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Huang Xiaolong looked at the sea tribes experts and disciples saluting on their knees.

He then looked at Feng Yingying as she stood at the pinnacle of the sea tribe, and his brows wrinkled slightly.

He had not expected Feng Yingying to successfully complete the Sea God Enthronement Ceremony so easily, and to merge with her Sea Gods bloodline.

Feng Yingyings strength was unfathomable, now that she had merged with her Sea Gods bloodline, one could hardly imagine the extent of her current strength!

Before this, Huang Xiaolong was still confident that he could defeat Feng Yingying, but now this thought was dashed.

This was because no one knew the true extent of the Sea Gods bloodlines power!

The last Sea God had fallen five hundred million years ago.

Five hundred million years was too long ago to verify the facts related to the Sea God legend.

But, one thing was certain that the Sea Gods bloodline was the most noble and supreme bloodline to the sea tribe.

While Huang Xiaolong was watching Feng Yingying, Feng Yingying looked in his direction.

There was a vague smile in her eyes, mixed with superiority.

Feng Yingying was looking at him with the eye of a superior being.

At this time, the twelve families Ancestors stepped forth to open the Sea God Towers seal and took out the Sea God Divine Armor and the Sea God Scepter.

The sea-blue Sea God Divine Armor merged with Feng Yingyings body on its own, and soon some mysterious symbols appeared on her skin.

These mysterious symbols did not affect her beauty, while they also added an indigenous aura, and holiness to her. 

The Sea God Scepter was about four meters long.

It was inscribed with mysterious symbols, and at the top end of the scepter consisted of two half moons forged from unknown metals that embraced a blue crystal ball at the center.

The blue crystal ball spun slowly and all the water element energy of the entire Sea God City flowed towards it.

A faint mist of water element energy shrouded Feng Yingying, giving the illusion of a god in the sea.

Feng Yingying then returned to the host stage accompanied by the twelve families Ancestors and Patriarchs.

At this time, an exquisite throne made of deep sea red coral was placed on the center of the host stage. 

With this, the Sea God Enthronement Ceremony concluded successfully.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilions Head, Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate Chief, the Yama Gates Chief, Blood Imperial Sect Chief, and others went to congratulate Feng Yingying, Feng Familys Ancestor, and the Patriarch.

Soon, the atmosphere at the square turned lively.

Roughly half an hour later, all the guests returned to their seats, as the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony was about to begin.

The master for the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony was the Feng Familys Patriarch Feng Kaiyun.

He took a few steps forward on the host stage, and briefly explained the rules and arrangements made for the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.

This time, there were two parts to the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.

The first part was a battle competition between sea tribes disciples for ranks, followed by rewards with lucrative prizes.

The latter part was also a battle competition, but this was going to be between the sea tribes disciples and the other sects genius disciples who were attending the ceremony.

The other sects disciples could also challenge one another on the Sea God Sacrificial Altar with lucrative prizes prepared for the winners.

The winners of battle on the Sea God Sacrificial Altar would be rewarded with two Sea God Sacred Fruits, two trillion shenbi, two low-grade six spirit stones, and two low-grade chaos spiritual pills called Wonder Emperor Divine Pill.

The lost party would still be given a prize which was half of the winners prizes, consisting of one Sea God Sacred Fruit, one trillion shenbi, one low-grade six spirit stone, and one low-grade chaos Wonder Emperor Divine Pill.

After the Feng Family Patriarch Feng Kaiyuan announced the prizes, the crowd gasped in astonishment, and the attending sects disciples were even more excited.

Two Sea God Sacred Fruits, two trillion shenbi, two low-grade six spirit stones, and two low-grade chaos Wonder Emperor Divine Pills!

Even for a super forces core disciple, these were lucrative and tempting prizes, including Zhu Feng.

The Sea God Sacred Fruit was the sea tribes most precious fruit.

Consuming one fruit was equivalent to several decades worth of cultivation.

However, the sea tribe only had one Sea God Sacred Tree, that bloomed and bore several fruits every ten thousand years, and the fruits were extremely scarce, that even the twelve families core disciples rarely had a chance to get one.

The sea tribe had actually taken out a few fruits as one of the prizes this time!

Not to mention, grade six spirit stones were scarce, and despite being low-grade these were rarely sold even in the surrounding world surfaces.

As for the low-grade chaos Wonder Emperor Divine Pill, it was refined using the sea tribes secret technique.

Like its name, it had a wondrous effect.

Any one item, whether it was the Sea God Sacred Fruit, grade six spirit stone, or Wonder Emperor Divine Pill was enough to light a fire in these sects disciples hearts.

Yet Huang Xiaolong was unaffected.

Perhaps these prizes were tempting to these sects disciples, but for Huang Xiaolong, these prizes were not worth mentioning, since he owned the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure and the Pill Blending Tower.

However, Feng Family Patriarch Feng Kaiyuans words made Huang Xiaolong heave a sigh of relief inwardly.

Feng Kaiyuans had announced that Feng Yingying would not participate in the God of the Sea Grand Ceremonys battle competition.

This stirred up the crowd!

On second thought, it seemed to be a natural choice.

Feng Yingying had successfully merged with the Sea Gods bloodline, and had just become the sea tribes new Sea God; with her current status and identity, it wasnt appropriate for her to participate in the competition with the younger generation.

In the distance, Guo Jun sneered mockingly, when he noticed the relief on Huang Xiaolongs face.

A while later, the first part of the ceremony began, as sea tribes disciples went up to battle.

Over three hundred sea tribes disciples, who mostly came from the twelve families, participated in the battle competition.

The rankings were determined through several rounds of battles.

As Feng Yingying had not participated, Guo Jun took first place without any suspense.

The second place was a disciple of Di Family named Di Rong, a young man with three eyes and devilish air.

In third place was Feng Shen, a disciple of the Feng Family, who was also Feng Yingying\'s biological, younger brother.

The top three disciples were all Tenth Order Ancient God Realm and above.

Huang Xiaolong paid careful attention to these three, while he ignored the rest.

After the prizes were handed out, it was time for the other sects\' disciples battle competition, however, no one went up for a moment.

All of a sudden, a figure leaped into the air, and landed softly on the stage.

A tall, lean silver-haired young man clad in the Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate disciple robe with an extraordinary bearing was standing on the stage.

“I am Jiang Feng of Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate, anyone interested to come up on the stage” The silver-haired young man stood with his hands clasped behind his back in a rather haughty manner.

Then again, he had the capital to be haughty.

Firstly, he was an emperor rank godhead genius; and secondly, he was the Black Region World Fortune Gate Chiefs personal disciple who had successfully cultivated the sects wondrous technique, first time in a million years.

Not to mention, he was a peak late-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm, just half a step, and he would breakthrough to Tenth Order Ancient God Realm.

It didnt take long, a Nine Impact Sword Sects disciple of Battle Star World leaped onto the battle stage.

The Nine Impact Sword Sects disciple was a peak-mid Ninth Order Ancient God Realm, but he was defeated by Jiang Feng not long after he entered the battle stage.

Consecutively, disciples from other world surfaces also went up to challenge Jiang Feng, but all of them were defeated by him.

After a few failures, no one dared to go up on the battle stage.

Even though there were still prizes despite losing, one still needed to weigh their own strengths.

Everyone could see that Jiang Fengs battle power was comparable to an early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, even though his cultivation was only at the peak late-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm.

Maybe a little stronger than the average early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator could defeat him.

Seeing that no one had come to the stage, Jiang Feng looked at the surrounding crowd, then finally fixed his stare on Huang Xiaolong.


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