength.

However, Huang Xiaolong, who was merely an unimportant peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciple spoke, “Sorry, we have no intention to join any group.”


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